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My malay lover and me.

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My lovers house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Ok this is how it went.In school I m a prefect exco,so is she my
friend.Usually on Mondays we have a morning meeting,on that day we
had our physical eduction,so we were late.she went 5 minutes early
after the meeting.I came 5 minutes later.The girl I m talking about
is one hot girl for a 14 year.She is 5 feet 4,has a beautiful boddy
and guess wat her boobs re sized 36c (i asked her).So i went
straight for class to change my outfit.When i went in the class i
saw her changing she was topless.She stopped and stared blankly into
space.I was steaming like hell,looking at the worlds most beautiful
breast.I felt like having sex with her.But i controlled,instead i
just changed in front of her.That day when i went back home i called
her….and asked her wether I can come over to her house to do our
school project,just the 2 of us.Guess what her parents re
outstation,and mine re not back from their nephews wedding till
thursday.So i went to her house,its just nearby.Before i went day i
bought a 24 pack condom.I took 3 condoms to her house and my
project.So i went over to her house.We started our project,after 30
minutes doing our project,I stopped n asked her if we can talk about
sex.She said sure.Then I started by asking her if shes a virgin.She
said yes.Then she asked me how long my cock is.I said its 7″inch.I
forget to mention that both of us are in love.Then i asked her if u
ever taught about doing sex with me.She
smiled…………………..she said 3 times she dreamt abut having
sex with me.I told do u want ur dream to come true…….she smiled
again………..i know what she meant…….so i got closer to her n
kissed her in the mouth.While we were french kissing i slowly
started to strip her clothes down…..n she stripped my clothes down
to.After that i asked if she was afraid to lose he virginity.She
said no.So i put on my condom.She pulled me to her bed and opened
her legs wide open.I slowly started to put my long cock into her
hairy wet pussy………she made a slight pain noise when i broke
her cherry.Then i Started to pump my cock harder into her pussy.She
moaned softly after about 4 minutes I ejaculated.I used all my 3 condoms.Then she asked me to have anal with her coz she said ” I need to feel ur sperm entering my body.”
So i went behind her ass and slowly stuffed my cock in her ass hole untill i ejaculated into her ass.She moaned softly with pleasurre and I asked her if she had some lubricator.She went to her mothes room and brought some massaging oil.I rubbed some oil in my cock n her ass hole.Then the best part begin.I pumped my cock so fast into her ass hole till she cried,I stopped and went to give her a kiss to calm her down.After all of that ended i went back home.The next day i had sex with her again.This time she sucked my cock.She i cummed a load of sperm into her mouth that some came out.Later that whole year i fucked her many times in the ass n pussy.Thats how my sex life started.

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