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My Sister Michelle

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Where it happened: At Home
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Before you start thinking that this is so gross, it is important that you know that Michelle and I are not related by blood, but by marriage. She is my stepsister, but I have always called her my sister.

Michelle is just a little younger than I am, about 8 months, but we could be more different. I am 5’10” tall, fairly athletic in build, dark hair and dark skin with the typical Mediterranean features so my Italian background. I have tons of friends and am very sociable. Michelle is about 4’9” and extremely thin, maybe 90 pounds. She has bright red hair and very fair skin. She is extremely introverted and does not socialize much or take part in after-school activities. Even though we are so different, we get along great and have ever since our parents got married when we were s old.

I was always trying to get Michelle to come out with me to a party or a dance. I think she is great and that the experience would be good for her, I am sure that she would like it and she would make some friends. She always declines without reason. Until one day abouts ago. She surprised me and said she would go with me to basketball game. She seemed like she had a good time and enjoyed seeing my friends who she knows from school and being around the house.

About a week later, she came to my bedroom one night in her PJ’s ( a long tank top and her panties) she told me that my friend Steve, who she had sat next to at the game, had approached her in school ( we both go to the state U. and commute from home) and asked her out to a dance at school the following weekend. She said yes but was very nervous because she didn’t know how to dance. She wanted to know if I would help to show her how. I agreed. Later that night, we put on some music and danced; nothing fancy, just your basic dancing. She was very rigid and wasn’t getting the move with the music thing at all. But we agreed to ‘practice’ a couple more times before the big night and we did. She said that she wanted to practice slow dancing too. She concerned with where she should put her arms, hands, head, etc. so that she didn’t look like a geek. We rehearsed a little and I placed her arms around me. Again, she was very rigid and it took a few minutes to get her to relax. She wasn’t un-comfortable with me so to speak, but with the thought of doing this to Steve who she really didn’t know. A couple more tries and she was all set for the big event.

Steve showed up right on time to pick her up. She looked great. It was a casual event, nothing special, but she was nervous none the less. By 11:00 she was home. I thought that something must have gone wrong when she was home so early. She said that she had a great time; danced almost every dance. I knew Steve and Steve never dropped a date off:00. I asked where she went after the dance and she said “home”. After m parents had gone to bed, I asked her if she had kissed him during the night at all. She blushed very badly and said no she hadn’t and asked if she was supposed to? I asked if Steve had tried to kiss her and she said that she didn’t think that he had, but that she was so focused on not messing up while dancing that she didn’t pay much attention to him. I told her that she should kiss him the next time. At least at the end of the date.

Michelle was excited when Steve called her a couple days later to say that he had fun and wanted to go out again the next weekend.

On Monday night, she came to room again in her PJ’s to say tell me that she wanted to talk again. She was very nervous about this ‘kissing thing’. When I asked her why she was so nervous, she stammered a little and then told me that she had never kissed a guy before and was concerned that it might not go so well. I told her to just act natural and it would all be fine. Not good enough. She asked if we could ‘practice’ kissing as we had dancing the week before. I was a little caught off guard, but she was adamant that she didn’t want Steve to know that she was so inexperienced with men. I agreed to kiss her. We started by sitting on the couch (when my parents weren’t home) and acting as if we were in the car. She was very awkward. I put my arm around her and I could her get goose bumps on her legs and neck. I pulled her closer and put my lips on hers and she was really nervous and we gave each other a little peck. I told her that was OK to start but that Steve would want a little more than that and explained French kissing. She was extremely nervous now and blushed a lot and just shook her head and went to bed. The next night, there she was at my bedroom door in her ‘jamas again asking if we could practice French kissing. I was a little nervous about that!! I had never frenched my sister before, but she insisted and I agreed. It took a little time because she was so nervous and I couldn’t just stuff my tongue in her mouth. We kissed a little bit and then I gently offered her my tongue. She giggled and pulled away thinking it was gross to have somebody’s tongue in her mouth, etc., etc. We finally got though it OK and she and Steve had a great date. She came home and gave me play-by-play of each kiss and dance they had.

Bout three months later, she was back at my bedroom door. She was nervous again. She told me that she wanted to go further with Steve, but again didn’t want to look inexperienced. I couldn’t believe that in three months they hadn’t gotten further than kissing. She told me that they kissed a lot and did a little light petting but that was about it. She had never touched him below the waist and that he had never touched her tits. She wanted to touch him below the waist and then she described a hand job and asked if maybe we could ‘practice’. I’m thinking, “my sister wants to give me a hand job?” I agreed and she approached the bed and sat next to me. She reached under the covers and put her hand on my briefs. After a few minutes, I started to get an erection and she could feel it growing. She wasn’t too embarrassed and asked if she could see it and looked under the covers at my now substantial hard-on. I held her hand and lead her in stroking it gently. She asked what Steve would be doing while she was stroking him off. I told her that he would probably be playing with her tits or sucking her nipples. This got her very embarrassed. She was not planning to disrobe in front of him at all. I tried to explain that was what happened but she seemed to really have a problem with getting undressed in front of him. She stroked me until I orgasmed. It startled her when my jizz shot out all over her hand and arm. What’s next she asked. I told if she wasn’t willing to take off any clothing, that she could either stoke him off again or blow him or go home. She gave me a hand job the next night too to ‘practice’ one more time before her date. She came home from her date and rushed into my room to tell me about how she had jerked Steve off. She started to describe his dick and the look on his face when he came until I stopped her and told her that I didn’t need to hear that stuff.

Three months later she was back. She needed more advice. Steve’s birthday was coming up and she wanted to have sex with him for his birthday present. She wanted me to go with her to buy lingerie and help her set the scene. I agreed. We went to the lingerie store and she asked me to step into the back room with her so she could model the outfits. That was kinda neat. She looked great and was wearing next to nothing. Even thought it was my sister, I had a little bit of a woody watching her. We picked out a little green number that left little to the imagination and showed a lot of skin. I was shocked when she liked it too.

We bought it home and told me that she was planning to cook him a nice dinner and that our parents were going to be out of town that weekend so she could have the place to her self for the big event. About a week before she came to my room again needing advice. She wanted to talk about sex. I was Ok with that. I knew that she was a virgin because this was the big event for her and Steve. She told me that she was very happy that Steve was going to be her first, but that she was concerned about having her cherry popped that night. She didn’t want to deal with the pain and the bleeding and having to wash the sheets before my parents saw them etc. She then asked if I would have sex with her to “get it out of the way”. After a lot of debate, I agreed. She was back in a flash in her new lingerie. We made out a little bit (very little) and then I started to removed her outfit. She froze and pulled back. She wanted to lights off. Then she wanted to get undressed under the covers. Then she started to cry. She was really hung up about her body and for no good reason. When I finally got her out of her lingerie, I held her and then stepped back to look at her. She had a very petite but perfect little body. Her tits were small, but round and a nice handful. Her nipples were a very light pink. They were hard and stood out just a little bit. Her pubic hair was same color as her hair, bright red. It needed to be trimmed. I held her and hen when we moved to the bed and I slowly entered her. There was a little pain, but not much and a little bleeding, but not much. After we were done, she asked to try it doggie style and we did. I wore a condom, but didn’t ejaculate. It was too quick. She then asked me to give her oral sex so that she knew what to expect. I went down on her hairy bight red muff and sucked like crazy. I found her clit and nibbled for all I was worth while my fingers found her g-spot and rubbed out a great orgasm. She cried out in a muffled tone but her body shook violently as she came several times via my tongue and fingers. After I shaved her pussy down to nice little red racing stripe, she told me that she wanted to ‘practice’ oral sex on me too. I let her and this time I had an orgasm. I blew my load in her mouth and she liked it.

While we did all of this, it was always very mechanical (except when I went down on her). There was no passion or love, it was really explaining everything along the way. I hope Steve appreciates what I did for him!!!

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