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older friends sister

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was sixteen at the time and had only dated a few girls. Nothing serious and nothing that had lasted longer than a few months. i was too involved in sports and school work to get into any heavy relationships. Needless to say i hadnt had a chance to have sex with with anyone.

my best friend had moved into town and ended up living right behind my house. we were constantly over at each others houses and spent alot of time hanging out. he had an older sister that was about 22 at the time. She had come home for the summer from a college in the south. She was totally gorgeous. We will call her Sarah. Sarah was about 5 feet 8 and had a beautiful body with long brown hair and a smile to die for. She had great large round breasts. But the best part about her for a midwestern kid like me was the southern accent that she picked up in college. it drove me crazy. She could have said just about anything and i would melt right there. sarah was around occasionally when her brother and i were hanging out. I didnt have the slightest that this older woman would have the hots for me. i guess i was still naieve at the time.

well one day when my friend was not home and i was at my house the phone rang. It was sarah asking if i would come over to her house to help her look for something. i was always willing to see her so i said sure and ran across the yard to her house. she let me in throught the back door and said she was glad i was home because her parents were gone with her brother at a relatives house and wouldnt be back til tomorrow night and she couldnt find where the mustard was. i know what your saying. Mustard! told her it was in the cupboards or refrigerator and she said she had alreay checked those places. at this point i had a little feeling something wasnt normal. she asked if i would double check for her in the refrigerator. i was still excited at the fact that she was even talking with me and my hormones were going into overdrive. i bent down almost on my hands and knees and started looking through the refrigerator.

it was at this point i turned around to see sarah staring at my ass. i forgot to say that sarah was wearing a pair of tight cutoff jean shorts and a button up baseball jersey from the college she attended. she had the shirt unbuttoned low enought to see her tits. i dont know how the material in her jeans were holding together as her ass was trying to escape from all sides. so when i looked back and saw her staring at my ass she didnt notice me looking at her. i just kept pretending to be searching the way back of the refrigerator and watched as her hand started rubbing at her crotch through her jean shorts.

i was so excited i kind of stood up and didnt know what to say. she had quickly moved her hand away from her crotch but i could see her crotch was a little damp. Then she smiled that beautiful smile and said that she guessed i had caught her having a little fun at my expense. i was still speechless.
She reached forward and took my hand and pulled me closer to her. i didnt know what to say and she made it easy by whispering not to say anything and just let it happen. she started to run her fingers through my hair and ended up running her hands up and down my spine. she pulled the t-shirt i was wearing up and over my head. it felt so good when she started lightly raking her nails against my chest and back. i was so hard at this point my cock was poking out from the thin pair of soccer shorts i was wearing. Sarah reached down and put her hand in my shorts and grabbed my cock. her warm smooth skin felt great and she stroked me a couple of times and then pullled me upstairs by the cock to her room. i felt like i was in a dream. Sarah shoved me onto her bed and i laid there while she slowly performed a striptease for me. her shirt was first to come off and her huge tits fell out of her lacy white bra. she pulled on her nipples and rubbed her breasts together and started to make cooing noises. i guess she was reallly enjoying teasing me. i had by now started stroking my own cock while she slid the shorts down to her ankles. sarah had a perfect ass and she was wearing these silky white panties with ruffles around the side. sarah told me not to make myself cum and so i dropped my cock and she got on top of me. sarah started humping my hard on with her panties on. her tits were bouncing up and down and i was taking each of them and sucking and licking them for all i was worth. it took about all of thirty second for me to cum. i sprayed all over the crotch of her panties and got some on the inside of her thighs too. sarah felt it and i think she orgasmed too because she was moaning loudly. Sarah slid the lacy panties off and wiped up her thigh with them.

Next she went down on my still hard cock and started sucking and licking me. she took each ball into her mouth like a delicate egg and caressed and sucked each one while her tongue whipped around the base of my shaft. she licked a line from the bottom of my balls to the sart of my asshole. it was enough to drive me crazy. sarah was moaning again and when she came up from my crotch she had the wildest look in her eyes and in her sexiest southern voice she told me she wanted me deep in her pussy. i was happy to oblige her and in a quick stroke i was buried to the hilt her wet pussy. i dont know how i found it so easily being my first time but i guess i was a natural. her pussy was soft and warm and tight and fireworks were going off in my head. i wasnt thinking about getting her pregnant or aids or anything. i just knew i wanted to fuck her hard. sarah rode me for a few minutes as my hands roamed all over her body. i grabbed her ass and pulled myself into her as far as i could which made her gasp. i had about a seven inch cock back then which has grown to about 8 or nine inches now as a man.
Next she pulled off of me and turned around on her hands and knees on the bed. her ass was pointing at me and she told me to take her from behind. i grabbbed hold of her bouncing tits and pulled myself into her.She went crazy. she was bucking her hips back into me faster thatn i could piston my dick in and out of her. i think she could tell i was about to cum because she reached back and held me inside of her while i came a second time.we laid down next to each othe rand comtinued to kiss for about an hour or so. we fucked a couple of more times that night and then every chance we got after that. sarah went back to school at the end of the summer which really broke my heart. she was maried the next time i saw her. we still ended up hooking up on a couple of occasions after that but ill always remeber her for the first time and the rest of the summer.

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