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My sister’s boyfriend

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My sister's apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I was 15 I had developed quite normally, I had fairly
average breasts and downy pubic hair, but I had not really
developed any sex drive. Sure I had shared all the usual
magazines with my school friends and knew about sex and
boys, and what boys’ cocks were like, but I had never
actually been with a boy, other than a quick kiss, and
had no real desire either.

When my parents were out late at weekends I would normally
stay with my elder sister at her apartment. Her boyfriend, Ken, would often be there and I was sometimes conscious of the muffled sounds coming from their bedroom. Then one night as I was passing their door I noticed it wasn’t closed properly, so I peeked through the crack to see what they were doing. I couldn’t see much as they were in bed under the covers, but judging from the way the covers were going up and down they were hard at it, and sis was moaning hard every time he pushed in. For the first time I felt exited and there was a tingle between my legs as I watched the pair having sex, so I went back to my bed and put my hand to my sex to massage the tingle.

They were not as careless with the door again until many
months later when again I noticed that it was slightly
ajar, and wanting to repeat my earlier experience I again
peeked through the gap to see if they were doing it again. This time I really got a surprise, as sis was sitting on the edge of the bed and Ken was standing in front of her, and she was sucking on his cock. I was really exited when I saw this, and the more I watched as she slid her mouth down the full length, the more my pussy tingled, and I just had to rub it there and then. The sight of Ken pushing his stiff cock as though he was fucking her mouth, and as it came out all shiny and glistening until the purple head was on her lips, and then sliding back in until he had almost all disappeared. In my excitement as I rubbed myself I must have made a sound because suddenly sis looked straight toward the door, although she did not let go of Ken’s cock. She could not have seen anything in the dark corridor but I quietly crept back to my room.

I think they must have guessed about my voyeur activities,
because from then on the door was almost always ajar, and
as I watched they did all their sex on the bedclothes and
in full view of the door. I would always watch and would
rub my own pussy as I followed their lovemaking, trying to
ease that tingle that persisted between my legs and in my
tummy. Strangely I never had any sex desire except when I
was watching them together.

One day, or rather night, I was watching as they made love,
and I had progressed to pushing a finger part way into my
pussy as far as it would go, Ken was lying on his back,
and sis was kneeling astride him facing me and as I
watched she held his stiff cock upright and eased it into
her pussy, and slowly slid down its length until it had
all disappeared inside her, and it looked like his balls
were part of her! As she leant back she slowly rose up and
down his glistening cock until the head was visible between
her pussy lips, and then slowly disappear again. Sis was
playing with her nipples which were very stiff, and
looking straight at the door, and I rubbed myself more
and more furiously. Then the tingle between my legs began
to spread to my tummy and legs until my whole body began
to shake as I experienced my first orgasm ever.

I must have passed out, because the next I knew sis and Ken
were looking down at me. Ken picked me up and carried me
to the bed and sis mopped my forehead with a cool towel. I
was still glowing with the after effects of my first magic
experience and I could see that ken was naked, and still
semi-hard, because his glistening cock was knocking against
me as they made sure I was alright. I tried to cover up
what I had been doing, but as my nightie was all rucked
up, and my pink and open pussy was right in front of them
there was no hiding it. Sis was very understanding and
stroked my hair and calmed me down, but I was too conscious
of the two of them naked, with Ken’s cock swinging right
beside me, and a musty sexy smell in my nostrils. I could
not stop myself from reaching out to hold that beautiful
weapon, and while Ken looked very surprised his slippery
cock twitched as I held it, and sis asked me if I had ever
been with a man. I just shook my head as I watched that
magic cock growing in my hand until it was stiff and hard.

Sis was stroking my body now and gently arousing my nipples
so they hardened up. Ken looked at me with a question in
his eyes, and in reply I just guided his hand to my pussy.
His hand was rough on the tender lips of my sex, and I
winced as he rubbed me. He stopped then and instead he got
down between my legs and began to gently lick my already
wet sex. As sis continued her gentle caresses I could feel
the warmth spreading back into my pussy, and the moisture
must have started to flow as Ken was lapping it up. I was
lost in the feelings that flooded over me and was not
really conscious of anything outside the sensations that
were filling my body. Ken stopped his licking and I felt
sis raise my legs so that my pussy was wide open. I looked
up and saw Ken’s face above mine, and looking down I saw
sis guide his cock at my virginity. I felt the head rest
on the entrance to my sex, and sis stroked it up and down
rubbing against my clit until everything was very wet. She
guided it to the entrance and Ken slowly pushed it in. I
was so wet it slid in easily, but not being accustomed it
felt huge as he moved more and more in until it came up
against my maidenhood. He looked as me quizzically and in
answer I pushed my hips at him. He gave on big thrust, and
there was a sharp pain as his cock sank all the way in. I
held him there until the pain subsided and I revelled in
the sensation of having what felt like a huge weapon in my
sex. Then the excitement started to take over and I moved
my hips to feel that cock move inside me. He slowly
withdrew all the way and then slid right back in again. He
kept up the movements like a piston, and every time he
withdrew all the way until I was empty before filling me
again. I could feel his balls tickling me behind, and sis
was stroking around my sex, spreading the moisture over my
pussy and his cock, and giving my clit an occasional rub
as Ken withdrew. The sensations came too much for me as
Ken’s cock pushed in to the hilt and for the second time
that evening my body exploded into orgasm and again I
passed out momentarily. I came to after a moment feeling
myself still full of stiff cock and just totally collapsed
on the bed. Ken had not come, and he withdrew his cock and
sis eagerly took it in her mouth to help him. My last sight
before I drifted off to a deep sleep was of Ken’s cock jerk
ing in my sister’s mouth, and the creamy white cum running
out over her chin. The three of us made love again the next morning and we enjoyed playing with each other and fortunately Ken was able to satisfy us both.

I got a boyfriend shortly after that as I had a lot of catch
ing up to do, but sometimes the four of us share a night
together, and it always reminds me of the night I found my
sex desire.

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