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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my dad's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

my parent’s are dirvorced and every third week i go to my dad’s house and stay with him for a while. It was a Friday night, and he lives far away from all my friends so I couldn’t go anywhere and i was really really bored, just sitting watching tv, and then he tells me that he has to go get something he left at the office. I’m like “oh great”, so he goes off and leaves me all alone in the big house. my dad is 40 years old, and most of his friends are about that age.

30 minutes later there is this knock on the door, and i open it and there is the most attractive, studiest babe fucking HOT 40 year old man i have ever seen. He sais hi, his name was bruce.He was wearing black pants and a short sleeved light blue shirt. he looked like a casual buisness man cause he had a cell phone and all but his shirt was unbuttoned at the neck.He had brown hair and brown eye’s and of course dimples in both cheecks but you could see he had a sixpack and thats what gets me everytime.He asked where my dad was of course and all this stuff, but i wasen’t listening all the while i just wanting him to stay.He was about to go when i remembered his name, and told him that my dad had told me to tell him to stay. This was a total lie cause you could see that this guy did not know what i was talking about. So he came in. I don’t want to boast, well maybe i am but i’m pretty. long sandybrown hair and blue eyes, and i knew i looked hot then and there, cause i was wearing my running togs, short vest and hotpants! and well my hair was loose round my face.

he came in and i dunno if any of you know the movie lolita?
well – thats my favourite movie.

i offered him brandy, cause that’s all my dad had there and i quickly left and ran to my room. I didn’t know what the fuck i was going to do? i had to have sex with this man. tonight. what i did was rather dumb if i think about it now but well i suppose i was rather desperate. I tripped the main light switch so that all the lights in the house went off. I took off my shorts and vest, my bra and my cotton panties. i heard him call and ask what had happened and i told him to stay where he was, that i would fix the lights and that he must not move incase he breaks something. so he sat down on the leather couch. i walked very slowly down the dark passage andinto the lounge, the tiles of the floor were cold beneath my feet.
i walked over to the couch and patted him on the head! he laughed and asked what thei was doing and i smiled ( in the dark) and then quickly jumped right onto him. he fell back on his back and i put my knees on either side of him, pinning him down. or course he like shouted and asked what i was doing, but something about him made me wonder..maybee cause i felt him go hard!

i knew it was going to work. i said “don’t worry babey, i’m not going to tell daddy” he laughed and he still tried to stop at first, saying all this stuff, but finally he stoped resisting.
i lent down and kissed him softly, and felt his toung lick over my lips and intertwine with my tounge. i put my hands on his face and in his hair and kissed him again. this time his tounge went wild in my mouth! darting everywhere. licking my lips harder. by this time his shirt was undone and i was undoing his belt when i felt him gently stroke my pussy. it felt really really good. i felt his finger go inside, and i was out of breath. i lent over to kiss him again and licked all over his chest. his pants were off and he stood up, lifting me off his body and put me down on the couch. he opened my legs and then he licked my pussy. I felt him go, in and all around. even on the outside, in again squeezing my breasts softly and stroking them. he stopped and i kissed him again, as i took his cock in my hands. I massaged it…it was strange cause i didn’t know what to do but he laughed and moaned and said it was good. i sucked it, then round his balls and his lower stomach. he strocked my breasts, he was on his knees and the floor leaning forward to me and i was sitting on the couch. come on, hun, i said and lay down on the leather couch on my back. he got on top of me and inside. he squeezed my breasts as he came, and it felt so wonderful. he pushed and i came too. faster and faster, the whole time touching and licking my breasts. i put my hands round to his buttocks and gave them a squeez. this made him go wild. he swelled and came faster and faster. i felt it all inside of me and i’m telling you it feels like nothing on this earth. he stoped. then licked my lips and started again !it was all so hot and moist. it stoped and he lay on topof me and rolled over and then lay next to me. he again, softy licked my nipples, and kissed me all over my stomach. then he gave me one last kiss, his tounge was hot and gentle and it was wonderful.

needless to say, i don’t go and visit my dad anymore. Just in case, u know ?! 🙂 (heeheeheehee) so i’m a slut — so fucking what!

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