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Mysti’s Stepdad

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I have to give you some background first. My mother married Scott three years ago. He was her third husband. He was never anything but a gentleman to me. About six months ago, my mom ran off with another man to another state. She left me a note to tell me to stay with Scott . . . that he loved me. Scott let me stay, but started divorce procedings immediately. She didn’t contest it, and they were divorced in three months. Scott was dating, and sometimes brought women home with him. I could hear them at night. It was particularly awkward in the morning when the women would let me know in no uncertain terms that my arrangement was temporary.
I had a lot of friends, and wanted to graduate at my high school. I also loved Scott, and wanted to stay with him. So I thought of a way to get everything I wanted. I seduced him.
I run everyday, and sometimes I am very sore. So it wasn’t too unusual when I asked Scott to massage my legs and back. He had done it before, but only through clothes or with a sheet covering me.
After my shower, I went into the living room with my towel wrapped around me, and asked him for a massage. He agreed, and followed me into my bedroom. I let the towel drop from my body, put it on my bed, and laid on my stomach on top of the towel.
He was a little startled that I was nude, but he knelt down beside the bed and started to massage my legs. He is good with his hands, and it felt really good.
He would knead the muscles of my calves and thighs until I was so relaxed, then he massaged my buttocks. He had never done that before, and it made me really warm and tingley. His hands would slip between my thighs to rub the tops of my legs, and I spread my legs further apart so he could get better access and a view. I was so wet when he shifted his attentions to my back. I’m sure he had noticed, but he never touched my pussy.
He massaged across my back, pulling the muscles, and with them, my breasts. I was so warm, and had such wonderful feelings. I turned over onto my back and asked him to massage my front. This surprised him, and he hesitated. I took his hand, and placed it on my tummy. He started to rub me. I could tell he was getting arroused, but he was still a gentleman. I started to moan and lick my lips as he massaged me. as his hand passed by my breast, I moved it to my breast and held it there. He was soon kneading my breasts, and I could tell he was turned on.
There was quite a bulge in his pants. I ran my fingers over it, and he almost went nuts. He bent over and sucked my nipples as I tickled his erection through the fabric. Then, as he continued to suck, he got undressed. I had never seen him before, and it scared me a little.
His hand went to my pussy, and I spread my legs as his finger slid in. I was so wet. He sucked my breasts and fingered me for a while. I wanted him to make love to me, so I tugged at him to get between my legs. He did, and soon he was rubbing the head of his erection between the lips of my pussy.
Pretty soon, I felt the head slip into my pussy. he just held it there for a few seconds, but I wanted him, so I pushed down on it. He pushed in at the same time, and the entire length of his cock slipped into me.
There was a pinch, but no bad pain. I knew my virginity was gone. He lay there for a minute, then he started to slide in and out of me. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. I came twice before I finally felt him swell in me as he drove as deep as he could. His semen spurted into me with a lot a force and ran out past his cock onto my legs. I felt so warm and loved. When he slid out, there was blood on his cock and on the towel. He didn’t know until then that I had given him my virginity. He kissed me deeply and thanked me for loving him that much.
It was right after my period, so I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. And I didn’t. We made love again before we fell asleep in each other’s arms and several more times the next day.
He doesn’t date anymore. He comes right home to me every night, and we make love. I went on the pill two days later so we won’t have to worry, and we will be married as soon as I graduate. I’ve gotten everything I ever wanted and more. He tells me he loves me twenty times a day, and finds ways to show me. I keep his house, and cook his meals, and will someday have his babies. I love Scott so much.
My mother really missed the boat.

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