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My mom aunt and there friend

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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: At home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

7 years ago i was a small boy interested in sex.My mother is a lesbian and a real slut she often brings girls and fuck them.My aunt came to live whit us too since she just got divorced she is tierd of men she wantetd to try sex whit girls to.Im really atrackted to matures and sex whit familly members so my fantasy and dream was to lose my virginity to someone from my familly.So at one beautiful day i cant sleep well it was like 4 AM then sudenetly i hear my mom and aunt coming home and some other noice guess its there fuck toy for the night.I still couldent sleep so i was listening to them fucking and i got really turned on like a hour later i dont hear anything i suppouse they went to sleep…finally.So i go for a glass of water and i see my mother s room opened I take a sneek peack and WOW 3 naked matures!That turned me on so badly that i just stared at them and jerked off i came and i went back to my room.But i just couldent get the dirty thoughts out of my head and i hade this warm feeling so i just couldent resist i went to my mother s room checkd if they where all asleep and went on my mom.Started to french kiss her and that really turned me on.Then i sticked it in her pussy I just couldent belive it my dream will come true i will lose my virginity to my mature mother i fuckd her really slow so she doesnt wake up and i came inside her pussy the feeling was amazing SO GOOD I ALMOST FAINTED.But my mother wasnt enought and this was my first time i was so interested so i fucked my aunt in the ass wanted to see what anal feels like and for a wierd reason i didnt want to take it out of her i came in her ass.The feeling was just to good so i started fucking there friend to she was a really sexy blonde.The problem is while doing her my aunt woke up just when i was about to came and i just didnt want to stop my aunt saw me came on her friend s pussy.We stared at each other for a while and she smiled then she woke up her friend and my mom and i was fully naked whit a hard on.They where all staring me and where smileing while i was really shy of myself and i started explaing that i couldent resist and stuff they started laughting.Then my mom came near me and started blowjobing me there friend came and started kissing me and putting her finger in my ass while my aunt was fingering herself.It was my only 4th time and i was having a foursome after i came i was fully empty went straing to sleep whit 3 hot matures in the bed.The next day i was to shy to speak to my mother and aunt i just locked myself in my room.Later when i was a sleep someone wakes me up and i see my mother she grabs my hand and takes me to her room where i see my aunt and some other friend.CAN YOU BELIVE IT?!?!They wanted me to join in they gave me a sex lesson by fucking me.They tahught me to fuck really good.Ive been fucking my mom and my aunt along whit there friend almost everynight for the past years.They did all my fantasys come true i really love them for me this is the best mom ever becouse alot of people have fantasys whit there mothers but they dont allow u to fuck them unlike my mother.She never allows another men fuck her thought im the only one in her life i fuck adleast 3 times a day and my favorite thing is to cum in there ass or pussy.Well thats the story how i lost my virginity hope u enjoyed it.

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