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My Loving Mother

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Living Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 15 at the time I had my first sexual experience with a female. Most people would think its sick and I would to if it hadnt of happened to me. Who better to teach you the right way to make love than your own Mom?

Dad was out of touwn for 3 days for a buisness convention and Mom and I rented videos and ordered pizza to spend a night at home. We were watching the Stephen King movie “Thinner”. Those of you that have saw it remember the blowjob scene in the car. Anyway..mom got kinda embarassed and turned her head and placed it on my shoulder. I kept watching and got an instant hardon watching the woman suck her husband in the car. Then I felt something touching my crotch..it was Mom’s hand.

I looked up at her and she was just sitting there looking into my eyes. Her hand continued massaging my bulge. It felt wonderful..a lot better than my hand. Mom began talking to me and told me that Dad and her havent had sex in a while and she had considered cheating on him, but she still loved him too much. She explained she could teach me the proper way to make love and still not be cheating. I couldnt believe it.

Mom undid my pants and zipper and pulled my cock out and began stroking it. She asked me if I had ever had sex before and I told her no, I just jack off is all. She asked me like she was doing to me? I replied that she was a lot better than me at it. I reached under Mom’s shirt and cupped one of her braless tits in my hand. They are big and heavy. I teased her nipples as she started breathing harder. Mom continued stroking my hard cock. She then stopped and stood in front of me and took her shirt off, exposing her 34c tits to me. She stood and cupped them..squeezing her nipples. Mom then slid her shorts and panties over her hips and they fell to the floor. Mom trimmed her pussy hair in about a 1″ wide line up to her clit. her clit was shaved, and I could see her exposed lips.

Mom walked closer to me and hiked her leg up on the couch and grabbed my head and pulled my face to her pussy begging for me to lick and kiss it for her. My face was buried in Moms flesh. She smelt and tasted wonderful. I licked her clit from top to bottom, circling my tounge around and around the top part of her lips. I pressed my face in harder and parted her lips with my tounge and inserted it inside. Mom grinded her hips to the rhythm of my tounge fucking her pussy.

Mom pushed me back away from her and climbed up over me..lowering her self onto my lap..my cock slid slowly inside my mother. She was so wet and warm. She began riding my cock slowly as I leaned forward and sucked at her nipples. The look of lust in my Mom’s eyes made me even more excited. She began riding me harder, moaning how good it felt inside her. She begged me to tell her when I was ready to cum. I kept fucking Mom..feeling my cum boiling in my balls. I told her I was getting close..Mom quickly jumped off my lap and got on her knees between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

Mom sucked me up and down..tasting my precum mixed with her own juices. I placed my hands ontop of her head and thrusted my hips upward into her face. Mom gripped my cock with her hand and began pumping it as she sucked. I felt a sudden squirt of cum squirt into moms mouth as she continued on sucking. Another squirt intered her hot mouth. Mom then swallowed and took my cock out and continued jacking off the rest onto her lips and chin so I could see it. She took the head and smeared it all over her lips and face. She was so beautiful covered in my cum.

Mom got up and thanked me as we kissed..I tasted and licked some of my own cum from her lips. Later that night we went at it again and we still are doing each other to this very day.

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