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My Son’e Best Friend

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Age when it happend: 42
Where it happened: Back yard
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I’m 42 years old, and have been married for almost 20 years.I have an 18 year old son, whose best friend, Rodney, an African-American boy, is over at our house quite a bit, usually swimming in our backyard pool. I’ve watched him in his Speedo briefs from my kitchen window– and I must say he has a body to die for.From the top of his curly black hair,along his black 6′ athletic body, down to his beautiful feet, he is the epitome of a Greek god.I’ve gotten to know him quite well

He is usually here with my son, but about a month ago he came over looking for Jim, and Jim was gone for the day with his girlfriend. I told Rodney that Jim was gone, but then, as he stood there,I noticed that he had his gym bag with him, which I assumed contained his swim suit and towel, and I told him if he’d like to use the pool, he was certainly welcome to do so. At first he hesitated, but then said he would liketo swim a few laps to cool off, and asked if he could use one of the bathrooms to change. I showed him to the small washroom near the back door and in a few minutes, he came out, in his white trunks,thanked me, and walked out to the pool.

I watched him for awhile, and then, foolishly, I changed into my two-piece suit and went out and joined him.At first, I think he was surprised to see me, but then he relaxed a bit more with me in the pool with him, and we began to talk about a variety of things, including school, his future plans, whether he had a girlfriend — thingsof that nature. The more we talked the more familiar we got with each other, and before very long, I found myself coming on to him and embracing him. He resisted at first, but then, looking at me for a few seconds, he kissed me on the mouth and pressed himself against my body, just as I wanted him to do.It was not long before he had his trunks off, and he had taken the bottom of my swim suit off, and his huge erect penis was pressing against me. I knewthen I wanted him inside me, and urged him on, by returning his kisses and fondling his erection with my hand.He asked me if it was O.K. to enter me, and I told him, Yes, I want this, and the next think I knew, his erection was ascending into my vagina as he held me against the swimming pool wall. Since I had been on birth control for a number of years, I was not concerned about pregnancy, and so I simply enjoyed having this young man have his way with me. It was a wonderful experience.

It was the first and only time I have ever strayed from my husband, and I don’t think Iwill ever do it again, but Iwill always remember that afternoon in our backyard pool with Rodney.

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