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Older man took my virginity

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Where it happened: His house
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I guess I was pretty old when it happened. I 9 when it happened. My parents set me off to college and I was all alone. I worked at a little corner store near the college I went to. It was alot like a everyday 711. The owner of the store was (Peter) and he was a old man who made remarks like. “Hey Jen sweat ass.” and then slap my ass. The first year went bye like any other. I made new friends and became more active in the drama dep. Then I 9 and things started to change. My sexual drive increased. My best friend Jamie stole my boy friend of 6 months. He said I was to slow. I didn’t want my first time to be in the back of some stranger’s truck. I wanted candal light dinner. Slow soft music playing in the back growned. The bed covered with rose pendals etc. I wanted it to be fire works something I’ll never forgot. Because of my tight ass church going family I never really had a chance to date. My Father and 3 older brothers would scare them all a way. Now that I was in college I could finally do it, make love to a man. But I dated 2 guys scents Boby a.k.a the guy Jamie stole from me. I was starting to get wet alot. And have fansty about having sex with guys. Like being a playboy bunny a sleeping with all the hot men. But I dont have what it takes to be a bunny. Like for one 34B my breast are to small, I have brown eyes and black hair. However I am skinny have a pretty nice firgure. But I want the guys out there reading this to know, girls like me work out all the time to keep there shape. Back to the story. Some time in late June Peter’s wife died. Me and Peter had became go friends, ever scent his wife became ill with cancer. During the last couple months before she died I would spend alot of time just having long talks with Peter about life and praying that his wife would make it through. After Peter’s wife died he wasn’t the same, no more funny remarks like “Jen sweet ass.” It made me feel helpless. I couldn’t help him. Nothing I did Seemed to help. I started to joke around yellind stuff like hey Peter sweet ass. This would make hime smile it bite more. Around October the relationship between me and him became more serise. Peter started to talk more about me. He asked me what I planned to do with my life. What was I going to do to make a living. Did I have a boy friend etc. Peter turned all his attention toward me. It made me feel great! Like some one really cared about me for a change. One day Peter was throwing all of his wife’s things out. He said to me he was thinking about what I said about leaving the past behind but not forgeting all the good times. That made me feels so good that Peter was finally moving on with his life. He sat me down and wanted to know a very important question he wanted to know if I wanted to rent out the spare room. He said he would pay me extra for helping at home. That where they I wouldn’t have to share the same room with Jamie. Her and Boby were still dating. She kept telling me he sex was great and to bad I didn’t do him when I had the chance. So I said to Peter I would be happy to move into his spare room. After that things really started to get hot. Peter was so sweet making me my dinner every night after I came home from drama meetings. He would wash all my clothes etc. Peter is so great. I spent x-mas with Peter he got a little broken up. It was his wife’s favorite holdiday. We just sit holding each other bye the fire talking the day away. So getting back to my first time. Another month past things were getting very hot we started kissing each all the time. We would touch each other. I told him I was a virgin. At first he didn’t believe me he said I was to good looking not have at least done it once. I told him I never found the right person. He asked me if I’d ever find that right person. But I told he was the right man. That day we kissed for hours. I told him I still wasn’t ready yet. I had to first think about what I was doing this man is about 54 and I . So I went to my docotor and got birth control pills just in case. You see Peter isn’t the most hansome man and I mean it in a nice way. He is a little over weight and dosen’t have much hair left. It took my along time to even think about having sex with. At first it grossed me out a little. I just couldn’t picture me naked in front of him and him naked touching some of parts that have never even seen the light og day. But I began to think he was maybe a little sexy. His personality is really what made us grow together. I’m not trying to make fun of him or be mean to him. I’m just saying how I felt about it at first. My sex drive was more than increasing. I was going to burst if I didn’t have sex soon. I started to take the pill. I knew that sometime this week Peter was going to get lucky. The night I did it I wasn’t planning it to be that way. Peter had close the store. I was in the back room getting boxes ready to restock to store when Peter into the back room. He seemed extra happy to night. He asked if I needed any help. I said yes. At the time I was wearing sweet pants with a white t shirts and black short bra. I told hime in a in a sexy sort of a way to do me right here and now. He almost had a heart attack when he heared me say that. He came over to me slowly. He began to kiss me. I took my shirt of and started to unbotton his shirt. His hands were warm on my bare skin. I moved my hands back and pulled of my bra. He felt them with his hands for a long time. I smiled and un did the belt on his pants. He took his pants off, but had alot of trouble pulling his pants of fast. Then he started sucking on my nippes. He would like and do this biting thing that made me wet. He really knew what he was doing. He then began moving down to my belly botton and started to push down my pants. I forgot I was wearing hot pink thong. pink is Peters favorite color on women. He gently touched my hipps and grabbed onto my thong and pulled it all the way down. I now could see his dick standing straight out. I pulled his underwear off. His dick looked old and used. I guess it must have been 6inch or more. He picked me up I spread my legs out he pushed his dick in. I had been figuring myself for about a year or more so I pop my own cherry along time a go. He keeped raming me into the way with every thrust. I cam once, but he just could’nt hold me up any longer. So I layed him down on the floor. I climb up on top of him. It him forever to cum. But he did. In that time in took hime to cum I can 2 more times. It was really great I have hime a blow job after that. We tried to clean up and we did in that night in his room. I’ve been spending everynight in his room scents then.s later we got married. I finshed college. We sold the store and moved down south and opened a bar. We just had a beautiful baby boy tha we named Michael. I’m 22 now and doing great. I hope every one likes my story. I just love happy endings.

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