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my mom made me do it

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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was about 11yrs old and just started to find out about the joyys of masturbation.My friend was doing it when i went to his house,he was in the showers and opened the door and i saw he was holding his cock and jerking.He was almost at his peak and he just did it in front of me and climax..i was getting hard too,and later when he came out from the shower he asked me if i masturbated.I told him never and he told me to take out my cock and he would show me.I was getting hard and when my friend JO grabbed and started to jerk i almost came. I stopped him saying its painful since im still a virgin then.
When i got home,i started to masturbate in my room.My mom was in the kitchen then,so i had some privacy since my two sisters were in school,i was really enjoying the first feel of high..i lost track of my surroundings and i didnt hear my mom calling me.When suddenly i realise that my mom was in my room staring at me..i saw her look,it was openmouth disbelieve look!!!!!I was embarassed and quickly covered myself.She then smiled and closed the door and left,i was confused and shamefull that my mom saw me jerking.I got dressed and went out to meet up with my mates for the rest of the dat.
Later that night,after dinner i got into bed and still feeling horny but i cant do anything since my siblings andd dad were all home,i went to sleep.I was in a dream,where i was naked and a woman was playing with my cock,i was enjoying the feel and suddenly i felt my bed sink in and causing me to wakeup from my sleep.When i open my eyes i saw my mom at my beside and she was holding my cock and jerking it slowly.She looked and smiled and she put her finger to her lips and indicated to keep my voice low.All the while she was jerking me.My cock was really hard and i just let her do it for me.After awhile i was going to cum and she started to do it fast and i had a real hard time keeping quite when i came.After i settle down i looked at my mom and she had this dreamy look in her eyes.She told me to go to sleep and i slept till morning when mom woke me up for school.I was thinking of what happen all the time at school and got horny and had a hard time hiding my hardon from my class.After school i when home and when i saw my mom she just smiled.After my shower i was still in my towel when she came in and sat on my bed,she was looking at my crotch and my cock started growing hard just her looking.She noticed it and gave an excited laugh and pulled me to her and told me that whatever we both do must be kept a secret.I said okay and she told me to lock my door.She strip off her house coat and she was naked,she never wore anything under.I saw her tits and her bush,she was damn sexy. She reached out for my cock and sitted me at edge of the bed and went down on me my first blowjob by my mom.It brought new meaning to my sex life,because when we fucked for the first time i came immediately because she was really wet and hot.She told me suck her tits and her pussy had a taste i dig.I really love my mom and she has given me what other moms cant give. We fuck almost everyday except when her period comes,then she would give me blowjobs and she swallows the juice.We fucked untill i was 16,when she introduced her other lovers into our game.My mom is bisexual,she had women lovers too,some are from our neighbourhood married ones.She lets me join in when i get to fuck other women.I am happy that my mom is broadminded and open about fucking. I have had 3some with a guy lover of my mom a few times and she taught me how to suck and blow cock.My mom can take 2cocks up her pussy or ass..cool!Now im 35yrs and have married and my wife and i are swingers and we have coupled with my mom quite a few times and my wife loves it.So far my dad never found out and recently had passed on.MY MOM IS is very happy now,she is almost sixty and still is sexy and horny as she used to be.She loves breaking in young boys like me and me and the wife keep her company most weekends with 3some or more when we swing.
I have coupled with my wife to fuck guys and and gals as we are bisexual too,my wife too enjoys a cock once awhile when she picks up a young boy of 13 or 16 and fucks him in the back seat. Once she had a young girl on our dinner table was licking sirrup oof her pussy when i walked in.The young girl was really horny when my wife took out my cock and rubbed it along her pussy crack before she pushed it in.This kid had sex before but she was really tight and delicious. I enjoyed all my sex and still do as my wife is sex orientated and i still bang my mom whenever i miss her.I have banged almost half my neighbourhood middle age women and some of their daughters.If my mom didnt do what she did i dont know what kind of sex life i would have,as i am perverted in my ways. More fuck stories when i see you all jerking cocks again..cheers

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