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My Two Cousins

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Cousin's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

How it happend that I lost my virginity last summer was like this. My aunt and uncle were going on an archeological (I hope I spelled that right) expedition to Yucatan to hunt for ancient Mayan ruins and they left their two daughters who are mycousins with us for the summer. Let me tell you about my cousins. Dora who is 16 is very quite and sweet and quite intelligent. Angel who is 14 is sort of the opposite. She is very ex-troverted and friendly.
The first day they got to our house they wanted to go swimming as they have no swimming pool at there house but we have one. So they were in swimming, and Dora, who has a nice young body but not real sexy was wearing a nice modest swim suit and Angel, who has quite nice tits for her age and a round young ass, was wearing a bikini that barely covered her bush down below. While in back the little strip if cloth between the cheeks of her ass left both of them completely exposed only covering her asshole. I went in with them and Angel kept fooling around with me and splashing me and getting me all hot until I wanted to grab those buns of hers and spank them good and then — well, I knew I shouldnt think of it but I wanted to fuck the hell out of her.
That night Angel was sleeping in my sister’s room who is away at college summer session and Dora was in our guest room. I couldn’t stop thinking about those buns of Doras. Then late at night a heavy sudden storm came up, wih wind and rain and some thunder and lightning.
I sort of hoped one of the girls would be scared by the storm and would want to come to my room, but they didn’t. so after a while I went to Angel’s room and touched her shoulder and she woke up and said “What is it?” I said “I thought you might be scared by the thunder and lightning.
She said she wasn’t but then she asked “Are you scared?” I said “Well, it makes me nervous.”
So then she said, “Well get in bed with me and mama will take care of you.”
So I got in bed with her, and my goodness, she was naked. I said “You don’t have any pajamas on” and she said “Thats in case some man gets in bed with me and wants to fuck me.”
And you know what she said next, she said “You are going to fuck me aren’t you.”
I said “I sure hope so” and she said “I hope so too, so let’s get on with it.”
She snuggled up against me with her ass right up against my cock, which was sticking out through my pajamas, and I hugged her tight to me so my cock was in between her ass cheeks and I was feeling her breasts and kissing the back of her neck and then feeling down between her legs, into her pussy, which was very damp.
She turned around to face me and gave me a big, deep French kiss and then she pulled my pajama pants all the way off and turned me on my back and straddled me and pushed my cock into her pussy and then rode me while I was in extasy with my cock going in and out in the greatest feeling on earth, much better than jacking off. And we were lucky that I did not come right away because I had jacked off that afternoon after swimming. So we had a great long fuck until I finally came inside her and she had been going happily “Oh boy, oh boy” while she was riding me and then she said “OH MAN,” and she came and then we lay there holding each other and feeling wonderful.
Then Angel said “You did not have a condom on” and I said “No,” and she said “If you are going to get in bed with a girl you should always have a condom. But with me it’s all right because I am on the pill.”
She told me that when her parents had caught her fucking with Tony Zingarelli and had a long talk with her they decided they weren’t going to break her of fucking, so they should make sure she was protected by getting her the pill.
But she said “When you fuck Dora be sure to have a condom because Dora is a virgin and is not on the pill.” She said “You are going to fuck Dora two, aren’t you” and I said I hadn’t thought of it and she said, You’ve got to, cousin dear, because she has such a crush on you.”
Then we had another great fuck and then went to sleep in each others arms with the thunder rolling and the lightning flashing.
The next day my mother said to me that “Maria told me before they left that Angel was a little sexpot and that I shouldn’t worry about you having sex with her because she is protected, but if you have sex with Dora, you must protect her.” So are those understanding parents or what?
So I right away got some condoms, and that very next night Dora came into my room and said “I’m afraid we might have another storm like last night so may I sleep with you?” And of course I said yes and of course I fucked her, and it was true, she was a virgin and very tight but I took my time and was very slow and easy and when I broke her cherry she just said one “Ouch” and then said “It’s all right, it’s all right.” And she went on to have her first orgasm, which she said was the most wonderful experience of her life, and then we went to sleep and later she woke me up and we had another fuck.
So I had a great summer with my two cousins, and when my aunt and uncle came back they said they had made some great discoveries and so were planning to go back next summer, if we didn’t mind keeping there daughters.
And of course we won’t mind.

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