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Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: Visiting
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well I went to camp with all my friends and one of them had a bunch of girly magizines. Well I never thought about girls or really liked girls. But here are 6 other boys looking at lots of soft porn all of these girl boobs and no good pussy pictures. So that was my education. Now one boy pulled out his penis and started with two hands rolling it between his palms like he was starting a fire like an Indian or something. And he got hard real hard. He’ll I was amazed. Another boy showed us you pull the skin back and forth like this. Well in no time we were all learning to masterbate looking at 20 year old nude pin ups with perfect titts. A couple of us but not me even ejactulated a couple of drops. Puberty not fully in gear yet. Well we all went swimming at the lake and I just couldn’t get it every one else did. Well one of the lifeguards was sent home for smoking and a really pretty girl took his place. She was short and curvey and 17 . She had pity on my swimming ability and worked with me. She was the only girl in the camp of 50 young men and 400 11 & 12 year old. She drove to the lake in her little car from the all girls science lab camp a mile away. I was just getting over my fear of the water and she had her arms under me and held me level in the water . Well one evening as everyone left for dinner a 20 minute walk from the lake . I hid as she was locking up. Can you help me swim ? What are you doing here ? You should be at camp way over there. Won’t you be scared when I drive away . No I’m a country boy my farm is almost as big as this camp. Well I guess I can if I get caught I’m fired Dont tell. So she gave me one on one lessons for 30 minutes. I asked her where her camp was and she told me. Can I visit you I asked. She laughed and said yes but you can’t leave here and you can’t get in there and it’s a long dark walk through scarry places at night. The next day I filled my back pack with water and as soon as swimming was over I walked over the hills and woods and was at the girls science lab camp in less than40 minutes where I saw my pretty life guard and 10 other girls. My life guard was in a cabin with 4 other girls . There was no gate or fence from my direction so I waited for her to come out of her cabin. The girls were talki g silly about boys as I was out side. One girl came out and saw me . Who are you? My swimming teacher invited me over. I said. Well let me tell her you are here. Well wellcall her suzzy. Came out with all the other girls Oh come in side so you made it and she introuduced me to all the science girls and did they look it. He is really cute said the real tall blond with the glasses. I’ll take him if you don’t sue. He is the one you been given lessons to can I give him lessons. Before sue could answer I said I need lots of lessons. The girls eyed each other. One medium set one with short brown hair left and the girls said bed check in one hour. Let’s change and play twister. I was told to close my eyes and not to peek to much as the changed to nities or undies . Well I did peek center folds no, naked with tittys yes. And those tittys were every where playing twister which they let me win. Bed check was called and my. Backpack was hidden and suzzy put me in her cot covered my head and lay on me . Me face up her face down role call was taken and the door was locked. Well that was smooth we did it girls you all wanted a man in the room and now even better a boy. Suzzy whispered you comfortable want to spend all night there? Well sure your comfy. Not fair we share! Yea they chimed . Ok but I kiss him first suzzy spread her legs pushed her pelvis in to mine and kissed me on the lips. She got and sat me up the others sat on the cot and each kissed me longer and better than the previous. One girl asked how far do you want to go? I answered I walked here. What do you know about girls ? One of the boys at camp has a playboy. And what do you do when you look at those girls, I put my head down and they all giggled. The girl that left came in with a bag and a box, I come bearing gifts. Well I have three condoms and three injectors of spermicide. I really didn’t know what those were. And in the big box a microscope? Your going to do a sperm count aren’t you said the tall girl. Let’s play strip twister when you loose you take off something. We were naked fast. I saw my first second third fourth and fifth pussy up close playing that game. The medium girl was shaved the others were bushey. I was having fun and really wasn’t hard all the time. Suzzy set up the microscope and asked me for a drip then she said please and sat beside me took my medium cock and gentily stroked it in three or so minutes I had a drip and they put it on a slide as she examined it they took turned jacking me slowly and gentily they got another drip and looked at that too. Some one said I got about 5 but they aren’t moving . I’m gonna fuck him bare back. Not me I’m gonna foam I heard rubbers hurt first time. You said you been with your boy friend and he popped you. My tampon popped . Me to. Not me said suzzy still got my cherry. Want to see it for I loose it. Well I was the last to see it before I put my cock in it. It looked like a butter cup flower with three small holes it was pink and her lips were stretchy and brown. They put all the sleeping bags on the floor and put me in the middle. I sucked all ten tits . I was instructed by every girl what felt good . They all voted I Fuck suzzy first and they held me cause Suzzy asked them . They rubbed my cock up and down her slit fifty times till she was real wet . Every but me said you are ready suzzy. Let him in a little igot in a little, some more girls, I could barely feel her on the tip of my dick. Let him go and suzzy toldme go slow or they will fuck your dick off. Ok so I put it in slow and back out . In and out. That’s all you got put it all in lover boy. So pushed in till I wouldn’t go no more I could feel it still pushing on my dick. Tears started rolling . Get off her she’s hurt. Suzzy grabbed my ass and moaned push and slowly her cherry ripped and stopped stretching. It felt so good suzzy put a pillow on her face and moaned loud. Now fuck me lover Fuck me slow. My next pump finished her cherry and jerked then we pumped and she was with me moaning . Suzzy kissed me and said enough. I pulled out and she wiped me off. The four that watched clapped and kissed suzzy and me.The tall girl said next put a condom on me an said I’m wet from watchen no need for foreplay. She was 18 and wet wet. I slid right the first inch then her face wreched, oh shit and she pushedme back. I wasn’t ready . Rub me with your fingers real slow . She was real tight and they asked me to put a finger in And when I tried gentily I felt resistance. I backed up and all the girls looked you got lots a cherry and almost no weep hole no wonder your period last so long. Shit is it worth it suzzy . Oh yea he got no sperm, no pubic hair, and his 4 or 5 inches is just enough to pop you. Ok lover boy on the bottom I’m sitting in you . She got on me and ouch she pushed down on me and it hurt bad. They held me and I cried my condom broke.and she fell on me then it was less pain ful . Let me up please. I’m so sorry she said and she carressed my face and kissed and humpped me and got faser She was less tight too it was really good she rolled to her back moaning your time is up you got to share. Icant I’m gonna cum and she did. I want more. Ok who is. Next where is that condom it’s in you want me to get it iput it there? I reached in easy now and pulled it out .she had some to wipe up. The medium set girl said there is more of me for you. You on top you know what to do. I went in easy and she had foam in her. To kill those sperm I didn’t have. I was going to put a condom on you but after you popped it I went for the foam. Did you cum yet boy. No never have . Never felt it explode out of you. No I saw other boys do it. Ifinished she kissed too. I fucked the next little 17 year old and she confessed her uncle rapes her every summer all summer and I was her first non rape. I was good she said. The last girl said let’s say we did and not. She kissed me and my cock . Well that was my first second third and fourth. Till I was 16.

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