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Peep Show With Auntie

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: at my aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was my cousin’s 15th birthday (he’s two weeks younger than me, so I’d just had my birthday). There wasn’t anything planned, like a party or anything, but I wanted to wish him a happy birthday and buy him a cheeseburger or something, so I took the bus over to his house. Unfortunately (no, actually it should be “fortunately”), he wasn’t home. He’d gone to the Municipal Pool to swim.

My aunt suggested I go to the Pool and join him, but I hadn’t brought my swim trunks. She said “No problem.” I could use a pair of my uncle’s swim trunks (he was in Germany in the Army at the time). I went into the bathroom and put them on, but they were too big. I told my aunt through the door. She told me she could fix them, but I’d have to come out of the bathroom so she could see how much they needed to be taken in. I came out holding them and she knelt down with some safety pins, pushed my hands away, and started pulling the waistband this way and that. She pulled the waistband way out and looked down my front, then put a safety pin in the material, changed her mind, and pulled the waistband out and looked inside again. She did this several times, then excused herself and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

I waited a few minutes, then heard her moaning in the bathroom. I thought she was in pain or something, so I looked through the keyhole and saw her sitting on the edge of the sink, facing the door, with her dress up around her waist. She had her left hand in her dress top rubbing her right tit, and her right hand was furiously rubbing her hairy snatch. I’d never seen a real snatch before, so I knelt down and watched. Several times she looked directly at the door, but each time she then closed her eyes and rubbed her snatch even harder. After a few minutes, she moaned really loud and I could tell from the look on her face that she was cumming. When she was done, she washed and dried her hands, spun on her heels, and walked quickly to the door and opened it. I barely had time to back away from it a few feet.

She looked at me and said, “Take off the bathing suit so I can fix it.” I suddenly realized I had a raging hardon from watching her and it was pushing out the front of the bathing suit. It was clear to me that she saw it. I know I turned red, then I went into the bathroom and started to close the door. She held it open a few inches, reached in with her arm, and said, “Just give it to me.” I quickly stepped out of it and placed it in her hand. She withdrew her arm and pulled the door closed.

I quickly went to the toilet and stood in front of it and started jacking off my huge hardon. I heard a slight noise at the door and looked at it and didn’t notice anything unusual, so I turned my attention back to my boner. Within a few minutes, I shot load after load into the toilet, but of course I also shot it all over the back of the raised seat and the floor. I cleaned it up with toilet paper and turned to pick up my underwear, which were laying on the floor where I left them when I undressed earlier. At that moment something caught my eye at the door. There was light shining through the keyhole where there had been none seconds earlier. I stooped down and peeped through the keyhole and saw my aunt walking away from the door and knew she had watched me jack off. I also knew she had known I was watching her when she frigged herself.

From then on, I made it a point to go over to visit “my cousin” when I knew he wouldn’t be home. Every time I did, my aunt would go to the bathroom and frig herself so I could watch, although I’m sure she didn’t know yet that I knew she knew I was watching. Afterward, I would wait a respectable few minutes and go to the bathroom and jack off for her viewing pleasure.

This went on for over two years. By then, my uncle had returned to Fort Hood, a few miles away, and then went back to Germany. The scuttlebutt was that he had a woman in Germany and my aunt knew about it and wouldn’t sleep with him, so he went back to Germany to his German lover.

Anyway, maybe once a month I’d go over to my aunt’s and play this peeping game, althought I was pretty sure by now that she knew I knew, and she also knew I knew she knew. Anyway, I had read a lot about sex and knew (so I thought) everything except how it really felt. And of course I was horny as hell to fuck my aunt, but even moreso I wanted to eat her beautiful snatch. It was what I fantasized about when I jacked off.

So, I was 17 and still a virgin, and I went over to see my cousin and of course he wasn’t home because I’d asked him earlier if he’d be home and he said no. My aunt went into the bathroom and took her usual place at the edge of the sink and started frigging herself so I could watch, and I was peeping as usual and suddenly thought, “Why are we doing this?” She had long since stopped locking the door when she went in, so I just stood up, took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked in.

For a second she was startled and even pulled her hand away and started pushing her dress down, but I just dropped to my knees in front of her and buried my face in her juicy snatch. Oh man, she immediately grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth exactly where she wanted it. She came in about two minutes, then laid me on the cold hardwood floor and sucked me until I blew the biggest load of my life in her mouth.

After that, she pulled me to my feet, took me to her bed, and introduced me to fucking. We fucked six times that afternoon, and for the next 12 years we fucked and 69-ed every chance we got. We were never caught. But in 1984 she got a flu shot, caught the flu, and died in her bed. The whole family raised its collective eyebrows when she left me her house, her meager savings and her insurance proceeds, naming me in her will as the man who made her “whole” again. I played dumb, of course, but everyone suspected what they had never suspected before. Fuck ’em. She was my first and only lover until 10 years ago, and we loved each other dearly.

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