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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: "the Spot"
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

There’s this girl I’ve liked since like 7th  grade. She hot and we used to be best friends until I tried to get with her. Only problem is I’m white. She’s black. I don’t usually like black girls…but she’s beautiful! She’s funny she’s pretty and  she doesn’t talk like most black girls I mean she has no ghetto accent. And I love being around her she’s all I think about.
One day the summer of 10th grade I walk to the park and she’s there all alone just sittin on the swings. It was almost dark out and it was only us two in the. Park. I go up to her and ask hey? Why you here all by yourself? She was like I had to get away from everybody i guess. So she told me she was hanging out with her friends but they were being assholes and they were gonna go get smashed and stuff. So she left them and came to the park. She seemed really pissed so I asked if she wanted to talk about it. She said yeah. So we took a walk. She vented about how stupid her friends were and soon we talked about how we weren’t friends anymore. She said she missed hanging out with me. I said I really loved her and I thought she would have liked me too. Then she started saying wow you’ve gotten so much more muscle and so much more cuter. And flirting with me. We laughed and made jokes about what we looked like back then. By now it was dark and park light started coming on. We sat under and old maple tree. She wore  ripped shorts and a white tank top. Her huge breasts were poking out the top pushed together and calling my name. She crossed her legs and kicked off her flip flops. I wore basketball shorts and a short sleeved school logo shirt. She scooted closer to me and touched me with her bare feet. My blood rushed and made me think SEX!  I couldn’t help it she smelled so good she rubbed her head up against my shoulder. I go Nia you remember how I used to like you? You kno back then? She goes yeah..
I .remember how I used to only think of you as a friend too. Boy how things change she said. I said no not really for me. I still like you. Alot! I mean I always think about you and I’m not afraid to say that…I mean now that I’ve heard the worst you could say haha. She goes good I really like you too. Ever since 9th when you started getting all muscled up! Then she laughed and looked away. I asked her if she’d go swiming with me. She said yeah. We went down to the lake and skinny dipped it was amaizing. She wouldn’t let me see her naked so I didn’t see her til she get out the water and even then it was still dark. We were freezing, so I decided to take her to “The Spot”. “The Spot” is this old van parked near the lake in the park, it was my brothers but he took the engine out for a diffrent car, and just turned it into a place for his flings. The inside had blankets pillows and sheets in the back no car seats. I got in and turned on the light he kept the battery in for heat in the winter a/c in the summer and light in the dark. 

        I opened the door and turned on the light then the heat, then I  pulled two blankets from the storage compartment for us to wrap our bodies in. She was wowed by the inside. I was wowed by her body. She had a shirt on, but no bra, and her boobs were wet from the lake and showing through her white tank. I wrapped up in the blanket and pulled down the shades on the windows. She looked around and I leaned back on a throw pillow and pictured me inside her. From  the bottom down she was naked and I didn’t see what she looked like till we got in the car cuz it was dark out.  When she turned around to look at me she caught me looking. Her hair was wet and just reached below her shoulders. She followed my eyes and saw that her breast were perfectly visible through her tank. She was still shivering  so she didn’t take it off. Her nipples were hard. You still cold? I asked. Hell yeah! She said so I opened my arms with the blanket around me. Hoping she’d accept my invitation. She did and leaned her cold wet body against my shirtless body. She asked about the radio. I said it works but no good stations…if you like cds they’re over there but nothing new… Sorry just classic rock. She put in a Nirvana cd and played In Bloom. Then, She opened a glove box and found a bus load of condoms. I guess you get the purpose of this car then huh? I said. She asked you bring girls in here often? I said me? Of coarse not! This is my brothers place. Oh she said. 
         She came back to me and I opened my arms. She layed back on the throw pillow and peeled off her damp t-shirt. Then rested her head on my chest. Her big boobs bounced off my chest. I put my arm around her and she kissed my neck. I got so hard. I pulled away a little bit and she pulled me back. I sat up. She did too and said stop it I’m cold. I grabbed her face by the chin and kissed her  running my hands down her back, around her hips and at the edge of her ass. Then I reached up and grabbed her boobs. She pulled me down on top of her.
      She kissed me back her hands in my wet curly hair. She felt my hardon and asked if we were gonna “do it”. I said yeah if you want to. She kissed me again and said I do. I pulled my shorts off fast, then kissed her and she rubbed my dick. I got a  condom from the glove box and put it On as she sucked on my neck. I felt her soft clean shaven pussy with my hand. I held it open and put my dick in. She moaned. She had no hymen, but she was a virgin. She was so tight and i was so big i only got it in up to half the shaft. She dug her nails in my back and shreiked in pain. Then She took a few deep breaths and we held close for a second. It feels funny she said. I said hold on and peeled the condom off. Then re-entered her and asked how’s that? Better she said and I  pulled her closer and kissed her. Then I pushed deeper and she grabbed on to me tight, as to brace herself for the pain. This time she didn’t scream but a tear ran down her face I kissed it then her mouth. Then I shoved my cock in her real fast and hard she pushed at me. Then I did it again and she jumped back.   I pulled her back to me and did it again. She goes ouch! This hurts me! So I stopped and asked if she wanted to stop. She said no. Let’s just take it slow? So I put it in real slow… I felt her pussy stretch I thought damn I really was hurting you. So we took it slow I got it all the way in and she  gasped. Then I looked in her eyes and made love to her. I put my hands under her ass and cuped it. It felt so good. So squishy and thick. After about 5 minutes I stretched her pussy enough for her to enjoy it. I felt bad for her. The whole time it felt so good to me! Her warm moist thick brown pussy tightly gripping my hard white dick. To her it probably felt more like pushing a pole through a donut.     When her pussy was stretched enough she smiled and said faster. I went faster. Then she said harder I went harder. It was so hot I watched her huge brown titties bounce up and down while I made love to her. She panted and sighed my name. I gave her a good thrust and she wrapped her legs around me and moaned yeah oh yeah Nick ugh! I wrapped her arms around me and sat up with her still on my dick and bounced her up and down by her hips. She moaned yes yes yes uh oh! Then I sucked her breasts and suddently while she bounce on my cock… I lost control pulled her close and thrusted like ten more times then came really hard! It leaked out of her, then I pulled out and I was still squirting. I layed down on her. And rolled over we were both breathing heavy. She kissed me and fell asleep against my chest.

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