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my step brother!

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Age when it happend: 12-13
Where it happened: couch,and his room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

okay, so this is my story:

i was 13 when this happened, my older stepbrother was like 15-16? one day, i got home from softball practice, i was wearing booty shorts, and a tank top. my older step brother was on the couch (very attractive). my mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. so she said to take my clothes off and throw them in the laundry room, and i took my shorts off and he was watching me, i took my top off, and i was wearing a sports bra, he was still watching me, so i look at him, and whispered to text me.i went up stairs to my room. he did and i asked him”why were you saring at me” and he said “your body is just amzing” and i said” it iss?” and he said” you had me in the mood” and i said ” really” and he said ” yeah, come watch a movie with me”and we texted eachother for hours. and he said to take a shower, and to go back downstairs. i took a shower, got my pajams on. he was a varsity football/baseball player., so his body was ever so hott, so he was shirtless downstairs watching a movie on the couch. i sat down and said”yeah?” . and he said come sit by me” and i said “okay.” and he had a blanket. and we did this tons of times before, just share a blanket and watch a movie, so i thought it was no big deal. so i did it. and i was wearing a sports bra and some boy shorts. and i am the shy kind of girl. so i said” i loooove your stomach” and he said ” i like your stomach too,”. i adjusted myself, and accidentlly touch his dick. i said” omg, i am sooo sorry” and he said ” its ok, do you want to see it ” and i said” do you want me too” he said” its up to you. knowing me, the shy girl i said ” no i am scared, i havent seen one before” he said ” well, i can help you with it” and i said “how” and right after i told him that, he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. by now i wanted to look at it. so i said” umm, now what” and he said ” lets go to my room” and we did. he carried me, becuase it was like really late and i was half asleep. so he carried me to his room. and layed me on his bed. and he layed next to me. i was on my back.and whispered ” wake up, ” and i did. he crawled on top of me, and started to take my clothes off, and i was okay with it. i told him, that it was his turn. and he let me take off his shorts and boxers. and we were laying on his bed naked. so, i said. ” hey, whats is oral sex” and he said”watch” i am laying on my back and he, opens my legs and starts to suck my inner legs, and i was getting wet, when he moves to my pussy. o my gawwwwd, i was in heaven.i was moaning, which turned him on, and made him jack off to it. he ate me out for like 10 minutes, and then he said” how was that” and i said” greaaat” he said. “can i try something” and i said” yeah, sure i dont ccare” and he said ” ok, it might hurt a little bit” and i said” ok, go ahead” and he slowly siped a finger into my pussy, and honestly it didnt really hurt. so i started moaning some more, and he said ” can i put another one in” and i didnt answer, becuase i was too busy moaning. so he did and it felt so good. and he slipped his fingers out.and he said” can i put it in?” and i said” doesnt it hurt?” and he said ” it does, but i promise to go slow” and i said” what about condoms?” and he said he already had one on. so i was still on my back. and we were in missionary.so he asked me if i was ready, and i said yeah. so he began to put it in. slowly, and while he was doing that. he was putting vasilene on the condom, i asked, how big is it. he said i measured it like last week and it was like 9 1/2 . i was like jeez. and he kept putting it in. and then all of a sudden he stopped. and i said whats wrong. he said, i am like half way, and it stopped. i was like try a little bit hardeer. and he did and it wouldnt work. so i said .. “ok, just push it in as hard as you can and make it fast. he was like ok. he counted 1, 2, 3 and did it. and he popped my cherry, i am not going to lie, that shit hurt, i screammmed! and started crying. he took it out and let me go to the bathroom. and i went blood was everywhere. so i was like, umm will it hurt anymore, and he said, no, i popped your cherry so it shouldnt. and i was like ok. so i let him in me one more time. and it was heaven, it didnt hurt and he going drilling me, hard! it felt do goood. and while was drilling me, he keppt apoligizing for putting me through the whole thing, and i said it was ok. and he kissed my neck,and i forgot about the whole thing. it was like 3 in the morning, and i was asleep and so was he, and i slept with him. the next morning, i heard him get up and get dressed, i asked him what he doing, he said i have to work at 11, i said o, ok. and i fell back asleep. and he carried me up stairs. and left. he told me to text him when i wake up, and he said how sorry he was and all of that, but i really didntcare, it wasnt like he raped me, it fellt sooo good, it was probably the best sex i ever will have. and i will remeber this for ever, haha. it wasnt how i pplaned on loosing it but at least i will remeber it. and now i am 14 and me and him dont really talk as much as we used to, whitch sucks, but he is still my stepbrother. so thats is my story.

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