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My sweet cousin

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: at my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was only 13, when one of my cousins NI came to our home
with his family members. His family members stayed for 3 days
and left for their home. I said to my cousin IQ to stay with
us for some more days and he agreed. His age was 24 then.
One night after dinner when everyone went for night-walk
we both were alone at home, he was in my bedroom. As I
entered my bedroom, I saw him sitting on my bed. He said to me to come
close to him and I did. He took me in his warm arms and started to kiss
me. I was so nervous and I said to him plz don’t do this. But while
kissing, he said he loves me and that he will marry me after 2 or 3 years.
He kept on kissing me for more than 3 minutes and then he started to rub
the nipples of my tiny boobs. I was nervous and totally feared from all
this. He then moved some more and took his hand under my shirt and
started to rub from inside, I was so small that I even didn’t use bra at
that time. After some time he started to kiss me boobs and suck my nipples
that were becoming hard and hard as he was playing, As time was passing,
I was feeling it amazing. After more than half an hour as bell ring, he
left my bedroom and said that from tomorrow, he will sleep in my bedroom.
Nextday night I arranged for him in me bedroom. After dinner he came
and instead of going to his bed he came to me bed.
He was kissing and playing with my little but beautiful boobs. After
some time, he started to unzip his jeans and he took my hand towards his
very very long dick. I was much surprised to see so big dick. It was
about 8 inches and was so hard and tight that I was much surprised to see so
beautiful ercet for the first time in my life.
He than undid all my clothes and his too. BOY I was completly naked b4 him
and he too. He took me in his arms and started to kiss me with more
speed. I stroked his dick for a while And as soon a
he started kissing me again & stroking my boobs the way I really
love, I really enjoyed the sight of his really great erect dick.
Once on the bed, he moved on top of me & started kissing
my face, my neck, my boobs. I just love the way he sucks my tits
I kept on tickling the head of his dick cos he really loves it, & both of us got really wet.
Then, he slowly spread my legs apart & started exploring my pussy. After that,
I stroked his dick, harder & harder & he got really excited
we still continued kissing. I was sitting on top of him & man did I feel his great cock !
This time he rubbed his dick on my pussy, he didn’t try to enter me yet, but just tickling
my wet pussy with his wet dick. I told him that it is so big that it can’t fit into my
little hole, he smiled and kissed me.
I got really so aroused, & he too. then he slowly
slid his GREAT BIG cock into me. It was a bit painful but a wonderful feeling too.
I cried out once & he promised to do it more slowly. after a while, it
wasn’t painful anymore & it really was wonderful !
we did it the missionary position & he moved oh so slowly but surely up & down.
he stayed inside me. that was really a wonderful time, him inside me &
both of us staring into each other’s eyes. He continued loving me.
He started pumping harder and harder…wow, he really got better & better.
I felt his juice spurt all inside me….wow that was wonderful !
He got soooo much some came onto the bed, it’s really a bit messy
!! all his love on the bed, & on my breast, my stomach, my legs !
After that, it was don’t know how many hours later, we were both tired out,
& both of us fell asleep, I wasn’t sure if we slept while he’s still inside me !!
but we slept the whole night locked in each other’s embrace.
the next morning as I woke up, he still had his hands on my breast.
I really love him !! I gave him a kiss, &
playfully tickled his cock. He woke up & became hard again !
I don’t have to describe all over again, but he
loved me all over & of cos, put his love into me again.

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