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One Crazy Night

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My parents were away for one weekend so I invited my girlfriend to sleep over one night. It wasn’t meant to be a sexual sleepover but somehow it turned into one. She got to my house at around 2 o clock and we went into my room at 8 o clock after we went and hung out. We started to make out. I locked the door even though nobody was home but better safe than sorry. I removed her shirt and bra only to reveal her magnificent boobs. We made out for about another 10 minutes and then she told me she was getting hot and wet. I got really excited and took the rest of her clothing off. I took my clothing off as well and then I decided to give her what I got her. I got her a butterfly vibrator and a bed bondage kit. She told me “lets try it out.” My heart beat faster and faster as I was restraining her wrists and ankles to the bed. I asked her to keep her leggings on and when she asked why, I just smiled. She had a vibrator too so we got that one out as well. I applied the vibrator directly onto her clitoris(for maximum effect)and then I started turning the knob on the remote control to “max power” and she said she felt a small chill. I tucked the remote control into her leggings(the reason I asked her to keep them on)with the activate button facing outward. I plugged in the vibrator and everything was set. It was time for my favorite part……action. I decided to get her turned on a little bit before I started the vibrator. I walked over to her, she looked so sexy all helpless and tied up. I whispered in her ear “You ready to scream?” She took a havu breath and said “stand back” I walked over to her leg and slapped the activate button. She started to shake and scream and I walked over to the door and watched. She screamed and screamed as the vibrations were taking a massive effect on her. She started to squirt. Some squirts were small and some of them shot across the room. The ones that were small just dripped over her leggings and the vibrator remote control. My heart started beating so fast and it was the best feeling ever. I was scared and turned on at the same time. Her fists opened after one strong dosage and her entire waist shot up with a strong shot of cum squirting across the room. She was squirting for about 1 and a half minutes. She screamed “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”(Even though she wanted more.)I run over to her and put my head in between her legs to try to eat her out. Just as I’m about to place my lips on her clit, she jumps up again still fighting her restraints and screaming in pleasure. I decided it probably wasn’t the best idea. I turned off the vibrator and she was just laying there taking heavy breaths. I didn’t tell her that my plan was to also apply the butterfly. I started tying the straps to the butterfly around her waist and applied the butterfly onto her clit. I took the remote for the butterfly and tucked it into her other legging. One remote in left legging and one remote in right legging. I tell her “How about two” She got really red and asked “I went crazy over one, aren’t you scared about two?” I said to her “These ropes will hold” and slapped both activate buttons at the same time(both vibrators are on max power). She lets out a strong blood curdling scream and resumes shaking. More cum is dripping into her leggings and more is being shot across the room. She thrusts left, right, left, right and then shoots up a couple of times. She let out her biggest scream during her final ejaculation. She also had no idea that I had been videotaping the entire time she had been screaming. I stopped it after her last ejaculation and we went to sleep naked. I woke up in the middle of the night and just started to eat her out from underneath the covers. She started to moan and purr as I licked every centimeter of her clit. She jerked a couple of times when I hit her sweet spot. We were wide awake now so we popped open the computer and engaged in a little mutual masturbation. I uploaded the video of her screaming and shaking and she started masturbating to herself while watching the video. I told her how sexy and hot she was and then she playfully hit me. We started to wrestle completely naked and she was pretty strong. I always kissed her muscles and played with her nipples every time I pinned her down. I loved to eat her out so sometimes I would even pin her and then hold her limbs in such a way that I could eat her without her being able to move or get up. She laughed and moaned everytime I did that. We always had sex/wrestling matches. After some sexy wrestling, I looked in her eyes and gave her the biggest kiss ever while I had pinned her down and touched her cheeks as I felt her warm lips. I told her “I love you” and she also said “I love you too” We went to bed naked and fell asleep. It was the craziest but best night of my life.

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