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“Nun” but the best

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Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: In a Convent
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was working as Custodian/Engineer at a large Catholic High School in the Midwest. Most of the teachers were either Nuns or Priests. The Priests lived in a separate house across town but the Nuns lived in a Convent connected to the school by one corridor. I was scheduled to work from 7 to 12 one Saturday morning and was told that all of the Nuns and Priests would be traveling to (city unnamed) for a conference with a Cardinal that was coming to visit. I usually headed for the Convent kitchen when I worked Saturdays because there was always coffee and fresh baked rolls for breakfast. But this morning there wasn’t coffee or rolls so I started some coffee brewing. I then made my rounds thru the building ending up back at the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to enjoy it. I was startled when I heard a female’s voice from behind me saying she could smell the coffee down the hall. Without turning around I recognized the voice to be that of Sister Cathy, one of the younger Sisters who taught History in the school. Sister Cathy did not have a centerfold body but she was far from ugly, being about 5’2″ tall, dark hair, fairly large breasts, nice hips, and a real pretty set of legs. Cathy had a sweet personality and was always friendly toward me.
When I heard Cathy’s voice I didn’t turn around, just answered that she was welcome to have a cup if she wished. I heard her move to the coffee pot, pour herself a cup, then come towards my table. While she was doing that I asked her how she got out of going on the trip with the others. She said she had had a migraine headache last night and was excluded from the trip so she could get over it. When Cathy brought her coffee to the table my mouth almost dropped to the floor. Cathy was dressed in a black, see-thru, short, “baby-doll” pajama top, WITHOUT THE PANTIES UNDER IT. I had a wonderful view of her firm tits and her well groomed pussy which was just barely covered as she stood next to me. She made no movement to cover ANYTHING, just looked at me as if to say, “look all you want”, AND I DID!! She was very nonchallant about it. I stuttered something about “no r-r-rolls; I could m-m-m-make some t-t-t-toast”. She said OK. As I got up from the table I know she saw my hard cock pushing at the front of my pants but by the time I had the toast made it had softened up somewhat. I took the toast back to the table, my cock getting hard again as I stood next to her to ask if she would like jelly for her toast. She reached out, rubbed my hard-on, then swiftly unzipped my pants. I never wear underwear so my hard cock literally LEAPED out at her. She wrapped her hand around it, began to stroke it, pulling me closer to her as she stroked. She slid her lips over the head slowly moving my hot, rock-hard cock farther down her throat. She tightened her lips around the shaft and began giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. Her educated mouth seemed to know exactly how to make me ready to white-wash her tonsils. But, before I blew my load into her hot mouth, she stopped sucking, took my cock in her hand and was about to jerk me off instead of letting me blow the back of her head off. I saw her reach for one of the slices of toast with her other hand as she was bringing me to the brink of dropping my load. As my cum began shooting she held up her toast, catching my cum on it. I couldn’t remember shooting that much cum in a long time. As the last drops came out of the little slit of my cock Cathy licked them off, then gave the swollen head a soft kiss. She let go of my cock, turned to her plate, picked up a butter knife and spread my cum evenly over the rest of her slice of toast. The look on her face as she took the first bite of that cum-covered toast, told me she was savoring every bite.
It wasn’t MY FIRST TIME to get a blow job but it was MY FIRST TIME TO GET A BLOW JOB FROM A NUN.
That wasn’t the last time Cathy and I secretly met. We had other occassions and it wasn’t for just a blow job. Cathy really knew what her pussy was for, and she loved to use it. She kept her pussy in good shape too, it was one of the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever sucked or licked in all my years, and tighter than some of the others I had fucked. I will ALWAYS remember Sister Cathy.

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