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My step daughter

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Age when it happend: 51
Where it happened: living room floor
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

First Lydia is not my true step daughter just the daughter of my live in girlfriend. When i first met her i thought she was 8 or 9 years old but she was then 12. she was shy, and withdrawn. she and i didn’t get along very well and she seldom even spoke to me. i never saw her wearing anything but sweatpants and baggy shirts. she was kinda tall slender, well skinny actually, short brown hair. very very plain looking little girl. she is now 14 years old and was 14 when this happened, but looks to be 10 or 11 years. her mom was leaving to shop for her birthday present for her 14th birthday and she threw a fit cuz she wanted to go but her mom said no. i called her mom and she said to just hold her down until she calmed down. well i came out of the bathroom in just a tshirt and underwear and as i approached her she kicked at me and hit me in the nuts, i dropped to my knees and she tried to kick me again and i grabbed her leg and she fell back on the floor but kept kicking at me so i climbed on her to try to stop her. and i tried to pin her down she was thrashing and wiggling and i found my crotch meeting hers and my dick started to get hard so i moved the best i could to get my dick on her clit and when i did she responded. it took a little drying humping and i heard her moan some and i looked down to her feet and i saw her toes curl. i was pretty sure she had an orgasism? neither one of us talked about this for at least 2 weeks but i noticed she had begun to wear shorts and skimpyer tops in fromt of me. one night that her mom was gone, she worked the night shift as a nurse she came out of her room in just a long tshirt. i was watching wrestling and she asked if i wanted to wrestler her again like we did the time she was throwing a fit? i didn’t know what to say but just said lets just watch this for now. she said ok and sat in the chair near me and soon pulled up her legs and soon let thelong tshirt slide down her legs and i could see her little pink panties. my dick got hard real hard. it was beautiful sight and just right there in front of me. she asked me 2 or 3 times if we could wrestle again and finally my will power was gone. i said ok we wrestled and then she said she had to use the bathroom. when she came back we wrestled some more and i was embarrsessed as my dick was so hard i was sure she could feel it. as we stopped wrestling we laid on the floor watching wrestling on tv, she spread her legs some and her shirt had worked its way up some and could see she had removed her panties on her trip to the bathroom. then she said i want you to do the same thing to me u did the first time we wrestled and i said what and she said you know when you rubbed me just right down there and she pointed to her crotch. i didn’t know what to say then i nearly fainted as she stood up and pulled her tshirt up over her head and stood naked in front of me. her little pussy was hairless and her chest flat. just little bumps for tits if anything her pussy lips i could see were swollen and pink i asked her if i could take off my clothes and she hesitated but said yes so i did she gasped when she saw how hard and large my dick was. well that was our first of many many sex nights i ate her pussy and let her jack me off but it took 4 or 5 times before we could get my dick inside her but i make her cum almost every night now she is so sexy naked skinny, thin, narrow hips and hairless little pussy she just loves the sex and i love doing it with her. naked she looks 10 or 11 but she knows how to pump her pussy like a 35 year old veteran now.

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