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Peggy, the farmer’s daughter

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: In a barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Yes, like it says up there, I am 85, and I can’t get it up like I used to but I can still remember the good times when I could.
I am like a lot of us old farts who can remember things that happened 50 or 60 years ago with clarity but can’t remember what we had for supper last night or where we put the tv control after we turned it off.
So I do remember my first time. I’ll remember it if I live to be 100, which I just might do.
I was 15 and spending part of the summer on my uncle’s farm, like I did every summer. It wasn’t a very big farm but my Mom and Dad had both grown up on farms and even tho they now lived in a city they thought I should have some of the same experiences.
My uncle had had two boys but they were grown up and gone so he had a hired man to help him with the hard work on the farm. While I was there he would find little simple chores for me to do, like carrying in water from the spring for my aunt to use in the kitchen.
On this day my aund and uncle had gone in to town for something and the hired man was out plowing on the north 40. I had a job of rinsing out the milk cans they carried milk to the dairy in and stacking them up on a shelf.
While I was doing this, Peggy, a girl from the next farm over, came riding up on her bicycle. She was 14 and I had met her on a couple of previous summers but those times she was just a skinny little kid, and I noticed that now she had begun to fill out, with nice young breasts and a cute ittle ass. I had just begun to notice things like that with girls, but I knew almost nothing about sex. My parents had told me nothing and in those days we did not have magazines like Playboy, or movies or TV shows with all the sex you see these days.
So anyway I said “Hi” to Peggy and she said she had heard I was back and wanted to come over and visit with me. I guess she had had kind of a crush on me from previous summers. She asked if she could help me and I said sure, and between us we quickly had the cans all rinsed out and neatly lined up on the shelf.
Then she said she wanted to talk to me about something and said why didn’t we go in to the barn where we could have some privacy. I didn’t know what she wanted privacy for but I said sure, and we went in and sat down on some hay bales.
Peggy kind of blushed and took her time starting to talk and then she said, “Please don’t think I’m terrible or anything, but I want to find out about fucking.” I was somewhat startled by this and all I could think of to say was “What do you want to find out?”
She said, “Everything, I guess. I just know that I hear kids at school talking about fucking and giggling and making it sound real exciting and fun, but I don’t know what it is they are talking about, and you’re older than me and you live in a city so I thought you would probably know a lot about it and could tell me what it is and why it is so much fun.”
This posed a problem for me. Should I reveal that I knew no more than she did? I decided that honesty was the best policy so I said I wished I could help her but I didn’t really know all that much about fucking myself.
She said, “But you do know something, don’t you, and maybe if you can tell me what you know and I can fit that in with what I’ve been able to guess from the other kids’ talking we can figure it out. First off, it’s something that boys do with girls, isn’t it?”
I said “Yes, or men do with women.” She said, “And boys have something in front that they pee through, don’t they?” I said “Yes,” and she said, “Can I see it?” and I figured it was no time to get bashful so I said “Sure,” and pulled out my little three inch penis and she said “Oh, how cute.”
Then I said “And what do you pee through?” and she said, “Here, I’ll show you” She took off her jeans and panties and showed me her nice young pussy that was just getting a little bush around it.
When I saw that my little three inches began to grow and get hard and Peggy said, “Oh my gosh,look at that. Is that what you use in fucking?” I said I thought that it was.
She said, “And I bet what you do is put it in here where I pee, because sometimes when I rub myself down there I get all excited and feel like I want something more to happen.”
She said, “Suppose we could try it and see if that’s how it works?” I said, “Yes, let’s,” because I was really getting turned on.
And so we did. We both took all our clothes off and lay down in the hay mow naked and nature took over and we began feeling and fondling and doing what comes naturally and I discovered how good her breasts felt and licked them and squeezed them and she got more and more excited and then by unspoken mutual consent I put my now totally rigid three inches in the right place and it took a little pushing but I got it in and followed natural instinct by pushing all the way in, then doing the in and out that just comes naturally, and she began cooing with delight and then she had her first orgasm with a little scream and I came inside her.
We lay there for a few minutes and then she said,”So that’s what fucking is like,” and I said,”I guess it is,” and she said, “No wonder kids talk about it as if it is so exciting.”
Then we put our clothes back on and she got back on her bisycle and said, “Well, thank you for showing me,” and I said, “Thank YOU,” and she rode off home.
I didn’t see her again that summer. The next time I saw her was the next summer when she came with hr parents to have dinner with my uncle and aunt, and me. Peggy was quite a young lady then, and really attractive, and I told her how great she looked and she thanked me and said I always looked great to her.
We had a few minutes to talk when the adults went out to look at my uncle’s new cultivator, and Peggy said, “You remember last summer?” and I said, “I’ll never forget it.” She said, “Well, you know we were lucky that I didn’t get pregnant because neither of us knew anything about contraceptives.”
I said I had been worried about that after I learned what might have happened, and I was glad she hadn’t got in trouble.
She said,”I’m glad, too, and I still want to thank you for what you helped me learn that day.” And she gave me a nice, warm kiss and then the adults came back in and there was nothing more between us.
That was the last I saw of Peggy, as we moved to Caifornia so my sister could go to college. But boy, do I still remember My First Time.

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