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My Step Daughter

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Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: at home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It happened last year when my wife was away for an emergency meet up with her family, leaving me taking care of my step kids; a boy 7 yrs and a girl 9 yrs old since they’re doing their exam at that time.

I was resting in my room fantasizing about sex when my step gal knocked on my door and walked in. She wants me to help her in her school work. What captures my attention was her wearing a skimpy nite dress. Though her breast was develope yet, the sharp poke of her nipple on her thin dress was enough to arouse me.

After going thru her school work, I pretended to have a tummy ache. I then asked her if she could help to massage my tummy which she willingly agreed. I get her to lock my room door and went to the toilet to strip myself with just a towel covering me. I then laid my back on the bed and thought her how to “massage” my tummy.

So she started to rub my tummy under my towel. Slowly I told her to rub lower and lower until she can feel my hair and sometimes her hand rub against my hard cock. She just acted normal and continue rubbing my tummy.

As I grew more and more aroused, I get hold of her small hand and placed it around my hard cock, lying her that rubbing me there will make me feel better faster. She looked shocked when first grip my cock and shyly stroke my hard cock slowly. Slowly I began stripping of my towel, showing her what a real cock is all about. She tried to glance at my cock, probably thinking my mine is big compared to her younger brother’s. She continued to stroke my hard dick. Slowly I slipped my hand in her nite gown and stroke her tigh. I asked her if she feels good. She just nodded. I told her I can make her feel even better if she can allow me to touch her on her pussy just like how she’s stroking me. She just nodded. So I gragged my hand further up to touch her hairless pussy. She’s not wearing an underwear. Occassionally I asked if she felt good. She would just nod and smile at me.

I grew more daring and asked her if she can “massage” my cock with her mouth. She asked my how and I just told her to put my cock in her mouth and she did just that. Slowly she moved her head up and down, sucking my cock while I still continue fingering her pussy. Once in a while her teeth would rub against my cock but it’s ok for a starter.
She gave me a blowjob for more than 10 mins.

I then told her to stop and sit on my cock which she did. I moved her body as my cock and her pussy rubbed against each other. I dare not let my cock enter her. Not at this age. The pain will be unbearable for her. So I let her enjoy it as she let out a small moarning once a while. When I couldn’t take the pleasure, I told her to continue “massaging” me with her mouth until my sperm exploded in her mouth. I told her to just keep it in her mouth and throw it in the bathroom.

After that as and when my wife is not around I’ll get her to give me a blow job. I have even rewarded her with a lick on her pussy which she enjoys. Whatever it is, I will not fuck her….not at this age.

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