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nightly experiences with my aunt

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

To start with, what ever told here is true. and i never had sexual intercourse with my aunt ever.
it was at my age of 16-17 i had this experience started. i was at my aunt’s home, where her in-laws were living. she was away from her husband for sometimes as he was in trip for business/work purposes. as the facility at house was limited i got to sleep with my aunt. that age i got many fantasies about sex, though i was naive about sexual knowledge. we always used to have a pleasant relationship. that night she was wearing a night gown and I a T-Shirt and a loose pyjama. late in the night i felt some tickling sensation at my groin, I really enjoyed it. when i really came to senses from sleep i came to know that it is my aunt hands searching all over my private area. i did not have a good growth of pube hair also. i felt so thrilled and at the same time was afraid very much. i sensed she holding my penis in her palms so tightly. i observed for a while and understood that she has put her hand thru my pyjama and playing with my dick. i am unable to describe the feeling that i had. though i was surprised and afraid of this incident i was enjoying it. i heard about sex related matters only from my friends and now i am having it felt. i was unable to believe it. just after a while i tried to verify whether she is doing it in sleep or not. i just made a slight sound and made a light movement of my body. she stopped immediately. things made clear. she is doing it willingly and with complete knowledge of what she does. again i continued to sleep repenting about my decision to test. i really wanted it to be going on. i was very afraid to make a movement by myself. anyhow i continued sleeping. after some more time once again i realized that she is coming once again. she put her hand inside my pyjama and started playing around my groin. she held me dick and started giving me a hand job. people, you may not understand how much tension it raised. getting a hand job by a female and at the same time it was my aunt, so i was confused too. but i really felt the pleasure taking over every thought of relationship. she did the hand job in such a good fashion that i was enjoying each and every second of it. it was very difficult for me to be in control, not to make a sound or not to move my body. but, i controlled myself, for i wanted to reach a climax without any disturbance. her caring was very good that after a while i ejaculated. after that i felt so shy that how she would have felt it. i remember her palm was sticky with my sperm. i got so embarrassed about it and kept silent and motionless. a while after i understood that she went to the bathroom and got her hands washed, then came back to bed. then i got up by morning and the immediate thinking that came into my mind was about the nights happening. i saw my aunt still sleeping next to me. i felt an affectionate caring for her and slid to her side and hugged from her back. i kept my palm over her breast lightly pressing. she also was awake. we did not speak about it. but i kept my hands at the same place. we laid like that for quite some time. after some times she told me that she will get tea and got up. i did not expect that.

because, out of curiosity, in the night i got up and removed my dress and slept with her. so immediately when she got up and our blanket was removed along with her. she saw me completely nude. i was embarrassed once again. she seems not to notice it and with a little smile she went away. we did not speak about it after that day. she never ever behaved like that to me and we never got such a chance. but from that day i was really aroused and i always had special feeling towards her.

i still sometimes feel sorry about, for not proceeding matters to a higher level than it was going on. it was all her initiative and i did not do anything to spice it up.

i still does not know why she did like that. but the enjoyment i had with her was very nice. for me it remains always a beautiful night.

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