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Age when it happend: 50
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

about three years ago, my wife and I went out for some drinks with some friends of ours. and we had been out for about three hours or so drinking and having a good time. because I don’t drink. I can tell my wife was starting to get a little happy. and so was our friends. it was about 10:00P.M., and I went to the bar to get one more round for the night. and while I was at the bar. there were these five guy standing there talking about some girl they would like to fuck. so I turned around to see who they were talking about. now let me tell you a little about my wife. at that time, my wife was 45. and even now, my wife has a better body then most 21 year olds in thi country. and a face to go with it. and on that night. she was wearing a short dress, with a sexy low cut shirt. to where you could see most of her not to huge of tits. but her very nice big tits. and as I was leaning back at the bar to see who they were talking about. I saw it was my wife they were talking about. so I just stood there for a minute, and listened to there nasty comments about my wife. and it was some kind of a turn on, to hear these guys talking about my wife like this. I could tell by looking at them, that they didn’t live around here. so I got into the conversation by saying. I bet she is just one hell of a fuck toy. and they all looked at me. and then one guy said, I would like to fuck her on her knees from behind. and I said, I would love to fuck her in the mouth while your fucking from behind. and then they all laughed. and another one said. man I would like to fuck her big tits, and cum all over that pretty face of hers. and thats about when I said. yep, thoughs big tits feel pretty good wrapped around your hard cock. I know, that my wife. man I’m telling you. you should have seen the kooks on there faces. I thought they were going to crowl up there own ass to hide about then. they started saying how sorry they were. and I laughed, and said thats ok. so I asked them if they were from around here. and they said no. we’re here for meetings. and after we all laughed about it. I asked them if they would really like to fuck my wife tonight. and see just what kind of fuck toy she realy is. and again, that same guy said. hell ya, I want to fuck your wife. so he talked his friends in to going. I said after this round. you guys follow us home. and I’ll see if I can talk her into it. well, on the way home. she hade just enough to drink that I was able to talk her into it. so when we got home. she went to the bedroom, and we went in the livingroom. I got them all something to drink. and we were sitting around talking, when my wife come in and sat down in front of me on the floor. after a few minutes. she turn around to me, and opened my legs apart. and then she unzipped my pants. and pulled my cock out and started sucking me till I my cock was up and hard. I’m telling you, these guys were going nuts. after she got my cock good and hard. she crowled over to the guy sitting to the right of me. and she pulled his shoes off. and then unzipped his pants and pulled them all the way off. and then she grabed his half hard cock and started sucking him as well. I’m telling you, my cock was throbbing hard watching her suck his cock. after sucking him for a bit. she crowled across from him to another sitting in a chair. and she did the same with his pants. but by this time, this guys cock was already rock hard. and wow, I thought I had a good size cock. this guy had to be about a 10 or 11 incher. so my wife took his already hard cock. and wrapped her big tits around that tool, and started jacking his cock off with her tits. the other two guy started pealing there close off getting ready for there turn. so I got up, and pulled my wife off the one guys cock. and took her to the middle of the livingroom floor, and layed her down on the carpet. and told the one guy to come over and fuck her tits for her. and while he was fucking her tits. I was holding my throbbing hard cock with my hand, and rubbing it all over her face. and she kept trying to get my cock in her mouth. but I wouldn’t let her have it. by now, the one guy had his hard cock in his hand. and was stroking it watcing us. so I said, come over and stuf that hard thing in her wet pussy. so the guy gets off from fucking her tit. and the guy crowled over and plunged his hard cock in that wet pussy of hers. then another guy crowld over to her. and she started stroking his cock. and was stroking the other guys cock as well. well the one guy was fucking her. and before long. she said, I want to suck a cock. so the guy that was sitting next to me in the begining. got up and went over to her. and got on his knees, with her head between his knees. and started rubbing his hard cock all over her face. but before you know it, she had her wet mouth wrapped around his hard cock. by this time, I was sitting back in the chair with my hard cock in my hand. and was stroking myself watching them. I think they kind of forgot about me. but that was ok. I was just sitting there watching them fucking every inch of my wifes body. she fucked them, she sucked them, they fucked her tits. and she jacked them off. we all took turns fucking her every way we could. I think she cummed five or six time, in about two or so hour of all of us fucking her. then we layed her up the coffee table. and took turns fucking her in that cock hungery mouth of hers. she opened her mouth up wide. as I pushed my 9 inch throbbing hard cock all the way down her wet hungery throat. and while I was fucking her face with my hard cock. one guy was sucking her big tits at the same time. but I thought I was going to lose it, when she open her mouth up wide for that big 10 inch cock. he held her head with both hands, and pushed his rock hard cock all the way down her cock hungery throat. and then she wrapped her lips around his cock shaft as he slowly pulled it back out. but the best part of all. was all six of us standing over her laying there on the coffee table, and all six of us jacking all our hot sticky cock cum off all over her waiting face and tits. she was just covered with with cock cum. and it didn’t end there. after a bit, she come back in the room. and started sucking our cocks. and before long, she was on her knees with all of us standing around her. while she was fucking our cocks with that cock hungery mouth if hers. and jacking us off as well. and after about 30 minutes of stroking us and sucking us. we all stood over her and jacked our cock cum off all over her face and tits agin. that night, she was more then just a fuck toy. she was just a fuck slut for the taking. I bet she could have takin on ten of us that night. one guy said. your wife is one hell of a fuck toy. and to this day, I still get a hard on thinking about it.

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