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pantyhose lost my virgintiy

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: car
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

i am 18 now this happened to me 16 it was crazy this is how it goes, it was friday YES and that ment one thing i can go to the mall after school and shop.
me and the girls can go and pic out some new hoisery because we have lingerie shows were we show each other our new pantyhose or any kind of hoisery. we started at clairs buying some earings and rings then went and looked at some jewlerey that i can never afford and beside it was a victoria’s secret!!!
i was like yes there is a lingerie sale going on. so we all went into their and looked and looked when suddently i saw it a perfect set. pink pantie with nude sheer thigh hihgs with an extra pair of nude pantyhose. i bought the last small case i have a really petite body and need xtra small i was getting it off the shelf when brian walked in
omg it was him he was so handsome. blonde highlited hair mussel hot. he saw me in here omg wat do i do he was like 18 a senior i was a sophmore he saw me he walked in and cum up to me and said “wat u got there hunni” i laughed um a garter and pantie set. looks hot he said really love hose he said also. i was like u do? wow not many men do he said hunni i love them. so he endend up buying the set for me they were 50 bucks and he bout them he asked me if i would go put them on i said y not so i did and he waited for me and we walked around the mall for a while. it was abut 11 i guess at nite and the mall was closing so i said i g2g i have to call home for someone to get me he said no hunni ill take u i said no thats ok but he insisted so i was like omg ok
he took me home and on the way home it was like an half an hour and on the way i could not help but notice the bulge in his pants i was like wow he huge but then i caut him looking at my leggs sheer legs
i had on a jean miniksirt with that pantie and garter set he bout me. i had my extra pair of pantyhose i got withit in a bag between my legs. so we talked for the rest of the ride and soon got to my house. i said bye and he gave me a kiss on the side of my face and i said good by but he took my shoulder and said got u look so hot in that garter o thankds i said blusing and went to get out wen suddently he grabbed me!!
he wanted to fuck me
omg i said i siad no thanks at first politly. but he didnot care i started to get scared and he pulled me in the car and we drove a mile down the rode and we pulled into a pull off and he threw me in the back seat.i was so scared . he pulled down his pants exposing at least a 9 or 10 in cock
omg i cant let u put that in me brian u just messin rite. now hunni this will be in u. i was speachless he pulled my skirt up and peeled my panties back and he started to finger me. iwas a virgin so i was quite tite and clueless when suddenly he stoped
i was like wat the hell whn i heard something like my bag i had up front sure enough 5 mins later he had on my extra pantyhose !!!!!!!! omg he was going to fuck me in my pantyhose. he looked at me and smiled he slid my skirt off now and took off my panites and had just the garter pantyhose on he bent me over and i screamed as he entered my tite virgin ass.it hurt soo bad i teard up he then exited and put it in to my tite virgin pussy i culd feel the pain of his hugh cock penitrating my pussy slowly when suddentley i burst i let out this hugh orgasim he poped my cheery my first real fuck orgasim. he tore a hole in the croth of his pantyhose for his cock to fuck me with and all tht nite i was supposly at my girl friends house at a slumber party but mean while im getting fucked by the most sexiest guy in hamilton and he loves wearing pantyhose just like me.instead of being at that slumber party i was getting the shit fucked out of me i mean fucked hard. when we were don it was abut 7 in the morning we had been fucking for more than 6 hours between figering cocksucking and anal fucking it took all 6 i got home at about 8 oclock every hole of mine acked i will never forget the nite that pantyhose got me to loose my virginity. and getting the hottest guy inhamiton to fuck my brains out and not to mentin to suck his 10 in cock that by the way i can fit all in. tiil this day we talk about that nite and he sits here still beside me as i write about that nite stroaking his long hard love handle just for my pussy all thanks to a little thing made from noting. getting me the fuck of my life.

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