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My room

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Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
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Category: Straight

I at the time, and I was really developed. Many of my friends were still wearing training bras, while I was out of them. There was this guy I liked and he . He lived next door to me, so I would always hang out with him. We were great friends, and I told him almost everything. I would be really shy about sex with him though, trying to keep my crush on him a secret. Our parents were friends, and they were taking a week long vacation, without their children. My older sister was going to watch all of us, because she was coming home from college.
Our parents were leaving on a FRIDAY night and my sister was to come home on Saturday. So…Aaron and I were home alone for the time being. Aaron went out with his friends that night, and I stayed home. While Aaron was gone, I was hanging out in my room. I started thinking about Aaron and how he was staying over, and different things.
At this age, I was really horny. I was always wet. I loved to masturbate. I was always fingering myself when I was alone. One time I even stuck a hairbrush handle inside my pussy. I was always horny, and I always would masturbate thinking about Aaron. So when Aaron left the house that night, I went into the bathroom and masturbated, moaning his name.
About two hours later, I fell asleep in my bedroom. He came home, and walked upstairs into my room. I was only wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top. He gently was shaking me to wake up. I noticed when I woke up, I had my legs spread open a little bit. He sat down and we were talking. We were talking about school and different things. It was kinda hard for me to concentrait on the conversation, because I was incredibly wet.
Aaron then brought up sex. He asked me if I have done it yet, and I told him “no”. He told me about how he has done it 1 time and he wants to do it again. I really turned on, and I felt like I was going to explode inside. Here I was, listening to the guy of my dreams tell me about how he got it on with a girl. After he told me about his first time, he asked me if I masturbated. I lied to him, and said NO. I didn’t want to embarrasse myself. Aaron asked me if I knew how to, and I lied again saying no. He then said “lay down and spread your legs”.
I looked at him like he was a nut, and he was crazy. I trusted him because he was my best guy friend, so I layed down (but I didn’t spread my legs). He crawled on top of me, and began kissing me. I wasn’t very experienced with kissing, and I was trying to pull away. I caught on very quickly though. As he kissed me, he spread my legs.
He pulled away from the kiss and asked me if he could take off my shorts. I was nervous, and didn’t say anything. He took them off anyways. I was kinda getting into it when he started to take off my shirt. He took of my shirt, and bra. He started to suck my nipples a little bit, I didn’t know if I should moan or push him away. All I knew was he was pleasuring me, in ways I’ve never felt before. So I let him keep going. Before I knew it, I couldn’t control myself I was moaning lightly. I was only in my panties by then.
I could feel myself being very wet, my pussy was throbbing. After Aaron was done with my nipples, he started tickling me, like he always has. I never noticed this, but when he tickles me, he always goes for my tighs and in between my legs. I was laughing and so was he.
He stopped, and looked up at me. I thought something was wrong and I blushed. He took off his shirt and pants. I was freaking out inside, because the guy I had the hots for, sucked my nipples, and is almost naked in front of me.
Aaron took off my panties. When he pulled them off, and he made some kinda comment about how wet I was, I don’t remember what he said. The cold air was touching my clit and I was shivering a bit. He then said “Ready to learn how to masturbate?”. I sat up a bit and I told him yes. He took my middle finger on my right hand, and slowely ran it over my clit. I felt so weird letting him show me how to do something I already knew how to do. He then told me to stick my middle finger in my cunt a little bit. He was talking dirty to me, and I was having trouble breathing. So…I slid my middle finger in my cunt, and he placed my left hand on my clit. He told me to wiggle my fingers inside my pussy. I did, and I was about to go over the edge. So…he showed me how to do more things when I masturbate.
When I was cumming, he got down and licked my pussy. I was in heaven. I never had so much pleasure before. Aaron took of his boxers. I never saw a cock before, and I was taken back. It was really big in my opinion. He was extremely hard. He layed me down again, and stuck his fingers inside of me, thrusting them in and out of me. I was so wet that I could feel my juices flowing down my thigh and down my crack to my ass.
I was moaning and he was talking to me telling me to cum. I came again, and I was trying to breathe. So…after that Aaron went into his wallet, and got a condom. I was surprised he had one with him, but I didn’t mention anything.
He spread my legs and put himself between me. He slowly stuck his cock inside of me. It didn’t hurt a lot because i have used a hair brush on my cunt for masturbation before. He was thrusting in and out of me. We both came and I was so sore.
He pulled out and we fell asleep. In the morning when I woke up, he was downstairs playing nintendo. I sat next to him, and he was like “are you always that wet?” and i was like “yeah”. He was like “good…because when i need some pussy, i’m gonna come to you”. I was practically speechless. That day my sister came home, but she ended up going out at night. Aaron and I were alone again. He taught me how to give a blow job and he and I talked about a lot of different sexual things.
I just recently saw Aaron when he came home to visit his parents. HE he he…he asked me if I was still wet, and you know what I said “of course”. He hasn’t forgotten that night, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

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