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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: North Carolina
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had long thought about having sex with a man, but where I was from, it could be dangerous. I went off to college, and got a part time job at a restuarant. There was an obviously gay guy, Dan, who hit on me constantly.(For some reason, gay men have always hit on me. It may be because I look so young. Even now, at 32, I look about 20.) One day after work a few of us, including Dan, went out drinking. By about 4 am, there was only me, Dan, and a girl he was friends with left. We were at her house in the living room listening to music, when she went to bed. She seemed to know the was a vibe between us, or maybe Dan told her to go to bed. As she did, she cut off the lights in the living room. We were beside each other on the couch, talking about music, when he leaned over and kissed me. It was a very good kiss, as he sucked on my tongue and bit my lower lip. I instantly got very hard, and started making out with him. Then he stopped, and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I asked him to go to the back room with me. She used it for storage, and it was pretty empty. As soon as we got in there, I started kissing him and unbuttoning his pants. I pulled them down around his knees, and there was the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. I knew there wwas know way I would let him fuck me in the ass with that monster, it would hurt too bad. But I really wanted that dick in my mouth, and he grabbed me and kissed me deeply, then pushed me down to my knees. I began to lick his balls, then ran my tongue all over his huge cock. I could barely fit it in my mouth, but I did my best. It felt good to have that cock in my mouth, and I proceeded to give him head, and he told me i was good at it for a first timer, which made me want it more. I sucked and jerked him off, and tasted his precum in my mouth, which I liked. I flicked my tongue on his head, in his hole, and sucked on his balls. Then he laid me down on my side, and did sort of a 69 position. He was an expert at sucking dick, fitting my entire cock and balls inhis mouth. I never felt anything like it, and no woman ever pleasured me that way. It took him all of 2 minutes to bring me to orgasm, and he swallowed every bit of my cum, never taking his mouth off of my cock. It felt so good I was hard again before he took his mouth off, and he kept blowing me and instantly had me cumming again. It felt so good that I devoured his dick, sucking on his head while I jerked him off. I could feel his dick pulsating in my mouth, and knew he was going to cum. What the hell, I thought, and stuck my tongue out to receive his cum shot, taking it in my mouth and on my face. He then stood up. and I got on my knees in front of him and sucked every drop out of him.
After it was done, he told me he didn’t want to weird me out, so he left. A couple days later, he approached me at work, and asked if I was reay for round two. Anyway, for the next year, we did this about once a week, until he moved away. I haven’t been with a man since, but I think about it a lot lately, and I think I am ready for another experience. I never had a woman blow me like that.

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