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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: IN MY R00M
Langauge: ENGLiSH
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I first had sex when I was 11 years old.My sister’s was having a sleepover to celebrate the start of Summer.I had my cousin James over,who was 13 at the time,and teaching me about girls,sex,etc. Anyways,James left at about 10 pm because my aunt went into labor,and my mother went too.My dad was out on business,and I was there with my 15 year old sister Amy,and her 3 friends-Tara,Lacey,and Kali.All of them (including my sister) I thought were really sexy.Amy and Kali were both 38DD’s and Lacey was a 32C while Tara was a 36B.They were all tall and skinny,with long legs.Tara and my sister were Brunettes,Kali was blonde,and Lacey had Dirty blonde hair.All of them were completely hot,and that night we had some fun.

While the girls were changing,out of curiousity I opened the door,and watched them.They were all naked,and through my boxers I could feel myself going hard and began cumming from my excitement.I came all over my sisters door,and cleaned it off.The girls were just walking around,nude and Amy was searching through her draws.She pulled out a dildo and a vibrator (which James taught me about) and Lacey took the vibrator,while Tara took the dildo.They both laid down on Amy’s bed,and inserted the object into their pussy’s.Lacey moaned,and Tara was pushing the dildo in and out,and she too moaned.I got really horny just watching them.Kali told Amy she had to use the bathroom,so she began walking towards the door.I ran to the bathroom,and stood in the shower,until Kali came in.She locked the door behind her,still nude,and started fingering herself.I was watching,and getting really stiff and hard.I came again,and gasped.She obviously heard me,and slowly opened the curtain to find me naked and cumming in the tub.

“What are you doing Ry?”she cried out.”Umm”was all I could say.She ordered me to get out of the tub.We walked to my room,and she sat down on my bed,and asked me to massage her shoulders.I reluctantly began,and she moaned out how good it felt.I moved my mouth to her shoulder,and kissed her neck.She didn’t object,so I climbed off the bed,and stood in front of her, massaging her boobs.She really liked that,so I cupped them in my hands,and sucked on her nipples which were hard,and I could taste her warm,sweet milk running down my throat.I pressed my lips to hers,and kissed her hard.She kissed me back,shoving her tounge in my mouth.She whispered In my ear,and told me to eat her out.She spread her legs apart for me,and I ran my tounge down her clit,and in her wet hot pussy,and fingered her.She had a major orgasm,and by now my bed was soaked.She got down on her hands and knees,and stuck my little 6 1/2 inch hard cock in her mouth and sucked me off.She told me she wanted to fuck me hard,and she was so horny.I told her I was too,and when she sucked me off again I blew my big load all over her face and she licked it all up.She got on the bed and spread her legs wide for me.I got on top of her,and I slid my cock into her.It went in easily cuz she was so damn wet,it felt so good.I kept bouncing her up and down on my fat cock and she moaned foe me to fuck her good that I was a little perv and I needed to give it to her real hard.I fucked her until 3 in the morning.We went doggie style too by the way.I blew my load in her 7 times,and she came 4 times.At 3 we went back to my sisters room,everyone was sleeping so I got the vibrator out of Laceys pussy and turned it on and shoved it up my sisters pussy.She woke up and asked what I was doing,so I told her that I needed to fuck her and I was getting her wet.She was still naked,so I got her ready and we fucked till the morning.God my sister is a good fucker.

The next day I Fucked them all real hard and good.We all had Fun.We still do it everytime they come over,and it’s still real good.

PS.Tara got pregnant,and we now have a son named Caleb
PSS.My sister also got pregnant,but we blamed her Boyfriend Jason
PSSS.I found out yesterday that Kali is pregnant,with our daughter

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