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Panty-Fest ’98

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Office Building
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had a fetish for girls panties. I didn’t own them or wear them, I just liked to see them on girls that were bent over or had their legs spread naturally. Well I was interning for this guy. It was kind of illegal but he liked the help. I would run errands, make copies, send the faxes, etc… Well anyway the other day was Bring-Your-Daughter-To-Work-Day. She was 15, her name was Emily. Fully built up with nice, round, firm tits. Well I had a lot of work and my boss had a business dinner. He left his daughter at his office to look after things while I worked into the night. She had on a short skirt and a nice full cut button down shirt. Well I had a very large stack of things to do so she decided to help. On the way back from the copy machine she dropped a stack of 500 sheets of paper. Went she bent over to pick them up I got a full moon. A big white moon. My mouth dropped as I stared. Well she looked to see if I was on my way to help and when she saw my expression she snickered.
“Do you like what you see,” Emily said.
“Uh huh,” I murmured.
“Want to see more sweetie.”
“Uh huh.”
Well that brought an intense strip show that lasted about half an hour and had me with such a hard on I was in agony. She knew I liked her panties so she started by sitting in positions where I could see up her skirt. Soon those panties slid right off. She had a neat shaven little pussy. “More,” she said.
“Uh huh.”
Now she was bending in all directions so I could see her pussy from up her skirt. She stopped asking me what I wanted. She just stripped to the nude. She made her way over to me. “Are you a virgin?”
“Uh huh.”
“Have you ever had sex with a girl?”
“Uh huh.” God I felt dumb.
“I see.” She had never been with a guy. I want to taste your thingy.
“I want your fat cock in my mouth now.”
“Oh. OK.”
She released my bulge and but her silky lips around it. I blew a load right then and there. She swallowed and started deep throating my dick over and over. I came 3 more times in her mouth alone. “Eat me now.” I didn’t protest, I just hit that bush and lapped up a gallon of fresh pussy juice. I picked her up and put her ass on the copy machine.
“100, coming right up.”
“Do you want me. I want you in me. Bend me over. Hurry it up. Fuck me.” Over again and again she yelled this. So I pushed off everything off his desk. Pushed her on top and enter her. I rocked her back and forth. She came 2 times and I blew my load. She squealed. I then pulled out. I went for my boxers. “You pansy, do me better.” I looked at my 4 + inches of limp dick and back at her. “Wait Fuck Slave I’ll fix you.” She slipped her panties on and pushed me on the floor. She sat on my naked limp dick. Right when her panties hit my skin, my dick sprang to life. Now it was sticking up like a flagpole and she was squatted over it. She suddenly started rubbing her crotch on my dick with her panties still on. She did it really hard because I blew my load on her panties that were covering her ass. She then touch her crotch to my dick several more times. I came back to life, ripped off her panties, and stood up. I bent her over her dad’s desk and entered her doggy style. She bucked back very hard and I blew a load in her. Next she blew me and I let her suck me dry. I shredded her panties so I could look at that ass as we picked up my 1,000 pages of work I still had to do.

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