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no title part 2

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Where it happened: home/aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

i wrote the no title story (#50509). My sister was in college at the time and mom and decided to let her in on our secret. We were having a threesome with her and she said that i should share my mom and my sister stories. my mom is 36 dd like my aunt and my sister is 38 c.First my mom. After she walked in on us she slipped off her skirt and then her shirt with only lacy panties and a lingerie. She put my dick in her mouth and she sucked me dry while my aunt licked her clit. Then my mom stripped naked and rode me while i licked my aunt. We did this for an hour and my mom said we had to go home. On the car ride there, i thought my mom would be totally pissed and wouldnt say anything about it again. When we got in the house, mom said that my dad would be on a buisness trip to europe and wouldn’t be back for about two weeks. Then she asked if i wanted to finish what we had started, to which i agreed. We went to her bedroom and stripped down again i started to lick her clit and she climaxed after three minutes. i decided it was my turn to ride her so we did that for about 10 minutes. i fucked her hard missionary style, we did 69 and just about any position we could think of. we fell asleep together. It was near the very end of the school year, so i didnt have any homework to finish. in the morning we took ashower together, and we fucked before i went to school. When i got home, she was wearing a thong and told me about her “adventures” that day. apparently she got to fuck with a jogger passing by and a cousin who was visiting my aunt. She taped both so we got to watch the tapes and by the end, we were fucking our brains out. Next my sister. She had come home for break, and my mom and her had gone out shopping to explain what happened. When they came home, my sister said she wanted to join us. We went down to the basement where there was a makeshift matress. my mom and sis bothe stripped me down and played with my cock. Then my sister slipped out of her clothe and my mom told us what to do while she filmed us. I licked my sisters clit and ate her out while she sucked my cock dry. Next i moved up to her breasts and sucked, pinched and nibbled her nipples and kissed her tits. Finally i got to fuck her unprotected(or so i thought). Afterwards it was my moms turn. My sister filmed us. I was making out with my mom, while she fondled my cock she sucked me dry and i sucked her tits. then she told me to fuck her int he ass. I moved my cock in and out till i finally came. then came the threesome. we did this for hours, until we fell asleep. Now me and my sis have threesomes with my mom and my aunt and I still fuck alone with each of them. every morning i have the opportunity to fuck my mom or my sister and it is just plain awesome. In the fall my mom says that i can fuck with my aunt after school and that i can visit my sister as long as i don’t tell anyone about what we do. I think im looking forward to the school year.

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