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Next Door Neighbor

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: At her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I always was a horny boy. I was so horny as a teenager; I had to masturbate at least once a day. I always had sex on the mind. My first time was with my next door neighbor. The ejaculation was all that I had hoped for.

I had a next door neighbor named Beth Boyle. She was divorced but still kept the title, Mrs. and her ex-husbunds’s last name. She was in her late 30’s to her early 40’s. I never could get ages right. Beth wasn’t the hottest woman- she was kinda plump and wore too much makeup. But she was a horny slutty bitch. I knew because I could see. I could look into a room in her house from my room’s window. And sometimes I could look in when she didn’t close the blinds or draw the drapes. She could see her masturbating to all of these porno movies that she had. I could hear her in pleasure or simply hear the porno music.

I would look in and watch her-slutty-self in action. She was get all prissied up in slutty clothes and play with herself. Like I said, she wasn’t too attractive but I was still very turned on by seeing a woman naked, in action, wearing stockings, garters, thongs, heels, corsets or any other naughty things. She was about 5’5′ or 5’6′ and weighed around 130 to 150 lbs. She had long dirty blond hair, blue colored eyes, and a milky white skin complexion. She always was too lazy to do anything in the sun.

So one summer afternoon I was downstairs watching TV when I heard some faint screaming. I knew Beth was at it again. So I walked upstairs to my room, sat by the window and started watching her. As usal she was on the recliner masturbating while watching a porno flick. So I undid my pants and started playing with myself too. She was wearing these black stockings and whore-like black high heels on that day. I was definitely turned on as she squeezed her breasts and rubbed between her widespread legs.

I hadn’t gotten into a rhythm for a minute until she suddenly stood up. I quickly ducked down onto the floor to avoid being seen. Her sudden actions caught me by surprise and I let out a sigh of relief as I was on the floor for not being seen. I let about a minute go by before I dared to peek up again. To my shock and saw her body pressed up against the window. She had completely pulled the blinds up and push the drapes away and had forced her body upon the glass.

I froze in fear and didn’t know what to do. But then she smiled her naughty smile and beckoned me to come over with her index finger. Me, being a very horny boy, felt a wave of relief and excitement; I nodded my head and went over. I approached the door and she pulled me in. Immediately she was all over me and kissing my lips. I didn’t fight her and returned some kisses as I knew that that day I was to get laid.

She broke away and started stripping me. She threw my clothes off to the side. Then she started rubbing my penis and when I was fully hard. She grabbed my erection and led me to her kitchen. In the kitchen she pressed herself close to me. I could feel her hot skin pressed against me and she whispered in my ear, “did you like the shows? I know you like watching me play with my pussy. Tell me you want me, baby. Tell me you to fuck me. Tell me you want it.”

Not wanting to lose the critical opportunity to lose my virginity, I did as I was told. I moaned and begged, “Oh yes, Mrs. Boyle! I want you so bad. I think about you every night while I masturbate and think about doing you all day long. I love watching your hot sexy body as you play with yourself. Please Mrs. Boyle, I want it; I want it so bad! I want it!”

I told her everything that she wanted to hear. She melted with extasy as she heard my desire for her. Then she pulled me towards her and said, “Good boy, now show me how bad you want me. How horny of a boy are you?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Immediately my hands were all over her as I kissed her. I touched every part of her body: legs, thighs, ass, neck, breasts, pussy, stomach, everywhere. She loved the enthusiastic attention that I was giving her. Sure her body wasn’t like a model, there were fatrolls all around but as a horny boy looking for sex, I didn’t care. And she didn’t care that I was some pervert boy from next door.

She had enough of my groping and sat me down on the kitchen table. She said she was gonna give me something that she knew I wanted. And she was right-she gave me my first blowjob. She worked my dick so good. She squated down in such a nasty position my dick shot solid into her mouth as she sucked, licked, kissed, and deepthroated while she massaged and caressed with her hands. I was definitely on cloud nine. I spread my legs and let her pleasure me as I moaned and told her how good it was. My words and sounds just made her hotter as she drove me farther and farther towards ejaculation. I held on as long as I could but she was such a cocksucker that my inexprienced dick couldn’t do much. Within 5 minutes, I knew I was beyond the point of now return. I groaned and told her that I was about to ejaculate and she just suckled more intensely and then deepthroated me as I screamed and released my hot sticky jet of cum. I had never felt so good as my dick continued to pump load after load of my man-juice into her. She didn’t take me out either. She kept up with the pace and continued mouth-fucking me and swallowing my sperm. Towards the end she couldn’t take much more and sperm oozed out of her lips. It was such a hot site to see this slut-whore take me in like that.

When I finished groaning and cumming she finished cleaned up the remaining jizz off my dick and licked her lips in the most obscene of ways. !What a slut!” I thought. She asked me if I liked that and I was so weak that I could only moan and nod my head. She throated a lusty laugh and said that it was her turn. I felt so drained that I didn’t think I could do anything as of that moment. But now she was in heat and that horny bitch wanted some.

She exchanged places with me and now lied upon the table with her legs spread open. It was my first look of a vagina up close. Ignoring the fat, I thought it was a hot sexy object. A forbidden, unattainable object-up until now. I stroked her pubic hair and pushed it aside as I began touching and learning about the vagina. Beth emitted a thick musky aroma that which gave me some energy and created interest from my weakened state. As I felt and probed more into Beth’s honeypot, I became more aroused and felt some life in my penis again. My manhood was weak but it was trying. I fingered Beth until she started feeling the pleasure. She talked dirty the whole time too, telling me to touch her like that and how good it was feeling. As I became bolder in my pleasure making I began using my mouth and tongue as well. I knew she liked oral pleasure because she would orgasm alot along with the woman in the porno movie during oral pleasure. She started moaning and wiggling around as I probed and sucked and licked and tongued her. She was really getting into it as she made her satisfaction more vocal. As was I as I soon buried my face between her legs. I was finally able to find her clitoris and g-spot as she contracted her legs on me with pleasure. She was really screaming and moaning loud as she was approaching her climax. As I shoved my tongue as far as I could into her pussy she orgasmed and tightly clamped her legs together as she buried my face in. I thought I was gonna suffocate for she held me in for so long as she screamed my name.

It felt really good to have given a woman this excitement and I was almost fully charged again. She sat up as she relaxed and then grabbed my body and hugged me deeply. She started talking dirty again and that really made me feel good. Then she released me and rose and told me to wait here as she went to get something. She left and I admired her bouncy breasts as she walked away. They were plump but they were big too with nice large nipples as well. She came back shortly with a tube of Ben-Gay and sat me on the table again. (The table was moist and wet from a mixture of body fluids.) She rubbed some Ben-Gay onto her hand and began massaging my dick. My penis felt good to be in her hands but a few seconds later, my dick immediately shot into erection. The lotion was so tingly yet burning and cool that it threw my dick into a full hardon. My penis felt sore yet reenergized as well. I was ready for what was to come.

She took my hands and placed them on her full breasts and gave me a lusty smile as she said, “Play with them, arouse me, baby.”

I loved and still do love boobies. I grabbed them and felt every possible surface of her boobs. I squeezed and fondled and stroked. I teased her by circling her breasts with my fingers but never touching the nipple. She moaned and her breath increased again. Then suddenly I attacked her large nipples. I pushed and pulled and pinched those tits like they were nothing. She yelped and soon those tits were red and stood straight out at me. They were begging for my lips. I sucked and kissed and bit her tits until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was fully aroused again and so was I.

She told me to stop and that she wanted my dick now. She wanted it in her. She told me she waned a fucking from my tool. I was happy to oblige. She got up and lead me to the kitchen counter and she leaned up against it and braced herself. She helped me enter her pussy. And she went slowly as this was my first time. Oh my! It felt so GOOD! I thought I would ejaculate as I entered her. Her pussy walls grabbed onto my shaft with such vigor that I was moaning with pain and intensity at once. She to groaned and shook gingerly until I fit totally in. Then she told me to pump and fuck her like a dog. I starged gradually and tenderly and slowly built up momentum. Wave after wave of extasy hit me as I unbelievaly realized that I was losing my virginity. She was making me into a man. Well I pumped into her and she would back into me simultaneously which just intensified the excitement.

I fucked and pumped with more speed as she screamed for more and more. Then I realized that I didn’t have a condom on; I quickly told her this but she told me to shut up and keep fucking me. She told me that she wanted to feel the hot sticky cum shoot into her lovebox. That turned me on so much to hear that a boy was going to ejaculate into an unprotected vagina of a woman. I immediately started fucking her like the animal that I was. “Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh” I moaned as she replied with ” Yes, Yes Yes, Yes” Then I couldn’t hold it anymore-I needed release. So I screamed, “I cumming!!!!!!!” and drove my tool into her. As I unloaded myself, she impaled her body onto my dick as her world shook as well. She hollered and screamed as her pussy walls contracted onto my squirting penis.

We kept moaning and fucking until my penis lost its hardness and her pussy dropped my dick. We collapsed onto the kitchen floor and held each other. I was now a man-a manly man. I had fucked an older woman and came into her pussy. I looked over her hips and saw my white jism slowly seep out of her pussy lips. The slut and I were so wearied out that we spent the rest of the afternoon in each others body. I’ll never forget my first time.

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