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Our First Time

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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: My Parents Bathroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
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Category: Straight

This story began when my friend, Benny, & I watched a blue movie for the first time in my parents bedroom. We never watched the “horrible movie” like that. But I saw that Benny really enjoy that movie. He played & played the “hot” part when the girl on the movie do the blow cocke job. He really exiting that time so he asked me to find a girl to “test” how nice that “game”. I refused & said, “Hei…. Man. We still a kid. Don’t play like that.”

He only laughed that time.

Few days later, when my parent went out to abroad, Benny asked several of his friends (they were 3 of them, 2 girls called Irene & Shelly, & one boy called Michael). B’coz my house was really big, we usually played hide & seek. So that time, we played that game wildly. We running up & down, sneaked to every room that forbidden to enter if my parents were home.

Later on Michael must found us. To avoid been catched by Michael, 4 of us hide inside my parents’ bedroom. This bedroom was very big, so we could hide everywhere. I did not know that Benny locked the door, so Michael will never went in. Shelly & me hide inside the bathroom, meanwhile Benny & Irene hide under my parents bed.

The time was clocking & we did not heard any voice of Michael. I looked from the ventilation & I shock to watch Benny put his hands around Irene thigh. Slowly he placed his hands into Irene underwear & I saw Irene yield a bit, then she took of her clothes. Shelly watched it also & shock. So she looked at me. I said, “Well…. let’s try their game.”

Shelly, a bit shame, opened her dress. It really amaze me to watch her small breast. That was the first time I watch girl’s breast like that. Her tits was so pink, really chalanging me. I press her tits, & she did not react anything. So I kiss her lips, kiss her tits, down to her belle & I took off her underwear. Her small vagina look very nice. I kissed it. It taste bad & rather smelly. Suddenly Shelly said, “Ooo… kiss it again. Kiss it.”

I kiss her vagina again with my lips & tounge. She looked like really enjoy it. I stood up & took off my pants. She look very suprised to see my “little brother”. She sat down & began to scrub it, scum it, place it to her breast & suck it. She sucked really hard & I almost scream. It really hurt. But suddenly, my dick become very big & really to blow. I put it into her vagina. At the first time, I place it in wrong place. She said, “Not here, but here.”

She guide my dick to her vagina & wer play very wild that time. We played it while we were standing. I practised all the styles I had seen on the video. Doggy style, Asshole style, Scrub on breast style…. every style, until my dick pull out a lot of “cement” (sperms) on her breast. Suprised me, Shelly took all my sperm on her breast & drank it. Then she suck my dick again until my sperm were all clean.

After that, we sat at the bathroom. “Who tough u that way?” I asked her.

“I always watched blue movie with Irene. We really love to practise it with some guys. Today I just felt that it really great to have sex.”

Few minutes later, Irene & benny went inside the bathroom & watch us naked. Both of them laugh. Then 4 of us took a shower togerther. While showered, we changed our partner & we play again under a very nice & hot shower. Irene really good in blowing style. She place her breast at my balls & scrub it, kiss it, then she place her vagina & scrub it to my balls. Meanwhile my hands press her little breast so hard. She did not hurt but enjoyed it. I fucked her about 15 minutes then my dick spread a lot of sperms again. She drank all of them & again,like Shelly, she suck & cleaned my dick with her tounge. Ah…. really nice.

After took shower, we kissed each other. I kissed Irene, then Shelly (meanwhile my fingers still played their vagina’s hole). Benny still aggresive. He carressed Irene’s breast so hard & put his finger inside her ass & vagina.

We changed our clothes & went out from my parents room. We seached for Michael but he did not show up. Several minutes later, he came from the kitchen & angry with us, “Where are you all? I’ve been searching for almost an hour but nobody show up. Do you know, I really hungry right now.”

We lauhged.

It was 10 years already. I heard Benny already married with local girl somewhere in Indonesia. He said Indonesia’s girl more aggresive, more powerfull, & more beauty. So he choose girl from there. They just married few weeks ago. Meanwhile Irene already married with a professor & stayed happyly in Vancouver (they already married 2 years ago).

Meanwhile Shelly…. I did not heard about her anymore. Shelly….. if you were there, you know I am looking for u. Maybe we can continue our “lovestory” that we already made 10 years ago. I miss u. Pse contact me if you read this story. I still live in my parents house. Please call me. I miss u. I love you…..

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