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payment for chores

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: neighbor's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had been cutting the lawn and doing some in-house clean-up work for lady in our neighborhood. She was about 40-something. She didn’t have any family in the area and it seemed like she spent a lot of time alone. One day, I had mowed her front and back lawns for her when she, as usual, asked me if I wanted something cold to drink. I had just worked up a sweat so I gladly said “yes” and went inside. She was barefooted and was wearing a short sundress. She had a pretty nice body: big tits and a nice sized ass (not too small; it had some size to it). She didn’t have a bra on because those tits were moving around very nicely under that dress. She was doing some little clean-up and when she reached up to put something on a shelf, her dress rode up and I got a peek at the bottom part of her ass. My dick went hard instantly and all I could concentrate on was those big round cheeks and the crack of her butt. A few moments later, she bent over from the waist to pick something up and her dress rode almost all the way up and almost her entire ass was displayed; I could even see some of the dark black hair from a big bush peeking through. I made a little sound and she stood up and turned around; she must have realized the view that she had just given me of her bottom. I know my face had to be red. She was a little embarassed too but she also had a smile on her face. She asked me to come with her out on the deck; it was a nice hot summer day. She said that she had a sore back and asked me if I would give her a little massage. My cock was still as hard as a rock in the thin shorts I was wearing. She laid down on a deck table that had some padding on it. I stood next to her and started tenatively rubbing her shoulders. Some nice, low moans came out of her. She said that I couldn’t get enough power into the massage unless I straddled her on the bench. I climbed on and hoped that my raging hard-on wasn’t going to ruin this fantastic event. The only place I could put my hard cock was on her big soft ass as I rubbed her shoulders and back. As a reached and rubbed her back and shoulders, her sundress slid up higher and higher over her gorgeous butt until all that seperated my dick from those beautiful butt cheeks was the fabric of my shorts. She was moaning and groaning in delight and she wasn’t pulling that dress back down so I figured, “What the heck.” I opened the drawstring of my shorts and let them slide down. Now my rock hard dick was lying right in the crack of that ass and it was jumping with excitement and desire. She was really making some horny noises now. The sweat from her back had run down into her ass-crack and my prick was sliding up and down that ass crack very smoothly. I knew I was going to explode soon so I made my move. I slid that hard monster down from between her ass toward her wet pussy but she said “No, she couldn’t risk getting pregnant.” I told her I had to put my dick in her and she moaned, “Put it back where it was.” So I slid my cock back into her slick ass crack but this time I wasn’t satisfied with just sliding it around. I had to put it into her bouncing ass. I raised up on my knees to get some leverage and positioned the tip of my dick at her puckered brown hole. Now she knew exactly what was about to happen. She tensed up a little but I managed to push the top half of the head of my dick into her tight butt hole. She yelled out loud but she didn’t say stop; she just gasped, “Go a little slower, please!” I waited a moment until she could relax a little and when she did I eased the entire head of my dick into her ass; it was as tight as a vise and it felt like heaven: a tight ass moving all around, moans and groans and gasps coming from below me and my steel dick that just couldn’t wait much longer to shoot a full load into her butt. She was yelling and I was moaning and groaning as I pushed my entire dick into her ass. Now the whole world was just yelling, groaning and a very tight grip on my dick from her clenching butt. I couldn’t hold back any longer; I shot load after hot load of come into her ass as that brown hole pulsed around my dick. It was fantastic. I pulled out and let my still hard cock lie between those gorgeous ass cheeks. she was still gasping and groaning. I said, “Don’t bother paying me for today; I’m paid in full. But I’ll be sure to be back next week or sooner for some more “chores.” The barter system is a wonderful thing!

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