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My Twin Sister

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At Home - My Bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Diane is my twin sister. We are both 18, now, but we’ve been each other’s best “friend” for many years, and lovers for the past two years.

Growing up, it wasn’t unusual for us to see each other in the buff. Our bed rooms were upstairs in our big house, and we were always going in and out of the bathroom naked. Neither of us cared much for clothes. Mom and Dad slept downstairs and rarely saw us between meals, especially when we grew into our teen years. Dad was busy at the University, and Mom was involved in a lot of community activities.

By the time we were 14, I could see that Diane was developing into a beautiful young lady. Nice breasts, firm, not too large. Nice ass, tight and well-rounded. We started fooling around a lot then, and exploring each other’s bodies — mostly in my bed.

My friend, Rod, subscribed to Penthouse and let me have his old issues. Diane and I read them together. We learned a lot about sex that way.

By the time we were 16, we were almost completely developed. I was 5’11” and had a nice slim, trim body.Nice penis. I measured it once and it was 6″ as it hung between my legs and well over 8″ when I masturbated.

One time when I was lying on my bed, jerking off,Diane was passing by and saw me. She came in and asked if she could watch. I said, Sure. She asked me if it felt good, and I told her it felt very good — in fact tremendous. Then she watched me cum all over my chest and she took a bit and tasted it. Said it tasted salty but nice. A week later she jerked me off, and two weeks later,she gave me a blow job — my first one from a girl. After a month of that, she wanted to know if I would fuck her, just so she could feel how it felt. I said sure, and we fucked for the first time that afternoon. We told ourselves that it wasn’t incest, because we weren’t trying to make a baby — just have pleasurable sex. We knew that first time would be difficult, and that maybe it would be somewhat painful, and it was — and kind of messy — but the second time was better and the third time was great. Usually I would pull out and cum on her body, but one time when we were 17, I was feeling so great, I ejaculated inside her — and we got worried. Fortunately nothing happened.

We’ve been fucking quite regularly — once or twice a week –for about two years now. I also have a steady girlfriend and she has a boyfriend, but whenever we are in the mood for some good old fashioned sex, we just do it.Sometimes we sleep together at night, but not that often. We also shower together occasionally, and sometimes she gives me a blow job there, or I fuck her.

It is great making love to your Sister!

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