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Where it happened: Backyeard
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It was the one of the first warm days in the Spring time. Over the fall and winter it had been very cold, and I had to keep bundled up, hiding my newly developing body. I had been pretty plain, perhaps even a little on the ugly side when I was about 12 or 13. I had glasses, braces, and my face and head were too big for my body. I was lanky, and just looked ackward. I had little interest in boys because they had little interest in me. I didn’t think of sex or anything remotely like that (something I do not find weird until spending a few mins. on this site and reading all the stories of young girls having sex).

When I or so my parents thought I was responsible enough to use contacts, which took care of those horrible looking glasses. A few months later, I was able to take off my braces. Even though I was braces and glasses free, I still was lanky and ackward. Around my 15th birthday I started to get my first pubic hair and first spudlings of breast. The guys still showed no interest in me, and even though I started finding boys interesting all of a sudden, I still had no desire to do anything with them, because the apparently didn’t want to do anything with me.

Fast forward a couple months later when all this started to happen, and my spudlings of breast had turned out to be a bit more then that. I am not going to lie and say I was some 36 DD, but I was about a nice C. I had grown into my body, and I didn’t think I looked horrible anymore. (Sorry for using the same theme as the Ugly Duckling Story). But all this happened in the cold months, and I was alwasy wearing jackets and sweatshirts, so none of the boys really noticed me. I was happy with the arrangement because at that time in their lives, boys are overly obessed with boobs, and I did not really want to have all that attention on me all of a sudden.

So anyways it of the first warm days of the Spring Time. I went home early because it was a half day at school. I decided that it would be a nice time for me to get some sun on my pasty skin, and I went outside to my back yard to read the assignments that had been given for me that day, and get a little color. Our back yard is right next to one of my neighbors yards, and their yard it on a hill, so they can see in to our backyard, and I can see up into theirs.

At any rate, I tried really hard to fit into my old swimming suit from last summer, but with all my growing it was a squeeze to say the least. I thought about just wearing a bra and panties, but I thought that would be too flashy, so I opted for the small swim suit. I got out into the sun, and started reading. After about an hour or so, my chest started to hurt from being pushed up and pinched. So I looked around and noticed that none of my neighbors were home, and thought that nobody would be around because eveyone was still at work. I had about 30 more mins. of reading and I thought that it would be ok for me to take off my top for that short period of time.

After awhile I got this weird feeling, and I looked up. I could barely make it out but it appeared that not only was my neighbor home and looking at me, but he was masterbating as well. I was dumb-founded by this, and quickly grabbed my stuff. I tried to squeezed back into my suit but could not do it fast enough so I just started to walk back to my house. That was when I heard a loud noise behind me. I looked behind me to find my neighbor had jumped into my back yard. I looked at him and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was sorry and that he wanted to explain himself before I went running to tell this to my parents. He told me about how his wife had been ill for awhile, and that he had certain needs that were not being taken care of, and that he saw me and just lost control.

Normally I would have just have ignored him, but there was something about him. He looked so weak, vulnerable, and upset with himself. He was also one of the first guys to notice me, so I was happy with that. I kinda felt sad for this man who had been reduced to playing with himself infront of a young girl. Furthermore, I noticed his rather huge penis, and was puzzled. I told him that it was ok, and not to worry about it. He said thank you, and that he was sorry once again. I told him that it was ok, and that I had question for him….he said what…and I told him that I never wondered about these sort of things (which was true, I never did) but was his penis normal. He laughed and told me that it was a yes and no answer. He said that most guys are a lot smaller then him, but some black men, like himself, have been known to be quite large. I asked him, well how large are you, and he said that he had no idea.

I was feeling a little funny. Not only did I get this strange feeling in my stomach that could be best described as butterflies, but I was in shook while looking at his penis. I then asked him to show it to me. He said that he couldn’t, and that he better go home. I told him that I would tell my parents about what he was doing if he did not. I said that I wanted to get a good view of it. He took this monster out, and I was speechless. My first reaction was too touch it. So I did, and he asked me what I was doing. I told him that I didn’t know, but I just wanted to feel it, and touch it. This thing was semi-hard when I first touched it, but after a few secs, it was real hard. I touched the head and it was soft. At the base of the cock, it took both of my hands to get around it. It was thick, and about as long as the length from my elbow to fingers. He told me that playing with him was not fair unless I planned on doing something with him. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said that I should kiss it. I did, and I asked him if he liked it, and he said that he had. I kept kissing it, up and down the full length of penis. Then he told me to stop, and I asked him what was the matter, and he said that he could not allow me to make him feel so good, while he did nothing. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said take off your bikini bottom, but to not worry, he was not going to enter me. I said ok, and then all of a sudden he started kissing me down there. I didn’t even have enough time to feel funny having a man look at my vagina for the first time when the pleasure started.

He kissed it, sucked it, licked it, and put a finger in the inside. I tried to say stop before he put the finger inside of me, but I was breathless, and lost in a different world. I had my first orgamism then, and discovered that I was a squirter. I had gotten all of my juices all over his face, and I said that I was sorry, and I didn’t know that was going to happen. He just smiled and said that it was a pleasant surprise, and he was happy that I was happy. I told him I was, and then he said it was time for me to return the favor. I said like how?? By kissing it some more?? And he said no, try sucking on it a little. I said ok. I put the head into my mouth, and his penis was semi-hard at this point once again, but soon got hard, and I felt that in my mouth. It was an interesting feeling to say the least. The head was salty, and soft. It felt like velvet almost. Then all of a sudden the vulenerable man who said he was sorry to me, left, and out came an animal. He grabbed my head, and said come on swallow it. I tried because he was forcing my head down on it, but I could not do it. I didn’t know what, let alone how, to “deepthroat” at that time. I gaged a little, and said stop it. He told me that no little bj was going to do the same thing for him that he did for me, and he told me to lay down. I did, and he smacked my chest with his huge penis. He then kinda mounted me, and stuck the base of his penis between my tits, and had enough dick left over for the head to go into my mouth. He stated to hump my tits, while the head went in and out of my mouth. I found it interesting to feel the hardness of his penis on my tits, and the soft head in my mouth. I was getting nothing from this, but he was certainly enjoying himself, and told me that it was time. Time for what I asked?? And he said turn around and get on you knees.

At first I thought he was going to try to make me give him suck him again, this time without the tit fucking, but he told me to turn away from him. I said ok, not knowning that you could insert a penis into you vagina from behind, and I never even heard of anal sex. He licked me again, and I was wet and happy yet again. He said I was good and ready, and then he started to place that huge cock in my vagina, doggy-style. I didn’t like it much. I felt like someone was tearing my inside of my vagina, and I felt a hot liquid running down my legs. I was in a lot of pain, and stated to back off of his penis. I told him that it hurt, and he tried to grab me to impale me yet again, but only got one hand on me, and turned me over. I was now on my back, and saw some of the warm liquid which turned out to be blood, and I knew it was from me.

He then said that he was going to fuck me whether I liked it or not, and to just relax. Feeling I had no choice in the matter, I just nodded my head and said ok. He asked if I was sorry for getting his rythm off, and fearing that he could hurt me more with that cock of his, I said I was. He told me that the worst of it was over. That he had gotten a little bit of his dick in, and broke my hymen. I thought to myself, that was only a little bit?? Where is the rest going to go???? He then started to place his cock back into me, and I looked up to see how much was in. To my surprise again, my answer was not much. This time he was slower, and kept asking me if I was ok. My reaction this time was different too. It hurt but didn’t feel like I was being ripped apart, just push to extreme lengths. After awhile it started to feel good, and he kept asking if I was ok. I was getting tired of this slow pace, because it kept feeling better, so I said..”Ok! Ok! Ok!” And pushed myself down on him. He got the idea, and asked me if I wanted it deep? All I could say was “OK! OK! OK!” and he started to push more and more of it into me, all the while I kept saying OK! OK! OK!. Then he hit something, and it felt really good, and I started to shake and have another orgamism. I had no idea what was going on through this period of time, because it was the most powerful orgamism I had till that time. When I was done, I looked with a dazed look at him. He had my juice all over his balls, stomach, and legs. He said that he had bottomed out, and I said bull-shit. He gave me a funny animalistic like look, and pushed in the remaining 2 inches, and I don’t know where it went, but it felt like it was in my lungs. I looked and saw no more cock left, and had this warm feeling inside of me, like I was over-stuffed. He then pulled out, quite a ways, and then stabbed it back in, throwing my head back. He said that it was now time for some fun. He stated to fuck me, hard. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass, and I was making a lot of noise due to all the great feelings I was having. He said “Hey bitch, put a thumb in your mouth, like the little girl you are, and shut the fuck up.” I did what was asked of me. His aniaml side came out again he just grunted and grunted, and he was fucking me with all his might. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I was about 120 lbs, and he was about 220, and this huge cock was in my small vagina, and I was being ravaged. I couldn’t control my breaths, I thought he was going to rip open my indes at any moment, and make my belly-botton from an inny to an outty.

I had another violent orgaism again, and all most bit my thumb. He then said that it was time, and I was still delirious from the orgasim, when he said that he was going to replace that small thumb with something else. I didn’t know where I was, and didn’t know what he wanted, so I didn’t do anything. That is when he slapped me in my face with his cock, and I took my thumb out of my mouth just as a natural reaction. He then shoved his cock into my mouth, and started to face fuck me. I could taste his salty cock, with my own juices as well. I thought I was going to puke, because he was tickling my tonsils. When all of sudden, he kidna back-up for a sec, to regain balance, and I moved back from his cock. That sec. or two allow me to regain my gag reflexes, when he pushed in again, and shot his load into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do with it, and with his big cock in my small mouth, his sperm stated to leak out of my mouth. I swallowed what I could, not knowning what else to do with it. He then took his penis out of my mouth, and told me to lick up the rest. I did so. He then took his fingers and wiped my mouth, and showed me more of his cum. He told me to lick his finger clean, and made some comment on how he was finger lickin’ good. I just smiled.

He told me that I had been wonderfull. And that soft side of his personallity came out again. I blushed and said thank you. I was in some pain, I was worn out, and tired. He said that we were going to have to do this again sometime, and I just said Ok. He then told me that he was sorry, but he had to get back to his house and take care of his wife. I nodded, and as he leaped over the fence. I looked down to see, my pussy which was so wide open that I was able to put my hand inside of it, which was something that while I never tried to do it in the past, it was not possible before that moment in time. I looked around and saw my blood, and some of my juices, and sweat on the ground. I looked to find my bathing suit tossed on the ground, and my book opened. I cleaned everything up before my parents got home, and I took a nap. I realized something before I went to sleep, that I had been used. I was distressed by this notion, but then discovered, that I liked it.

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