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Niece and Aunt

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Auntie's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My father’s cousin used to visit us a lot when I was a kid. I remember everything about her. She was beautiful and even when I was little, I noticed she had great boobs. Sometimes when we hugged, her boobs would press into me and I would feel happy and excited. She used to bring me a special gift or take me out to a movie or restaurant. She said we needed girls time together. When I was in high school, she moved into a house in our neighborhood and I would drop by her house after school sometimes because she’d let me have coffee (my parents were strict). One time, my parents were out of town and I slept at her house. I was 17. She asked if I ever had beer or wine and I said no because my parents didn’t drink. She said I should try it in a safe place first before I drank in bars and with other people. So she gave me a glass of wine. Well, it got me totally tipsy. She didn’t drink because we were going to watch a movie and she had to drive. I don’t remember much of the movie because I was so silly drunk. Every thing seemed funny. I’d laugh really loud and slap her on the arm. I think she was embarassed. She told me to be quiet several times. Finally, she turned to me and put a hand gently over my mouth to remind me to be quiet. When she did this, her boobs pressed on my arm and I don’t know what got into me but I kissed her hand and used my hands to squeeze her boobs. They felt wonderful. I thought for sure she would slap me but she just kissed my cheek and said I was too silly and it was time to go home. So I thought, great, now she’s mad. We didn’t talk in the car but I felt really scared she would tell my parents what I did. Anyway, when we got to her house, it was night and we had some sandwiches. I went ahead and took some more of the wine because it made me feel good. After we ate, we were sitting in the living room, just wearing our pajamas. We were watching a movie on TV. The next thing I remember is she sort of leaned closer to me and stroked my hair. It felt good. I put my head on her shoulder and one arm around her neck. She didn’t move away so I sort of dropped my hand and touched her boobs and when she sighed, I knew she wanted me, too. I was so flustered, I didn’t know where to start. There I was, 17 years old and she was 35 and it turns out she was a virgin, too! I took off her pajama top and saw how beautiful her boobs really were, so big and juicy looking. I sucked the nipples and she held my head softly and kept moaning. I pulled down her pj bottoms and she didn’t have any underwear. I touched her pussy. She was pretty wet and soft. I made her lie down and her spread her legs so I could kiss her. She was making a lot of noise by now. I was still buzzed but I could feel how horny I was, too, so I put my pussy over her face and started eating her out. She tasted wonderful, sort of sweet and musky. I couldn’t get enough of her. I licked her clit and her lips and sucked them into my mouth like I was frenching her down there. She was also eating me but not as good as I was doing her. Still, I came before she did and then after I had rested, I concentrated on giving her pleasure. She really turned me on because her boobs were heaving and her hips were sort of bucking up and down like she wanted to push her pussy closer to my mouth. When she came, a lot of juices came out and I stuck a couple fingers into her. She was so tight and I could feel her muscles contracting. We rested for a while and then she started to cry because she thought what we did was wrong. I kissed her on the mouth (and we could taste ourselves on our mouths) and pushed her down and said we werent hurting anyone so how could it be wrong. And I made her come again, this time, using my fingers. Her pussy was so wet still so it was easy to tease her clit.
My parents never knew what happened between us. I would visit my auntie whenever I could and spend the night. In a way, I was the one who made a lot of decisions and she was happy to follow what I said. She finally got married when she was 40 to a younger guy who seemed pretty nice. She and I got together one more time when her husband went out of town. We were really hot. I made her come 4 times and I came twice. One of those times, she let me stick a finger inside her asshole while she was having an orgasm. It was awesome! We never used dildos or other toys because we satisfied each other with just our own bodies. I really miss her. I truly believe that she was my first love, not just physically.

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