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on my knees

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

First time I took a cock I was on my knees with my ass high in the air. I had no idea how great it would feel to have man order me on knees and to have his manly hands pull my ahips on his hot cock. I was 21 and at a friends house for a party. The night was long but I was not tired at 2 am when almost everyone left but just a few of us. I felt Tom touch my leg lightly at first. He got braver as we all started talking. The lights were low so when he brished his fingers across my crotch I just opened my legs wider. Nobody notcied as Tom slipped his middle finger into my spread legs and started teasing me flicking my hard clit. Suddenlt the conversation swithed to sex. I opened my legs further and Tom was slamming his finger to the palm in my twat. I had never had a cock but boy I was staring at his jeans. I wanted him to throw m on the floor and give it to me bad. But I was a quiet girl then never like a slut at all but I needed his cock and I was willing to do what ever I needed to do get his dick into my wet pussy. I whispered in his ear that I needed his hard cock in my mouth and ass and cunt. He grabbed at my tities in front of everybody and started feeling me up. I didn’t know what to do at first but I realized how horny I got when I saw Matt get hard. He had a reputation for the biggest cock on campus. Craig was noticing to and he asked Tom if he would share. I said out loud that I thought that was my choice. He came closer to Tom and I and started petting my crotch. Shirly and Tim suddenly layed on the floor and I could watch Tim lay on tio of her dry fucking her mound. They must have been waiting all night to get some action going with eachother. So there I was with three men grabbing at me. I layed over Matts lap and asled him to spank me and I would do whatever they wanted me to do. Oh God when he pulled my pants down to my knees and started slapping my naked ass I was in heaven. My ass was shaking with delight. His spanks were not hurtful but hard enough to let ne know I needed to do what he wanted or I would really get it. I had fantasized about this for years. But now I had three men taking turns spanking my ass.Tim heard the slaps and told Shirly to het on her knees. I watched him spank her hard. He gave it to her because she had been staring at some guys cock at the party. he whipped her ass red then climbed on and fucked her good. she was screaming with delight so I got on my knees and said come on gys give it to me. Matt spread my ass and whipped it some more. What do you want baby he said to me. He spanked me again. Tell em baby loud rthat you want my cock. So I told em all. It’s true I need his cock. The other two guys were shaking there awesome cocks in face teasing me. A cock would be in my mouth and I would be slapped me harder and harder. What do you want baby, Matt would say. I want your balls slapping my ass. I want you to take me anyway you want me,sucking and then it would be taken form me. Finally, Matt

spanked me hard three times then stuck his finger in my ass avbout an inch. I’m geting you ready abay and he inched his finger in my ass. Tom layed under me while Matt was priming my asswhole. I could feel Tom’s large cock and I slid on it until it slipped in my cunt and I started fucking that cock hard. Matt was mad and started slapping my ass hard. I didn’t tell you that you could get a fucking yet but I kept

bucking on that 19 year old cock like I was in heaven. Finally Matt stopeed whipping my ass and limbed on my butt. He pointed his cok into my ass and rammed that hard cock home. Oh joy, I said fuck me baby harder and harder. The other guy stood with his lucious cock spanking my face. Here

baby you got a cock to suck and he forced my mouth on his

awesome cock. He rocked my head hard against his dick. I ws getting cock up my ass and I was riding a hard dick and I had one in my mouth. Oh man when I came I rolled off the bed naked on the floor. Matt picked me up and laid me over his knee and whipped me teasing his finger into my whole. He carried me ob=ver to the couch and laid me over the back of the couch so that my red ass was sticking out. I want to give it to you like this and that hard cock went into my pussy. I love ebeing fucked like that now. Now when i go over to that house Matt will call and I will strip butt naked and lay over the couch so my ass is sticking out and he will keep his clothes on and tease me and spank me and finally he will strip and fuck me standing up. Always he lays me over his knee and spanks me when he is done so I know that when he wanrts to fuck me I had beter come and stand over that couch even if all his friends are in the room playing cards. Sometimes he lets them spank me and ride my cunt. I love that too.

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