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New neighbors

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Northern Ontario, CA
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had a fond memory when I was 15, and still a virgin. I lived in a small town, nothing much goes on. School just let out, problem is we were bused to school, my closed friend was 2 miles away.
About 2 week later a new family moved in across the street, I was curious and wondered over, then the lady asked if I was interested in making some money, with moving her stuff in from the trailer into the house. She was by herself at the time, after the days end she gave me 20 bucks, and asked if I can help tomorrow, I said sure.
The next day arrived, I went to her house early in the morning, and started to move stuff in, when a car pulled up, out came 2 girls, one much older, and 2 just a little older than me. The lady came out and greeted them, and introduced them to me “Ivan” these are my daughters “ Shera” and Rhonda” .
It was lunch the girls came out with a large pizza, the girls and I sat on the porch, ate pizza, and started asking questions about our community. I told them it was boring, they asked if any other girls or guys around, I said either they are much older, or just kids, no one in our age group.
Found out they came from a small town and had been at an all girls school, the girls are happy they are going to a regular school..
After a week of helping they were petty much moved in, The mother asked if I can take the girls around town to become more familiar. So that afternoon we went on a bike ride.
I brought them to a favorite spot I go to, It was a large creek, it wasn’t deep only 3 or 4 feet at most, the girls jumped off their bikes and ran into the water. It was a hot day, I joined them. After a few minutes we were soaking wet.
The girls asked it I had any other fun spots, I was looking at them, and didn’t know what to say, their tops had gone transparent and clingy, I just could not get my eyes off their tits, which were erect. Then the girls looked at each other, and screamed, realizing they were almost nude. The girls tried to pull their tops away from their body but did not help much as it was tight fitting.
The two girls whispered to each other, and splashed each other more, I was puzzled, why the change. The girls stopped, and Rhonda the older girl came up to me and asked if I liked what I see, she said it’s OK to look. My eyes were glued to her tits, she took my hand and placed it on her breast, I go an instant boner.
I was paying so much attention, on Rhonda, I didn’t realize Shera was behind me, she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, and my cock sprung out and up.

Rhonda had my hands, I could do anything. They said, it’s fair, you saw our tits, we should see what your hiding. While Rhonda was holding my hands Shera reached around and grabbed my cock, which started to go limp.
Rhonda said I’ll fix that and said fair is fair, and took off her clothes, Shera said what are you doing, She said fair is fair, and told her to take her clothes of also. She did after a minute.
I was watching and my cock grew hard again. The girls told me they never saw a guys cock or a boner, only pictures. And asked it they can play with it, I didn’t have a change, they knelt down and started to inspect and playing with my hard cock. They said it felt really soft, the more they rubbed and played the better it felt. After a few minutes I started to twitch, and softly moaning, I told the girls I was going to cum, the girls rubbed my cock even harder, then I came, it squirted straight up. The Girls cheered in delight.
Then the girls washed the cum off their hands.
I asked them if they ever cum, they looked at me for a second and giggled, all the time.
Rhonda and Shera started to play with each other, they grabbed my hand and placed them on Shera cunt, and said rub here gently, Shera said that’s it, it feel great, I noticed here cunt was getting wetter and wetter. Shera took my hand and said to take my middle finger, and place it her vagina. I keep pushing it in, it just keep on going. Shera now said move it in and out, quicker. While I was playing with Shera’s cunt Rhonda started to play with my cock again, in a moment it was hard again. After a few minutes Shera was breathing real heavy and let out a muffled scream
Rhonda looked at me and said my turn, She took my hand and laid down, she said get on top, and put my cock inside here cunt. Shera grabbed my cock from between my legs and guided it into her cunt, Rhonda reached down and grabbed my ass and pulled it closer. I was all the way in, It felt so fantastic going in, I started to pump her It was a wonderful feeling, just couldn’t help but pump faster and faster. The faster I pumped the louder Rhonda started to moan, Shera said she never moaned that load when I did her.
Her body arched up and calling out faster, faster, don’t stop. I felt my cock starting to tingle, Rhonda yelled out “I’m cumming….. I’m cumming” I just kept on pumping.
After a few moments, I can feel my balls starting to squeeze, I was pumping even faster.
The Rhonda screamed out, :”I’m going to cum again, I can’t take it stop!… Stop!.
Shera reached around and started to play with my bouncing balls, Shera screamed “Don’t stop don’t stop!… give it to her, she no longer a virgin” .
It was time for me to cum I let go a couple more thrusts and jammed my cock deep into her cunt, and let go another shot of cum.
I was exhausted, and laid on top of her, I could feel her breast on my chest.

Then Shera, rolled me off and said, it’s my turn, I told her I was exhausted, and need a bit of time, but she didn’t care, I don’t want to be a virgin either, I like to feel a real cock not a dildo.
I just laid there and she started to play with my cock, trying to get it hard. After a few minutes it started to get hard again, Shera grabbed my hand and said play with my pussy.
I moved my finger in it was really wet. After ten minutes she got my cock hard, She couldn’t wait, and jumped on my cock and started riding me.
She was pounding my cock deep inside her, I could feel my balls starting to tingle again, I rolled her over and started to pump her real hard. By this time Rhonda has up, playing with Shera tits and my balls, after a few minutes Shera started to scream out loud, “I’m CUMMMMMMMING…….I….I….I’m CUMMING” She arched her back and let out another scream. My balls were beginning to tingle and can feel the pressure building, I didn’t want to stop. Shera screams out “STOP! …. STOP!” Rhonda said “oh! no your not and grabbed my ass and started to help me pump. Shera screamed out again “I’m CUMMMMMMING …… AGAIN, I can’t take it again” All along Rhonda was behind me moving my ass, in rhythm,.
I must have pumped for another minute, then I came again for the third time, I had to pump harder and harder just to climax.
Shera was breathing really heavy, crying “I can’t cumm again …… Oh! shit ……Oh! shit, ……. I’mmmmmm cumming again STOP! …. STOP!.
I couldn’t Rhonda was behind, pushing my ass, making my cock go in and out.
I was exhausted, but I finally cam the third time, it took so long to reach the climax.
I rolled off Shera, then Rhonda Said I want to do it again.
I said tomorrow.
By this time our clothes had dried off.
As I watcher the girls walked, away, they were walking a bit bowlegged.
They looked at each other and said their cunts hurt.
Rhonda also old me they are on the pill, help get rid of pimples.
Well, We didn’t do it the next day, but the day after we did.

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