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parker and i

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Where it happened: a tent in boulder, co
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

i met parker my junior year in high school. i lusted after him, flirting constantly for s until we finally got a chance to hook up.

camping in boulder with a couple of friends from high school, we ducked into the tent when it started to rain.our friends had just left to go into the next town for firewood, for a fire later that evening. so we decided to enjoy our time at the camp alone.

making out for nearly half an hour, not a word escaped from our lips. merely sighs and wet kissing sounds as we made love with our tounges. deep, probing kiss after kiss.

parker’s hand had found it’s way under my bra and started pinching my nipple. quickly he pulled my shirt over my head and took off my bra.
i sat on his lap my legs straddling him as he licked my tits and sucked on my nipples. he had one nipple that he was rolling around between his fingers and the other locked between his lips. i could feel his hard cock trying to break free of his pants. i got off of him and lowered myself to unzip his pants and pull his swollen dick out of his boxers. i stroked it and took the head into my mouth. massaging the head of his penis with my mouth until his cock was straining hard, stretched to it’s most full capacity. i gave parker head until he exploded down my throat. when i was done he yanked off my jeans and kissed his way up my legs with starting with small kisses on my toes working all the way up to lick on my inner thighs. he spread my legs apart staring at the huge wet spot i had on my pink panties. he started rubbing the edges of my panties between my legs and slipped them to the side. he slid his finger gently, barely inside my wet slit and then put his finger to my mouth. i tasted my pussy juice and he returned his finger again to probe deeply inside my vagina and thrust it in and out. he pulled off my panties and ran his tounge all over the outside of my pussy, tracing a line around the hair with his tounge. teasing and teasing. finally he gently spread my lips and licked my hole pussy from my hole to my clit. he stopped at my clit and started kissing it. deep and wet. he thrust two fingers in my pussy and worked on my clit with his lips and tounge. he was pounding me with his fingers. sucking and licking and biting and moaning in my pussy. suck after suck, lick after lick i was moaning and screaming. i could feel it building up i was about to explode i screamed for parker to suck me harder and finger me deeper. finally i burst and creamed all over his face. his face was shiny from my cum. parker and i had gotten this far before but we had never explored any further. he started fingering me again and i saw his penis start to engorge i had just cum but was so turned on that i felt melted in with his sex. we kissed with our tounges and held each other tight for what seemed like forever until i found myself lying underneath parker. he reached down to my pussy with his fingers and spread my lips for his cock to pass through. he rested the head of his dick just inside my opening and grabbed my legs underneath my knees to spread them apart. he held my legs up in the air, spread apart as he slowly allowed his entire cock to be swallowed by my pussy. inch by inch we both moaned as his dick filled my tight virgin cunt. after a few minutes of slowly prodding and pushing it began to felt good and he started pumping me in a steady rhythm. i couldn’t stop moaning as i felt parker work his cock in and out of my tight hole. he licked his fingers and worked them around my clit and pussy lips turning me on even more. we were fucking at a good speed right now and our passions were building up, i was at the height of my arousal when parker sucked on a single finger and then slid it underneath to my ass hole. he rubbed gently and i couldn’t take it any more. i shouted “i’m cumming” and he quickly plunged the finger all the way into my ass. crying in orgasm i arched my back against him and exploded my no longer virgin juices all over his cock. parker was about to drive it home. he started slamming his cock inside my pussy in and out in and out. i could hear and feel his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. suddenly vicki and john returned and pulled off our tent cover from above the tent. they could see through the whole tent. john pulled his shorts down immediatley, so horny from hearing and seeing us fuck, and started to rub his hard cock. he turned vicki on and she pulled her panties down bearing her pussy to the world, she stroked it deep.
parker moaned a deep grunt and pounded fast for a few s finally he pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over my stomach. i had never seen so much cum.
vicki bent over while john stuck his dick in her pussy and they didn’t fuck for more than 30 s until they both came.
parker and i still have sex, what a great first time story to tell though!

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