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Older women (Neighbor)

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Where it happened: Neighbor's house
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I had been fantasizing about my neighbor that lives two houses down and across the street. I have watched her for several years on her daily walks by our house in her tight exercise clothes. She has a Dolly Parton type figure, large tits, tight waist, rounded hips, and gorgeous legs. She is in her early 50’s and really takes care of herself. After reading many “older women” stories on this sight I knew I would go for her if I ever got the chance.

Last week I was home for Thanksgiving from college. The day after Thanksgiving I was outside first thing in the morning putting up Christmas lights as I do every year. Half way through the job Mrs. J walked by on her daily walk. She was really hot. I said hello to her and she responded that it was such a nice day that she was going to put her lights up after her walk. I asked her if she needed some help and she thanked me for asking but she was sure I had better things to do. I remember thinking there would be nothing better than doing her that day.

About an hour after I finished, I noticed Mrs. J carrying some boxes to the front of her house. I went outside and asked again if I could help. She said she could use some help with the boxes of lights and ladder. I was disappointed that she had changed from her work out gear to jeans and sweatshirt but I could not keep my eyes off the way those huge globes pushed out her sweatshirt. It took us about an hour to put up all the lights. We talked about her kids that were off on their own and how I was doing in college. Her husband had taken advantage of the nice day to play golf. While we worked on hanging lights, I had numerous occasions where I could rub her tits or ass “accidentally” and she did not seem to mind. I had a hard on the whole time.

When we were done, I carried all the empty boxes and ladder to the garage for her. She offered me money but I refused and said I would like a coke if she had one. She invited me in for a coke. She told me to make myself at home while she got the soft drinks. I sat in the center of the sofa in the adjoining family room. As she walked into the room with the drinks she looked so hot my hormones took control. She sat on the sofa right next to me. I looked at her tits and commented, “Mrs. J how do you keep such a gorgeous figure?” She said “I work out often and watch my diet.” She then laughed and said, “you are probably wondering if they are real.” Surprised, I said, “yes I was.” She responded “Yes they are. I have had oversized breasts since high school. They are really too big.” I said “I don’t think so but maybe I need a closer look.” I laughed and grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt. She caught my had and said “my husband would not like that.” I smiled and said, “come on, Mrs. J, just a look.” She removed her hand, laughed, and said, “OK, just a look. I guess I do owe you for your help today.” I pulled up her sweatshirt, she raised her arms, and I removed and tossed it on the floor. Her tits were big, with wonderful cleavage, and flowed out of her too small bra. I placed both hands on her wonderful breasts and started to caress them. I looked in her eyes and said, “yes, they are very real.” She moaned and said “and very sensitive.” I smiled at her and said “I am going to suck on your nipples.” She said, “no, please don’t” but didn’t offer any resistance as I unclasped her bra from the front. She moved slightly forward in the couch so I could fully remove her bra and I tossed it on the floor. She then leaned back on the sofa so she could fully enjoy my loving her tits. It was at that moment that I realized that Mrs. J was going to let me fuck her. Needless to say I was very excited. I slid off the couch and kneeled on the floor in front of her, she spread her legs so I could lean forward and suck on her tits. Her nipples were half dollar size and came to a pencil sized point that was as hard as my cock and about a half inch long. I sucked on one tit and caressed the other with my hand kneading her nipples. She told me to bite lightly on her nipples which I did and she started moaning. I asked her if she could have a breast orgasm and she said yes. I then started sucking her nipples and raised up to dry hump her. I started rubbing my jean covered cock against her jean covered pussy. Her head fell back and she went into a wonderful orgasm as she matched the rhythm of my humping. I could not wait any longer. I leaned back and unbuttoned her jeans. She raised up so I could remove them and I removed her panties at the same time. Her body was unbelievable. She leaned back into the sofa with her legs spread. I glanced at her pussy and it just glistened. I stood up so I could remove my clothes. She watched and smiled as I prepared to give her the fucking of her life. She said, “you really got me hot when you were rubbing up against me while we were putting the lights up.” I told her I have wanted to fuck her for years. As I dropped my jeans and shorts, my cock was pointing straight up to the ceiling and she exclaimed, “my god, are you going to put that monster in me.” I kneeled between her legs again, lined my cock up with her pussy, and leaned forward sliding just the head of my cock into her. She gasped and pushed forward sucking about half my cock into her. I knew I would blow a load into her very quickly so I leaned forward to fully engage my swollen cock into her, leaned forward more so I could feel those wonderful tits on my chest and started pumping her. She met each of my thrusts with one of her own and soft moans turned into very loud groans. I could not believe that I was fucking this 53 year old dynamo and she was loving it. Very soon I could feel my balls and cock swelling and she starting yelling, “oh yes, shoot it into me. Shoot it all into me.” As I started cumming I could feel her pussy contracting and pulsating. As she continued cumming and I was shooting my cum into her she was shouting at the top of her voice, “yes, I can feel it. Fill me up with your cum. It so hot. Shoot more into me. Oh, god, you are cumming so long. Yes. Keep cumming.” I did not think I would ever stop shooting it into her. I must have cum for over a minute.

She then pushed me on the floor and started to suck on my cock. It was a beautiful sight seeing her mouth around my cock as her tits danced to her rhythm. As I gained full hardness again she mounted me and started pumping me wildly. This time it took me 15 minutes before I came again while she had orgasm after orgasm. She rolled off of me, both of us spent. I rubbed on those wonder tits as we talked. I asked her what her favorite sex positions were and she shared with me that doing it with a younger man was a fantasy of hers. As she laid on her side facing me I noticed what a nice bare ass she had. As she got up to go to the kitchen for some water I followed her and could not take my eyes off her ass. She turned around and saw my cock was full again. “No, I cannot do it again.” I said, “quiet now.” I grabbed her by her hips and spun her so she was facing the counter top. I raised her so she fell forward and was leaning on the counter top with her feet off the ground. Then my cock started to hunt and find her wonderful pussy from behind. My cock was soon buried in her pussy again and Mrs. J was along for the ride. I held on to her hips as she balanced herself on the counter. I started thrusting into her pussy as I pulled her ass toward me. Mrs. J started yelling “oh, god, you are so deep.” I could feel my cocking pumping against the end of her pussy. I let go another load as I held my cock against her pussy wall. She went into another uncontrollable orgasm. I then got dressed and left before hubby got home.

I can’t wait to go home for Christmas vacation. Mrs. J already asked me to help her take down the Christmas lights. I also plan to see if my high school ex-girlfriend’s mother needs some help around the house during the holidays. She is a babe also. I really like fucking older women.

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