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My sexy step sister

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I have the sexiest most seductive step sister in the world, my family adopted Racheal 2 years ago and she and i really hit it off. I had always fantasized about sleeping with her and tonight was my luckiest night, I was lying in my bed reading a book my mom gave me a few weeks ago, anyways so as i was lost in reading i heard a knock on my door, i looked up and there was Racheal standing right at my door in my bath robe, I looked down at her long tanned legs and then up to her small tits that were just noticeable, she walked in, “hey Alex, whats going on?,” she said as she sat on my chair right in front of me, I glared up her sexy legs and she parted them, i looked into the dark whole, and saw her shaved vagina, she wasn’t wearing panties. I guess she caught my stare because she laughed and crawled on top of me pushing me onto my bed, she looked into my eyes and then lowered her head and kissed me deeply, “Wait.” i protested but she placed her hand on my mouth and said, “You’re gunna be my first.” She took my hand and moved it into her robe, i didnt want it there so i tore it off, realing her hourglass body, tanned and smooth like silk, then up to her breasts, big for a fourteen year old but great and soft
i pulled her body back down onto me and grabbed her breasts and begin to suck the nipple roughly, she screamed out of pleasure as she unbuttoned my jeans, she pulled her nipple out of my mouth and moved down to my cock, she rubbed it, and then licked the top and sucked on my head, then took my entire shaft, i thought i was gunna cum right there but i kept myself, i grabbed her head and made her deep throat me, she gagged and then got up, she grabbed my dick, and lined it up to her pussy lips and then started to bounce, she cried out over and over again,” you’re so big, oh oh OH!”, The site of her bouncing up and down on me and holding her head back screaming was almost enough to make me cum right there, this continued for another minute then shuddered in orgasm and pulled me out, i hadnt cum yet so she started to suck me rapidly and hard determined to get me to cum, i flt the explosion building up inside me and i hld her head and told she was gunna swallow, at first she tried to pull away but i held firmly and cummed down her throat, cum drippled out of her mouth and she collapsed ontop of me, both of us tired and satisfied. I later asked racheal to marry me when i was 18, we know have one son and another daughter on the way.

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