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my sexy ginger cousin

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: in my cousins bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

well it happened when i was quite young i mean one day i was masterbating in my bedroom and i saw a girl lookin in on me from her bedroom window i was astonished to see this and i just kept going this was happening over the next few months when one day she saw me spot her she just waved so i waved back and that is when this happened. Mary Jane was two years older than me, and I had admired her for as long as I could remember. Some how I got the feeling that she liked me also and it always seemed easy to get her alone. It was about the tenth year of my life that I began to get ideas that I wanted to get to know Mary Janes cute body better. She was only 12 at that time but already had the beginnings of a real cute set of titties, and real cute legs. For a couple years nothing much happened except for my eyes to feast on her every chance I could, then I would lay in bed at night and fanticize about things I wanted to do to her. I must have pumped a gallon of cumm into my hand dreaming my stiff cock was burried in her sweet little pussy.
Then one night when I was 12 and Mary Jane 14 we were playing outside her house with a bunch of other kids and we were playing hide and seek. As I was hiding Mary Jane found my spot and wanted to hide with me, and I didn’t object. She wanted to cuddle close in the dark and I found my arms around her as she pressed close to me. Long after the other kids had come out in the open Mary Jane stayed pressed close to me and I held her. Feeling as I did about her I quickly got ideas, and my cock quickly raised up in my pants. Pressed into her cute behind I don’t know how she couldn’t feel the bulge against her. I tried to hide it at first, then I didn’t care. When she turned in my arms to face me her arms came up around my neck and my hard-on now was pushed against her pussy as she offered her lips and we kissed for the first time ” That was real nice Jeff, I liked that.” she whispered breathlessly. It was a few nights later that we found ourselves alone in the dark again,this time Mary Jane wanted to kiss right away and we shared several long and very hot kisses. Again my cock was rock hard pushing into her lower belly. When I felt her move her hips a little I began to push harder and she began to move more. Quickly we were slowly dry humping and I could hear Mary Jane breathing quickly and hard against my ear as she clung tight to me.After awhile she half groaned into my ear ” Oh god Jeff, nobody ever made me feel like this before.” Unfortunatly something interupted our solitude and after only a couple more kisses we had to break apart.
It was a couple months later before we would get together alone again, but I didn’t forget that night and Jacked off almost nightly thinking of the feel of her pussy rubbing on my hard cock.Mary Jane Had turned 15 and I 13 when her parents had left us alone to babysit her little sister, and as soon as Missy was sleeping, we both were in each other arms in her bedroom. This time as we kissed I bussied my hands to feel those plump tits I had been admiring, and when Mary Jane didn;t object, and seemed to like me feeling them, I began to work her cloths loose so I could feel the real thing. I could never discribe how beautifull her tits looked to me when My eyes first could see them, and the look of pleasure on Mary Janes face as I rolled her hard little nipples between my fingers. I remember feeling her hands working at my clothes as we kissed hard and long and I gently played with those soft yet firm tits, but I don;t remember the rest of our clothes coming off. I only remember laying naked next to her and leaning on my left elbow and looking down over her lovely nude body.Mary Janes hand had found my stiff cock that rubbed along her thigh, it was the first time any hand but my own had held my throbbing hard tool, and I remember thinking that if she kept stroking it as she whispered to me how big and hard she thought it was, that I quickly was going to spurt a load of cumm into her hand. I remember looking down at her little patch of reddish blonde hair and seeing the puffy pussy lips I had been dreaming of for so long. Then my hand was on it and I was feeling how soft and slippery wet it felt, and when I let a finger dip into her slit Mary Jane raised her hips up off her bed and groaned lodly to me “Yes, Oh Jeff, I love that” We fell into several long kisses and Mary Jane clung to me with one hand while she clutched my throbbing hard cock with the other, and I was slowly moving my finger inside her soft pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter. Then Mary Jane whispered against my face ” Jeff do you want to do it?”
It was all I could do to say yes, I wanted to so bad.
” Jeff I’ve wanted you to do it with me for so long ”
Mary Jane said softly as she spread those lovely legs wide for me and I moved over her. Then as I guided my throbbing hard cock head to the wet hole I had just pulled my finger out of, I felt my tool begin to push inside her. ” Oh Jeff yes” she grunted out as I entered her pussy, then she cried out sharply as I felt the resistance of her cherry, then it broke and I slid deep into her. There were tears on her pretty face as I looked at her once I was all the way in, and I kissed them away as she told me it had hurt bad but now felt wonderfull.
I couldn’t have stopped my hips if iI’d wanted to, and slowly I began to fuck in and out of her as Mary Janes hips began to move with me. ” Yes, Oh Yes Jeff” she chanted several times as we fucked. I don’t know if Mary Jane felt her cumm that first time, I like to think she did, I know she was pretty happy and wild under me. I know most guys think their first time was the greatest, I know I will never forget mine.
That was not to be the last time Mary Jane and I would have sex together. During our teen years we got together as often as we could, and that was maybe a dozen times. Now we are older and both married and still we try to meet once a year if we can. It happened in a Millwaukee hotel just last week and Mary Jane was as good as ever, this time I’m sure she had a cumm, in fact she had several wild ones that day.

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