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Oopsie :D

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Best Friends Sofa
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Well i live in Nepal (But i’m not Nepali :D) which is a small country around the middle of Asia and here you can never get caught with weed and alchol (theres no drinking age :D)

I had a bad day at school so me and my Best Friend Calum decided to go out to a bar. When we got there he introduced me to a few friends of his but there was one in particular that i really liked (sam) he was ultra hott and had the most wonderful Scottish accent, Sam and i started to talk and got pissed and a bit high on some weed that a guy had given me (Here drunken girls get EVERYTHING).
It was getting pretty late and Calum suggested that we go over to his for the night since his parents had gone out of the country to visit his oldest brother.

When we got to the house Calum went upstairs to go and put his little brother to sleep after he found him jackin’ off to some porn on Calums CP…lol
While Sam and I, still a bit drunk were playing around with each other. We started to kiss and mess around and giggle until Calum came down. A few months ago Calum and I were going out until he dumped me for kissing another guy at a party when i was drunk and also for the girl with the biggest tits in the school (yeah pretty messed up that we’re now best friends)Calum looked pretty bugged when he saw us kissing he looked at us then went outside to the garden for a smoke. I went out and asked him if he was alright he said it was really hard for him to see me with another guy especially a guy who hes known for nearly all his life. I said sorry and made him come back into the house. Then Sam suggested we give him a bong and make him get high so that we can have some time alone. The weird suggestion worked and Calum was in the pool dancing around like a madman…hehe. We went back in after askin’ Calum if he would be alright and he said he would be fine and invited over a few of these girls. Sam started kissing me and he took my shirt off and undid my bra while I unbuckled his belt. He was there in his boxers and he took his shirt off, his hott bod turned me on as soon as he took off his shirt.

He was in shock and didn’t think i had so big boobs hidden under my shirt he started kissing me again and started playing with them, it felt awkward but really good he pulled off my denim skirt and took off his boxers he slowly pulled my underwear off and your sure you want to do this now right, cuz you know we can always wait he said in his cute Scottish accent i nodded i mean how could i resist, He gently put it in, it hurt for a while but then it started to feel really good, He started to go really quickly after a while and i started moaning, i screamed out of sheer pleasue and he asked me if i was alright and said he could stop but i told him i was fine and he started going faster and faster we tried different positions and he was strong enough to pick me up and do it, it felt soooo good.

Sammy and i are still going out Calum gets a bit uptight when Sam and i show affection in public but otherwise eveythings great with us.

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