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My Sister’s Friend

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: backyard pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I’d been hot to get into my girlfriend’s pants for the six months we’d been going together. She’d kiss and let me rub her boobs through her shirt, but that’s as far as we ever got…she wanted to “save herself” for somebody or something, she wasn’t too clear. I didn’t want to wait for anything or anybody and was getting frustrated by her attitude.

As usual we were hanging out at the pool in our backyard on a hot July afternoon. Julie, my girlfriend, was looking really good in her bikini. After a while my sister and two of her friends came out to the pool and jumped in. My sister and her friends were all 15. Her friend Jillian was new to town and this was the first time I’d ever seen her at the pool. WOW, she was beautiful. She looked better than my 17 year old girlfriend Julie!

Jillian, like me, was a runner, specializing in cross country and long distance in track. She had a runner’s body, long and lean, with strong muscles in her legs and ass, and willowly arms. Her breasts weren’t overly large..not good for a runner anyway…but they were beautifully round and firm, and were nicely displayed by the bra of her bikini. She had very cute face and a perfect smile. As I said, she was beautiful and I was very glad she was in our pool that day. She really took to the water and was soon gliding up and down the length of the pool, displaying a variety of strokes.

Julie and my sister had become pretty good friends and they started talking “girl stuff”. Soon Julie and my sister decided they wanted to head down to the mall for some shopping and hollared for the others to come along. My sister’s other friend went along but Jillian said she’d rather stay and swim…and she asked me if I minded.

After thinking about it for two or three microseconds, I said, that would be fine, I didn’t want to swim alone. As soon as the other girls left I turned my attention to Jillian. I tossed a couple of rafts into the pool and we climbed up on them. This put me up close to her and soon, very personal.

We started talking about running. I’d been very successful in high school cross country and was the team’s #1 runner this last season. I’d been running since I was in 6th grade and my physique showed it. Our rafts were side by side now, facing each other. Jillian reached her hand over and squeesed by calf muscle, and stroked her hand up over my knee to my thigh and commented, “you’ve really got strong legs, very well developed.”

Her touch and attention to my leg was very stimulating. I reached over and returned the examination of her legs, stroking the long muscles up and down and even venturing to the inside of her upper leg. Very firm…very sexy.

As we’re groping each other’s legs, my cock suddenly sprang to life and pushed the front of my baggy nylon shorts up toward the sun. Jillian noticed…I could see the look on her face…and we moved our floating rafts closer still. Now I could reach across to her upper body. But she reached first.

“You’re not going to get burned are you?” As she asked her question she reached over to my chest and stroked her hand across my pecs and belly, tracing the outline of my belly muscles. “No, I’m tan enough that I don’t get burned”.

She kept her hand on my chest while we talked, and casually drew her fingers across the nipple closest to her, playing with the smooth skin of its circle and tweaking the center that rose and hardened from her teasing. My boner was pulsing in my pants, I could seen the nylon material moving up and down with my pounding heart. Slowly Jillian’s hand moved down over my stomach, then over top of my shorts and lightly wrapped over the shaft of my cock. She slid her fingers down the shaft and found my sack where she traced the outline of my balls. All the while she’s looking straight into my eyes as we’re talking.

My inexerience at this was matched only by my desire to quickly move this encounter to its next level. “I’m kind of thirsty, let’s go inside and get something to drink.” We climbed out of the pool and walked onto the enclosed back porch. Inside the privacy of the porch, I turned around, took Jillian’s hand and pulled her close to me.

We were nearly the same height and she came straight to me, and threw her arms around my shoulders and pulled herself tight to my chest. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and our tongues danced together in and out of our mouths. Her hands stroked my back and plunged down into my swim shorts to strongly massage my ass. I returned the favor to her, pulling her hips to me and pushing my hard as rock pecker into her pussy mound.

After no more than a minute of that, she made some comment…I can’t remember exactly…but something like she’d been hot for me ever since she’d first seen me. I was so aroused and excited that I really didn’t reply, just unhooked the bikini bra strap and pulled it forward as she moved back and pulled out of it. Standing an arm’s length away from me, Jillian slid her hands up her smooth hard belly and cupped each breast in her hands, puckering the large pink nipples. I quickly slid my swim shorts down, pulling out the front to get the elastic waistband out over my hard on. She quickly followed my lead with her bikini bottom. We stood, admiring each other’s naked body.

She was the sexiest girl I’d ever seen, in magazines, movies, or videos. Her breasts were in perfect proportion to the long, lean body, arms, and legs that were very firmly muscled. Her pussy slit was slightly open with swollen lips pushing out each side, completely bare of hair on either side. The pubic hair was neatly trimmed for her bikini in a narrow strip right above her slit.

I was really amazed by the muscular development of her legs, with long thigh muscles tapering up the front of her hips. Her ass was just as well developed and I moved to her to check it all out with my hands.

After groping, kissing, and rubbing each other for a minute or two, we hopped onto the daybed on the porch. She began working on my cock with her hand while I licked and kissed her gorgeous tits until they were slick with my spit. Jillian seemed much older than 15 and I hoped she was ready for the next question.

“Jillian, I really want to put my cock into your hot pussy,” do you want me to.”

“Let me get it ready first,” she said. She spun around and quickly took my shaft in her hand and started licking the purple head of my cock with her tongue. Then she started pushing more and more of its six inch length into her mouth. The feeling was unbelieveable. The view over my face was also unbelieveable. Her pussy and asshole were no more than six inches over my head. The pussy lips were spread wide apart and I could look inside where her juices were glistening on her skin and pink lips. I pushed my finger up and into the slit, stroking back and forth, even pushing my slippery finger to her puckered asshole and teasing her there.

This close attention to each of our personal parts made us both orgasm quickly. I shot off into her mouth. She took the first few squirts before pulling off my cock for the rest of the cum to fly out onto my belly. Her orgasm cause her hips to push her hot twat down onto my face where her juices flowed out onto my face and even ran down over my neck.

Jillian was breathing very heavy and her body was tensed so that every beautiful muscle was defined and hard to my touch. I took control now and turn her back around onto her back. Sitting astride her stomach, my drooping cock and balls were flopped onto her belly. I used the position to massage her breasts and nipples while she gave attention to my cock, rubbing the mixture of our juices and cum up and down, quickly bringing the hardness and length back to it.

As soon as I was again erect, I stretched out over her body and lowered myself to her. Jillian spread her long legs wide apart for the head of my cock. Being the same height let me kiss her and feel her breasts and nipples push directly onto mine. My cock fell right into her hot pussy lips where I slowly began a thrusting motion that pushed my cock into her farther and farther with each push.

Jillian’s cunt was very tight and felt just as muscular as the rest of her wonderful body. As I pushed my virgin cock into her hole it almost felt like she was pulling me in just as hard!

Both of our hips moved in unison now and the slurping sound coming from our grinding pubes was accented by the slapping of my nuts against her hard ass. It couldn’t have taken more than five minutes before she orgasmed. Jillian’s legs entwined mine, giving her some real leverage to pulled me tight against her. I could feel my cock swell up in size and an unbelieveable strong jolt of jize flowed up the shaft of my cock and filled her cunt with cum. I pumped and pumped until there was nothing more left to give.

I fell off her, both of us lying on our backs, chests heaving, eyes wide open in amazement of the strength and intensity of our effort. My cock, while no longer rock hard, remained swollen and very large, flopped sideways over my thigh. We were both covered in a wonderful mixture of cum, pussy juice, and sweat from our hard work.

Just then my sister and her other friend, along with my now former girlfriend Julie came out of the house onto the back porch. They had come into the house while we were too busy to hear and now walked out to the porch to find Jillian and I still breathing hard and bright in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

My sister and her other friend screamed, then laughed, and stood staring at Jillian and me, lying naked and exhausted on the daybed. I could only look back and say, “Hi sis, how was the Mall?”

Julie was obviously shocked, turned and walked out, shouting, “See you again NEVER asshole”. No great loss I figured. I knew my sister was probably as excited to see her big brother in this position as I was to be there. Jillian was cool with our exposure to her friends and we layed there for a little while before finally getting that cold drink and heading back out to the pool where we talked about how we were in awe of each other’s body. The sex talk was very exicting and amazing to me, the former virgin who began a streak of having sex with Jillian on the average of five times a week for the next year.

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