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My true story about my affair with my female teacher

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: teacher lounge
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I has a beatiful teacher who is around 22 years old.She has a lovely face,a nice and slim figure,a pair of slender legs,round ass and wear a 36C bra.I just call her miss w.

She love to wear jacket+shirt inside+matching skirt above her knee.Sometimes, it is tank top or just a short dress with jacket just like those office ladies.I never seen her in pants or jeans.i think she like to show off her stunning legs to others which she will always wear a pair of sockings(Perfer black) to greater effect.Those mini skirt or dress make her more easily for us to see her panties colour which we always did .our school is an very old school and everything inside is outdated even the toilet has door and window more like a storeroom.

She is a nice person and caring to students and will help students in need.I can chat with her more easily because she alway help me during my first year when i am very poor in my studies.She always relate her problems to me and i do my best to help her because i am secretly in love with her.I knew her everything.

During my last year after my exams, a saturday afternoon, i was at school helping miss w with some chores.Later, after finishing, we sat down and chat as she treat me to some softdrinks.She ask me if i need anything as i help her alot.she was wearing a pink jacket and a white shirt with pink skirt and black sockings at that time and she looks really wants to repay me back for what i help her last time for rescue her from nearly beging raped by a men in school.That time, i was following her because i was worried for her as it was very late.I told her i do not what anything but in my heart i whish to make love with her which i did not dare to tell her. Any way, to my shock, she told me she was in love with me after the incident and could not tell me because we are teacher and student.But now, I had graduated and she ask me if i love her. Of course i say yes and told her of my affection for her for tne past 3 years.She look into my eyes, those which like apair of lovers eye and kiss me.We hugged together and kiss each other . she lick my tongue as i lick hers hand slipped into her sleevless shirt, unbutton it and rub her breast with both hands while we were locked in our mouth,kissing away.Later, her hands came to my hard stone cock and touch it .I think i going to explode as i undress her jacket + shirt and also her skirt while she undress me. We are now naked as she took my boxer shorts and lick my cock.She moved up and down as i eject sperm into her mouth.She has never seen sperm before as she do it a second time and look at me shoot sperm into her face.she told me she like it and ask me to make her more high. I undress her bra and lick and foddled her breast and nipple as she give a some sexy voice as i proceed to touch and licked her panties from vagina to her toes.She also cum and i took her wet white lace panties away and touch her vagina and ass as she enjoy the moment and i lick and suck her vagina, ass,and toes.Later i proceed to put my cock into her vagina as she cried in pain.she was still a virgin same as me as i kept pushing in and out. I will never forget that feeling. I done with her 8 times that day in diferent style inside the teacher room and l like the doggy style whick i fuck her from the back and also when she is on top of me make love while she love me making love with her on top of her togeter with me suck and lick her nipple.

After i fuck her that night, we slept at the teacher room because the next day is sunday and there will be nobody around. To tell you the truth, I felt abit weak after ejecting and my penis became weak after much use for a day.
Soon I became my teacher lover and we has sex every week, she love me dearly as i do the same to her. She still teach
at that school but the only different is i now her husband and two twins sons and also she wear pants now to school.

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