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My Sexy Mom

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My mother is the sexyiest women i have ever seen she is 5’7, with smoth long legs, and short brown hair and i had her all to my self.
I was born when my mom was only 14 years old. My some what of a father took off when i was only 2 month old.
She is 30 now and doesn’t go on to many dates because once the guys get a climps of her 6’2, two hundred pound, varsety football playin son, they take off faster than a bullet. So because she doesn’t have many dates she doesn’t get laid very often witch causes her to get very horny all the time. I don’t mind her getting horny because she becomes very touchy and wears hardly anything aroung the house. Sometimes i will be sitting on the couch watching T.V and she will jump on me and wrestle with me until she gets tired.
I always love it when we wrestle because are bodys up against one another, grabing each other, and moving to the floor trying to pin oneanother. I used to try to move around trying to press my cock on her ass or pussy just to see how it feels. I think she notices it but plays along because it makes her get a little excited.
Also a few years ago i found a dildo along with lube and position cards in her night stand. I always went in ther and sucked on it trying to get any tast of my mom pussy. I also used to grab some of her thongs and rub them on my cock untile i came.
Then one day mom was at work so i went into her room opened the night stand jore and found a book titled INCEST – Mother and Son. I couldn’t belive it my mom had a book with stories and pictures of mothers fucking there own sons. I sat there looking over it and think to my self “Does my mom realy feel the same way i do”. I grab her sexy red christmas thong and started wacking off to this book. I cumed almost instantly because these pictures made me so fucking turned on. I but everthing back and went up stairs and layed on my bed still thinking about my mom wanting to fuck me.
I heard a car door shut in the drive way so i got up and took a look outside and saw my mom walking up to the front door. I turned heading for the door but stop and thought to my self “i should make her get realy horny by me going down stairs in nothing but my boxers”. So i striped down to nothing but boxers and ran down stairs.
Mom was in her room changing and i bursted in wile she was only in her bra and panties “the same panties i had just rubed on my cock”. “How was work mom” i asked as my eyes explored her body. “It was okay but i think i pulled something in my lower back and its killen me” she replied. “Well you shouldn’t be standing up, lay down on your stomach and i will see if i can massage it out for you” i told her. “Oh my god that will be wonder” she says as she crawls into the bed on her stomach and un buttons her bra revealing her full smooth tan back. I grabed some oil from the bathroom sat over her and began to spread some on her back. I messaged her for a good 20 minutes untile i got a little greedy and asked if i could massage her hole body because there was a little oil left and that i didn’t want to waste it. She asked “you won’t mind seeing my breast”. “NO its fine we are both adults hear” i repleid.
She flopped over on her back revealing the most beautiful breast i had ever seen. I got a imediate hard on. Mom looked at me and said “agnore it its fine if you get a little excited – pluse it makes me feel good that a young man like you still finds me attractive”. I pourd on the oil and rubed my hands all over her abbs and messaged her breasts. She moaned lightly and starded holding my hands as i rubed her.
I noticed i got a little oil on her thong and told her she better take it off before i get any more on it. She replied with “i’ll take them off only if you take your boxers off two”. I stood there shocked as she began pulling my boxers down. My cock sprang straight out all 9 inches of it. “Dam you have the biggest cock i have ever seen” she said. I smiled and pulled her thong to her ankles exposing her shaved pussy. “Oh My God its like looking at a teenagers” i told her. I couldn’t hold it anymore so i dug my face into her cunt and started licking away. She screamed with pleasure “lick me son lick me”. I stuck my middle finger in so easy because she was so wet. I then put another finger in and then another. I had three fingers pounding her cunt for several minutes until she finaly came all over my hand.
I waited until she was done squrting out her juices then i pulled all three out and sucked it all up. She layed there breathing heavy while i climbed on top of her and kissed her roughly for what seemed like hours. As we were kissing i spread her legs out wide and inserted my hole cock into now wide open pussy. She arched her back and griped the sheets tightly and moand really loud almost screaming. “Your cock is so big, Give it to me harder, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MY PUSSY, OH YEAH FUCK IT, AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH”. We both came at the exacted same time. I most have shot 8 loads of cum in my mom.
I started to pull out but she reached around and grabed my ass and ramed me back in screaming “MORE MORE MORE”. I couldn’t belive that i was still hard enough to fuck my mom once again.
This time i gave it to her doggy style. I bent her over on the bed and fucked her cunt harder than ever. We did it ther for a while then i picked her up with my cock still in her and carried her to the kitchen. I set her on her back on the table and continued to fuck her.
We fucked ther for about an hour untile i picked her up once again and slamed her on the couch. I came three times on that couch but she beat me by cuming 5 times. Mom feel asleep on top of me because she was excuchsted as was I. I layed ther stroking her hair just looking at her untile i eventually feel alseep to.
I am now 19 and i still live with my mom who is now 33. We have just bought a house and are going to move in together along with are two year old son Matt.

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