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One Big Fuck :)

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My boyfriend and I had been going together for about a year. One night we went to a friends house to watch TV and movies. This was my boyfriends best freind. When we got there…there were 3 couples there not including us. We started to watch a movie…actually mty boyfriends best friend suggested a porno, so we watched that. I wasn’t really into that kind of stuff, but wanted to see what it was like. All the couples found a place in the room and cuddled next to eachother and we began to watch the porno. They porno had 5 girls all taking turns licking eachothers pussy and fucking with a vibrator. It turned me on like you would not believe. About 20 min. of watching the porno, most of the couples were heavily making out while my boyfriend and I watched. One couple actually had all there clothes off and were the girl was giving the guy a blowjob and the guy was finger fucking the girl. One girl asked why we wern’t joining in on the fun and fucking like everyone else, but we had no answer.We were uncomfortable with fucking in front of other people. One couple was actually having intercourse. I turned to my boyfriend and told him I was ready to fuck him. We quietly left and went to another room. The other couples were way too busy fucking to notice. We got to the room and I started to kiss my boyfriend very hard and passionatly. I slid my tongue deep into his throat and could feel his rock hard penis against my ass. I threw him and the bed and told him to watch closely. I began to slid off my blouse and threw it on the floor. I gently stroked my breats. I took one tit out of my bra and began to carress it very gently…squeezing the nipple and taking the other tit and doing the same. I gently slid off my skirt and fingered inside my wet pussy. I took my finger out and liked my lubricated finger. I opened my pussy lips really far apart so my boyfriend could see deep inside my ass. His cock was practically up to the ceiling. I gently undressed him and took out his throbbing longdick. At this point on of the couples walked in and saw us. The said “Alright they are FINALLY fucking!” Let’s watch! The girl told me to climb on top of my boyfriend and slide his cock inside my vagina very slowely. It felt GREAT!! I could feel his cock penatrate my ass. We rocked back and forth intil he came inside me and his cum drained outside my pussy onto the sheets. At this point I had an earth shatering orgasm and was screaming “FUCK ME FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME OOOHHHHH YES FUCK ME FUCK ME”We laid there for a moment and I forgot the one couple had been watching. The girl came over to me and started to lick inside my pussy…just like in the movie. I had never had another woman lick my pussy, but it was great. She sucked my clit and I fondled her big ass tits. I licked her pussy and she tasted just like me. WE both gave my boyfriend a blow job and her boyfrind but fucked me. It was the biggest FUCK EVER!! 🙂

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