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Our New Baby Sitter

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My parents both worked and my brother and I often had a babysitter. When our old babysitter moved away, I told mom that we didn’t need a new babysitter as I had just turned 14 and was old enough to take care of me an my younger brother of 8. She said NO way!
I was mad until I saw what she brought home one night.
She was about 18 and nicely built blond.
I remember she always wore tight short pants.
My brother and I always took our bath at night before bed. One time when it was time to get ready for bed, my brother and I went upstairs and started the bath. He was already in the tub while I was now stripped down to my undies and getting ready to jump in after he was finished.
She walked in and asked if everything was alright. My brother just giggled. She then went over to him and picked up the wash rag and soap and started to wash him. She had him stand up so she could wash him all over. It was nothing sexual, she just bathed him. I got a huge boner watching her wash him. She rinsed him and then pulled him out of the tub and dried him. She took him to his room to dress him and put him to bed. On the way out she said your next.
I thought she meant that I was next to take a bath. So I did. I slipped out of my undies and into the tub and started to soap up. I started thinking about her and her washing my borthers privates and me thinking of how luck he was and didn’t even know it. I got hard again.
Then she walked in and said she wanted to wash me. Before I could anwser she had the wash rag and was washing my chest and back. She looked down and saw my hard on and made a comment that mine was much bigger than my brothers. It was, I had just started to develop my first pubic hair.
She then slid her soapy hand down and started to wash my penis. Now I had learned how to masterbate while at a friend house last year and quickly realised that that was what she was doing to me. WOW was it ever incredible. I let out a sigh and she asked if I would like to touch her tits. Heck yea I did. And did I did. They were soft and her nipples hard.
She then got up and took her clothes off and got into the tub facing me. I was on my back and my dick was still rock hard. I saw my first pussy as she squated over me and lowered herself onto me quickly putting all of my young dick inside her. She started to ride me up and down. I remember about being worried about her getting pregnant as I knew I already could shoot. But I couldn’t stop it and within about 3 minutes came deep into her cunt. I could feel the shots of cum leave my dick.
She moaned and continued to ride me until she came.
She continued to babysit for another year. I learned alot during that year until my Mom said I was old enough to take care of my brother. Boy did I put up a fight then…

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