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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: family camping
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I look back on this with real great memories. Almost as if it was still happening….
My twin sister and I are middle children and my older sister is 6 years older and couldn’t wait to get away from home and my younger brother is three years younger and is a total loner bob. But one summer my whole family went out camping in Yellowstone and it was totally awesome. My parents let us just hike the trails for the most part and discover what we wanted around the park. They were there for the lectures that were going on at the grand lodge. My older sister took my little brother and took off towards the geysers and my twin sister and I went towards the mountain trails. We wanted to see the falls and some wildlife. We got more than we bargained for. We got out a ways and were all alone and 13 y/o twin bro and sis we were in charge of the world…that was until we came across a huge black bear that seemed to want our lunch. We gave up the lunch and crawled back into some bushes and hoped that he would go away. It was a hot august day and I was in a very light tank t and my soccer shorts and my sister was in her cut off shirt and some jean shorts that were a bit thread bare on the butt. So the bushes were making us scratchy but we decided to wait out the bear. While we were waiting my sister said that something was inside here shirt and she wanted it out so she slipped her shirt over her head and I looked for it. it was a couple ants and I brushed them off her and then realized that we were sitting in an ant pile. So we retreated further into the bushes until we came out by a stream and a grassy opening that was off the trail and we both stripped and frantically brushed the offending critters off our bodies. This was really not embarrassing for either of us as we were twins and had grown up bathing together, swimming nude (our back yard pool with family and friends) getting dressed together and even often sharing a bed just because had always been close. It had never been anything weird. But this day as i brushed off my sisters back and back side and legs and she helped me get my back and legs I got the biggest erection of my life and I just ignored it because at 13 that sort of thing starts happening an awful lot. But my sister looked at me and said ‘did I do that?’. I just said ‘I guess.’ and we decided after shaking out our clothes that it was nice enough that we should just lie out in the sun for a bit like at home. It was secluded and the bear seemed a long ways away so we spread our clothing out to lie on and lay down next to each other. After a while my sister looked at my hard on again and asked if she could see what it felt like. I jokingly said sure you can check out my balls too if I can see what your boobies feel like. She matter of factly said ‘sure’ and we both proceeded to explore each others bodies for a while. I wondered about certain things with both her boobs and her pussy and asked her while i checked them out. I noticed that when I touched her a certain way she squirmed and I thought I was hurting her but she said it was ok. She checked me out pretty thoroughly and said that she wondered what her boyfriend looked and felt like and if he was like me. I actually told her that since I had gym the same hour I happened to know that he was a little smaller and fatter and had some fine hair going on. I was still smooth but I was already getting pretty big. My sisters pussy was smooth and full lipped and her boobs were about an A cup if that much and if we had our shorts on a passerby might mistake us for two boys cuz she keeps her hair kinda short.
Well we got pretty relaxed in the sun and we went in for a dip in the cold stream and came out to dry off. My sister said if I would giver her a nice massage that she would give me one and it sounded really nice so I started massaging her and when i finished her back she asked me to do her legs and then her butt and lower back again and her neck. After a while I was sitting straddling her thighs and going up and down the muscles in her back over again until she said ‘that’s so nice…would you do my front side?’ just let it be said here that i was totally innocently clueless about sex and my sister and i were around each other and so comfortable seeing each other that nothing sexual ever crossed my mind even though my dick was aching and erect this whole time I just figured still that it was a case of the ’13 year old blue balls’. So I raised up on my knees and she rolled onto her back under me and I sat down again on her thighs and she groaned a little and said it hurt her knees so I moved up to her hips. ok, i know my story is dragging out but it took a whole afternoon to happen and it was so amazing that it want to tell it right. I started on her neck and shoulders and massaged her arms clear down to her fingers. Then I began again at her shoulders and began to work toward her upper chest. As I said she didn’t really have more than just a soft padding on her chest and other than kind of sticking out nipples she was not big breasted at all. I hesitated for a second because I had never really touched her except our little exploration earlier but she said ‘it’s ok paul, we already touched and besides i want you to massage the muscles all over.’ So I just kept on. She was my sister so while I had a funny feeling in my stomach it did not seem sexual. I continued to work down her stomach and up her chest again and as I did I leaned forward and my dick lay on her pussy and rubbed up against it and I thought I would explode and had never felt anything like it before. I was very confused. But being a boy I did it again and without warning a little wet stuff came out and the tip of me pushed into her crack about one inch before I could realize what was happening and rock back on my knees and I said ‘god! I’m sorry!’ she just laughed and she said ‘it felt kinda good, don’t worry it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong!’ So she convinced me to sit back and finish the rest of the massage. I had a moment as I made my way down over her hips and smooth pussy and even her pussy lips and down her legs and she asked me to go back up to the stomach because she was still feeling tight that I felt a really weird feeling in my gut and shot a wad about 6 feet in the air and some got on my sisters chest and arm and the rest went on my leg and the ground above my sisters head. Boy! now I know that it was a premature ejaculation but then I just thought that something had gone wonderfully terribly wrong with me! My sister giggled and I later found out that she knew a lot more about all of this stuff than I did at that age because she had gotten detailed information from our older sister and had even been allowed to watch our sister and boyfriend from a nearly closed closet! Anyways I finished with her massage and the sun was really hot so we put sunscreen on each others backs and she said she would put the rest of my sunscreen on as she massaged me. I though that was cool. So she sat on my butt and gave me the most amazing deeply relaxing massage on my back and butt and legs that I had ever felt. She slipped her finger a little bit into my butt hole which was really weird but it felt good too so I didn’t say anything. Then she raised up and told me to roll over and she sat directly down with her pussy spread open over my dick. She rocked back and forth as she massaged my face and neck and then shoulders and arms. She went back up to my shoulders and began to word down to my chest. She said stuff like ‘wow you’re really working out, you’ve got huge biceps and gee your chest is super hard, I bet the girls always want to touch your body’ …and as she said this and was rocking back and forth on my rock hard penis that was partly covered under her moist and warm pussy I was having very strange feelings that I never had before. Before she got to my stomach I had mixed in some lubricant with the sun tan lotion on my chest and stomach and she just giggled and said ‘mr happy seems to have mind of his own today!’ I was really embarrassed because this had happened twice now and I had never so much as played with myself before. I certainly had never been hard and gone off twice in an hour! But she moved on down my hips and around my penis (though by now i was secretly hoping that she would pay as much attention to my dick and balls as i had to her pussy). She started squeezing the thigh muscles and saying ‘wow! all of our hiking and long distance running is making you a super stud! these muscles are really nice.’ and I kept hoping she was going to come back up my thighs but she kept going down onto my knees and calves and feet and she rubbed my feet really hard and it hurt and like a tornado I felt my dick thump hard against my stomach rock hard again. I had no idea what was happening with my body! My sister asked if I wanted any more and I asked if she would work on my thighs a little more. I was kinda hoping because she had pretty much gone right by the happy land and on to the legs on the way down. But she was pretty careful and stayed on the thighs. She knew more than I did but she was no sex starved sister slave.
Anyways, we got dressed and found the path and made our way back to camp and by that time we were starved. So we ate and took showers and set up our tent away from everyone elses…(remember it’s mandatory up to a certain age for twins of any kind to do everything alike and together for the satisfaction and happiness of all those around them. So after a dessert and family singing around the fire we wandered to our respective tents. The folks set up in a small camper trailer ‘because of their bad backs’ and my older sister and young brother each set up their pup tents as far apart as possible lest they somehow contaminate each other…though they got along fine all day..
That night we had pretty much forgotten the afternoon events and we layed out our blankets and sleeping bags flat into one big bed and crawled into bed in our boxers and tank tee shirts. Before long the night was one big snore and rustle of leaves and wind. But my sister and I weren’t tired so much and we were talking softly and since my sister had told me about seeing our older sister and boyfriend I asked her how they kissed. She just leaned over and opened her lips and pressed her lips against mine and worked her tongue into my mouth. I was instantly hard again but horrified at having her tongue in my mouth..it was worse than having to eat off her plate or chew used gum! but somehow strangely nice too. She smiled and said ‘just try it paul, it feels good when both people do it.’ so I gave in and made more of an effort. it took several attempts to get over the first reaction and the idea of it but pretty soon I was getting into it. we were at least 30 feet from anyone else and in some trees but we decided to keep real quiet anyways. I then had to know some about what she learned from our sister. this was pretty great. she explained to me what 1st base was and it seemed sweet and nice. second base was a little shocking to me at the time but we tried it and i made a bit of a mess in my boxers and had to change. By the time we decided to try third base i was a bit more stable but i could not believe how great this felt. There is a certain kind of bond between twins. Even if there are boy and girl twins rather than the identical. It seemed like brother and sister shouldn’t do this kind of thing but it also seemed like we were special and could do it if we wanted without breaking the rules that applied to everyone else. So after about an hour of really intense kissing and petting and making out we were both naked and rubbing all over each other and hot and bothered. But I had no clue what to do from there. I just figured I would keep erupting when I reached the boiling point but once my sister reached down and touched me and rubbed me against her pussy it hit me like a thunderbolt from the deepest darkest part of my natural being just what to do next and how to do it. My sister was breathless and she asked me ‘do you have a rubber? you have to have a rubber! I can’t have a flipper baby!’ And for once the light went on and I knew the gods were on my side. A friend of mine had given me a strip of three condoms to show off to my other friends about three weeks ago and I had them in my wallet. So I dug them out and paula helped me get one on and then I was nearly crying with anticipation. She reached down and grabbed my bone and slid over next to me then told me to lie on top of her but hold myself up for a second. She aligned everything and we were both making every effort to be super quiet and she whispered ‘ok, slowly lower yourself down.’ I started down and she guided me into her until it was pretty obvious. Then I came up against resistance and was pretty disappointed because I thought she was only an inch deep and there was not going to be much room for movement. She said, ‘this is normal, I’ve never had sex so you have to push through my virginity’ She pulled me down against her with her legs and arms and I slowly went in as she grimaced and then relaxed. I was afraid I was hurting her. But then she told me to start moving up and down and sliding side to side as well and go in and out but not all the way out. I had just gone off in my boxers so I had a little more stamina left this time and I was in absolute heaven. The person I was closest to in the hold world, my talking buddy, my long distance running buddy my bunk bed buddy and even my French language buddy. I was sharing the most amazing thing in the world with the most important person in my world and I never could imagine or thought since that it would have been better with anyone else. I looked down at her face and she was crying a little and I asked her in French if I was hurting her because I felt so selfish feeling this good if it was hurting her. But she was feeling all the same things as me and it was the best moment of her life so far as well. Well, we went like that, quietly and passionately for about 15 minutes and then she started to buck up against me and grunt softly and as she did that something inside her pussy squeezed my dick and suddenly I knew that it was the end of the road for me and as I whispered that I was about to come, she whispered back in French ‘I love you, my first’ and she groaned softly and rocked back and forth and then came and it made my balls wet. I wanted to lay there all night like that but I wanted to make sure I got the condom out in whole. After we got our tees and boxers back on she let me put another condom on and put my (hard again) penis inside her and we lay in each others arms until just before the sun came up. It was very cold and our blankets had slipped but I was still inside her and became instantly hard again. She looked at me and just said ‘yes’ and we did the whole wonderful thing again..
We have slept together for 5 years now and even when we are going out with someone else. It’s kind of like our twin thing. We practice extra safe sex with condoms and the pill and everyone still thinks that we are virgins because we won’t have sex with anyone we date… Someday we’ll have to give it up but not for now.

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