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Neighbor with Speedo –a Great FUCK!!

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Age when it happend: 27
Where it happened: Kitchen
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Brent, the 17 year old who lives next door with his parents, is always running around in the back yard, near their pool, in his tiny black speedo swim trunks. He has a beautiful, well-toned, athletic body, and although I am a happily married woman (or thought I was), I secretly wanted him to screw me, and finally devised a plan to have him do so. I called his Mother and asked her if Brent could clean our windows. They were pretty dirty, and my husband had no time to do the job — and I didn’t want to. She said he’d be happy to do so, and one hot July morning he came over to do the work. Sure enough he was in his Speedos — and nothing else! God he looked good! Anyway, I gave him the necessary equipment — water bucket, brush with handle, and squeegee. He worked hard all morning, doing both the first and second floor windows, on the outside. Around Noon he came to the back door, and said he was finished. It was then that I told him I’d like him to do the windows from the inside, too, if he had the time. He said he did. Before he started on the inside windows I asked him if he wanted a sandwich for lunch and some iced tea. He thanked me, politely, and said he’d appreciate that. He sat at the kitchen table while I made him a BLT and poured him a tall glass of iced tea. We made small talk. I asked him about school and any girlfriends he might have. As he ate, I got up and went into our bedroom and put on some shorts and a tank top. I’m pretty well built, so this was pretty revealing when I came into the kitchen again. As he finished his lunch, he stood up to take the plate and glass to the kitchen sink, and it was then I approached him from the back, and pressed my body against him (from the rear) and put my arms around his waist and began rubbing his manly chest. He was somewhat startled, but didn’t do anything to resist, and a few seconds later I was caressing his penis through the front of his speedos, and it was getting harder and harder. Without saying anything at all, he turned around, and we embraced. My breasts (still in the loose fitting tank top), pressed against his chest — and then his hands were inside the tank top, caressing them. Of course I wore no bra. And then I kissed him on the mouth and he kissed me back. Our tongues were soon playing with each other as we continued to press against each other. I could feel his manhood against my vagina, through my shorts. It felt wonderful. I was a teenager again myself!My hand then went inside his Speedos and began feeling his penis. It was long and it was hard. I told him to take them off, as I removed my own shorts and tank top, and we both were completely naked. His penis, I could see, was at least 9″ long and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I told him to sit down again on the kitchen chair, which he did, and then I straddled him, and lowered myself onto his erection. He still said nothing, but continued to kiss me as he fondled my breasts and twirled my nipples between his fingers. I was in heaven!. I thought to myself, “This fellow has done this before.” If he hadn’t, he was sure doing real well for the first time. Then he said, “I don’t have a condom. Shouldn’t we use a condom?” I told him not to worry about that — that it was just fine the way it was, and that he could go ahead and release inside me any time he wanted to. We fucked in that chair for a long time. Over a half hour, and then he let it all loose and I felt this rush of semen and sperm filling my whole body. It was warm and good and kept coming in great quantities.I moaned and moaned and whispered into his ear how much I loved his cock inside me. And he fucked me even harder!! After he finished coming, I got off, and led him upstairs to the bathroom where we showered together –and got him hard again by giving him a great blow job. I loved his salty cum in my mouth and swallowed to all!

He never did do the windows from the inside that day. We laid in bed most of the afternoon, fucking in various positions. He told me he’d always dreamed he might be able to fuck me someday, and was glad he finally had the opportunity.

That was the only time, so far, that we have made love to each other, but I know it won’t be the last. We’ve just got to figure out when and where we can do it sometime in the future.

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